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5d · 320
Black Eyed Venus
zebra 5d
black eyed Venus
your lascivious confessions
a voice of thorns
made the priest *******
and for seconds he felt close to his god

i burn for you on this
iron jawed fire escape
crying on your thighs
as if landing on a dream
like a canon
that could take out the moon

feel me fickled fingers
I am potters clay
prom queen
*** goddess
luminous dusty winds
of the miraculous

everything is about death
even being born
clouds like asphalt flowers
and ancient monks

her mouth
wet like peaches and syrup
her beauty
an arrow in my throat
and the moon claims the light

i consume you a thousand times
before i die by your hand
oh so willing
tired of living in this dead house
of harsh destiny
palanquin of lust and blood
zebra Jul 7
her tongue rattles a smoky gauze
wet lipped licks a velvet *****
holding her slavering heart

tin tin deo

while she finger painted her inside
thighs  honey glazed red
hot as a fever
her mouth pours out of itself
a flagellating tongue    fluent
*** blizzard

tin tin deo

dumb founded happy cross-eyed
her head like a carved moon
swaying asylums of shrieking beds
curved slick as a honeymoon ****

tin tin deo

a storm of purple
storm of violets
from her warm kiln belly
zodiac    ancient *******
ravishing flame
ruler of ever dreams

tin tin deo
Jul 6 · 50
Wicked Holy Child
zebra Jul 6
I am an unanswerable mystery to myself

griefs food

belief in uncertainty
is like a medicine that makes me ill
loving the danger of things
like a tender ******
or the superstitious atheist
or the oversexed who convert to Catholicism

in a tither of religiosity
I lift Mother Mary's dress for a taste

irreducibly splintered inside
I feel
religion is quiet like the dead
and im pulsing sin
passionate perverted and metaphysical
a lover of hard headed ******
and goo girls
whispering ***** things in my ear

oooow mercy of nakedness
she holds my **** like a gun
pulls the trigger
and i pop her
panting she bleeds out butter ****

got her good
that big hearted ******* *******

the Devil has his contemplatives
as does God
and Christians say **** that
This is an intertextual piece
partly based on Pico Iyer's
Jul 4 · 105
zebra Jul 4
69 69 69 96

I matched the lips to the ***
I am not a robot
Jul 3 · 72
zebra Jul 3
a one dimensional
*** ***** brain
in a three dimensional hologram of consciousness

i am a dumb wind
a slouching mongrel soul
carved in corpusles

its twenty six dimensions stupid!

mind like a radish in a **** slum  
inhabiting a no return winter
of hollow helled mountains

  soon to be dead
like disappearing smoke
i hear my voice
trying to count molecules
with a slathering tongue
needle numb
and a brocaded Vox throat of tears
while eyes plead floating
like cataract clouds

and shinning baptism ufo's
god ***** shimmering in space
no; no reality quotient here
in a fitted sim built blood machine
of flimsy bone locomotion's
looking for time slips
by lifes prodding night stick
in a distortion field

i turn the wheel of shapeless shadows
in satin's mill
waiting dormant
with ****** muzzle
in a 666 cosmic zip code

im just another
****** **** ***** Jew
******* ******
apple bend over
living to pay the ******* rent
in a house fallen before its built
panting staccato deja vu's
in a no return winter
of pandemonium

in this knot of blotting screams
i try desperately to levitate
from this spittoon of ascending ***** matter

here marble turns to chalk
and i'm always doing gods work
with the devils pride
like a bug in the grass
There's a tattered photo
Carbon dated
250,000 BC
Looks just like me
Except my skull
Looked like a balloon
zebra Jun 28
I'm not coming back
no more vain rebellions

hello to nothing
from the minister of nothing
no ones home but shapeless shadows
cutting across mysteries
of multiple worlds

an empty head
so patient
ghost moon

my legs aren't tired anymore
here in the undergrowth
of slugs slides and slime
whispering hymns needle green

