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Dec 2017
I'm tired of these ****** socks
I still don't have clean clothes
How many deep cuts will it take
Til love inside me grows
I can't keep track of anything
Not even my own head
She thinks about me often
Mostly wishing I were dead
I fight her
She fights back
Maybe we really are the same
I thought I'd be the winner
I'm sick of losing my own game
Perhaps I'm her and she is me
I'm really in control
Using my power to devise a plan
For my body to **** my soul
I'm not sure which thoughts scarier
Or if I'm even scared
Death came knocking timidly
If only she had dared
Recently was diagnosed with BPD. Things are coming together but also falling apart. I'm trying to make sense of my emotions but they change so quickly. I'm not sure who or what I am or what I should be.
Written by
Opal  23/F/Sacramento
       Arlyah, a, --- and Rick the shoe shine boy
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