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Nov 2017
I slowly slide my hand down your spine.
I run them to your hips, as I kiss you’re perfect lips.
I look deep into your eyes until you beg for all nine.
I start to slip in the tip as we dig in with our fingertips and tighten our grips.

I push in half the shaft.
Our hearts race and we lose all sense of control.
It begins to feel like some type of witchcraft.
We are so engulfed in pleasure that we touch each other’s soul.

Our bodies finally connect and become one.
Being inside you makes me lose all sense of reality.
The lines that separate dreams and reality have come undone.
Everything that could be, or set us free are between you and me.

At this time we both finish.
And our ****** urges diminish.
Larry Dixon
Written by
Larry Dixon  M/Pensacola
       Lora Lee, Jenjen, Cloudi, Sparks Fly and ---
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