Mar 13
I remember getting in your truck to go for a drive.
Next I remember waking up in the hospital to all of my family around me.
Except for you.

This can’t be real.

I asked for you over and over but no one would say a word.
I screamed and cried, but still not one answer.
Why won’t they answer me?
Eventually it dawned on me that you were gone.
Another person I loved leaving me before they should.
My father leaving me before I could say goodbye.

This can’t be real.

I woke up crying today.
I’m not usually the type to cry but you’ve never left me before either.
It seemed so real.

But it wasn’t.

It was just a dream.
A nightmare.
A ‘wake up call’ if you will.

Poem or just a rant, call it what you will.
I’m scared to lose my parents.
I learned that today.
Codie Alexander
Written by
Codie Alexander  22/Virginia
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