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Nov 2017
the only one
we need in order to
shift the Light back toward
our own "b r o k e n" pieces

     is ourselves.

we are not obligated to fill our Soul up
with other people's worn out pieces


You do not have to pick from gardens
outside of the forest already thriving within You.

for when You do;
Your head will fill with leaves that fall from autumns breeze when all You needed to breathe was spring, winter will come in june, and soon You'll lose sight of the moon... because you lost Yourself inside of somebody else's fire, gasping for answers.

When all along, all You had seeked, had been burning up in You.

and the only way out is to fall in Love
with the smoke rising in Your own eyes.

like You could before You jumped ship,
like You could before You began
                     f e a r i n g
the possibility of finding out that Your pieces
may not ever fit together in the same way again.

      but what is life if we always float where the water is calm?
              what is life if our pieces never changed?

i don't know about You, but i prefer the rapid descent of water falls and milky way skies that can only be achieved through the most demanding environments; the ones that leave You filled with

                                      P u r e  L i g h t.

               You are enough energy; all on Your own.

Your Light is what leads You back hOMe.
back to Your own field of wildfires where You can see
                         c l e a r l y
again, since Your broken heart's eye now knows that Your vessel alone holds enough Light to fuel all the stars in the sky, that it burns enough fire to warm the hearts of millions.

& as You breathe:

You can feel the Love of countless stars who all
         e x p l o d e d
to fill Your body cavities with all the strength You will ever need.

and next time You feel alone, put Your hand to you heart
and feel the rhythm of the
listen to nature sing You melodies
of the Truth: that You are not a "me"
You are woven in to the cosmos
as an integral part of "We"
and every single
thing You
you are all you seek, all you need;
all the Love that seeps runs through
the veins and the heart that is
beating in You.
Written by
ohellobeautiful  m e l i s s a
(m e l i s s a)   
     Kyle Dal Santo, CPM and TSPoetry
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