buoyant belly on the rings of night
libation of death
apprehending the void
dissolving doom broadens to immensity
like a light flicks on
wonder wave

no death for the dead
they could care less
nearby in endlessness
stretched out on a couch
spumed mouth
papyrus frail
creature of black steps

waking will not rise flame feathers

where I lived and was broken
noon day demons lost
I dangle from a nightingale floor
burning hair wings flutterless

linking one self with the other
like night with day
wind and dreams
falling lulls weave me together
like a thorne bridge weaves fate
hand over red hand

mind of winter
now I inhabit you
slain and shaken
Jun 26 · 108
Bimbo Bunny Fuck Poem
zebra Jun 26
***** bunny ****
a ****** with bangles
shaved and pierced
dried and shampooed
Spoosh, Tick Tick, and Trashed

is it true Jesus is Shesus
and has no ***** anymore

i love you
***** Juice
waddle cupcake *****
mambo Dancing Shoes
i am Kimbo the Love Doctor
******* the palm of my hand
***** sniffer extraordinaire
in limbo
eating ****** snacks and disco biscuits
looking for a whipped cream buff puff

jam split *** cracked cheeks squeeze tight
and your Black Metal Veins
burn like melting *** of fire

so what would your ideogram look like
a hot dog and Kleenex with Skunk and
***** **** glob pearls
blond wig wavy curls and Haven Dust

I am banana float
Big Flake
and your my split thizz
a new genetic fricassee

sleep is temporary death
and i'm to tired to feed
on shadowed veins

my personality a mote
like a goat with a tote
**** fueled *** and barbiturates desert
make a face like clevererd meat

kiss me *****
jugs with *** plugs and Tootsie Roll toes
girl friend
spreads hemic tide for **** water
i like lip gloss icing eyeliner
floating in Marshmallow Reds, and Pink Ladies

*** prance Foo Foo Dust
licker of rugs
stinker with shrugs
in a puddle of Drowsy Goofers
built not to last the aftermath
like a penny side show

in instinctive rhythms
and midnight madness
while hungry for tranquilizer therapy
i feel good
like a corpse buried in your hips

say something in your oral tradition
gag gaag a googoo
pass the tiaras
and Star Spangled Powder
private parts on public display
black girls gone platinum
chocolate upside down cake
with Blue Bullets between their legs
another lick please
snorting Lady Caine, and Mama Coca rotate Soft *****
pass for French with a horse **** cigarette
in a silver case
filled generously with saliva wet nose candy

White Nurse
like a golden snake with black bones
keeps her smokes between her legs
lucky strikes revival and Bumble Bees

i like my cigs smouldering  wet
dreaming of evil

Diesel, Golden Girl
Red Chicken
do drop in
wizard of fire music
"One pill makes you larger,
and one pill makes you small,
and the ones that Mother gives you
don’t do anything at all.
Go ask Alice
when she’s ten feet tall."
drugs *** death
Jun 22 · 82
Dead To Earth
zebra Jun 22
i live in a thousand mirrors of the marvelous
a weightless rhythm
singing like flickering mud

drinking in the lady of the moon
her river of dreams
clothed in conch shells and goat lungs
she loves me against her soft feet
against cotton puffs and the consecration

she consecrates me in spit and blood
rubber throated **** long as a giraffe neck

slum drummers drum
among tin fires and pig guts

thee I invoke thee

shaking the rattle

snake of the spine

angel headed devil girl
queen of dreams
womb of eternal darkness
the light everywhere with in her

and she speaks in the shadows  

Dionysian belly dancers
boogger wooger
and rise out of wigs and apples
out of clouds and rice

i am throat and fist
holy molecules
jumping like a verb
a wing and a heart

crown of life
dead to the earth
Jun 20 · 330
Spit Shine
zebra Jun 20
hi bloodline, blood warm, crush kisses
red as a dress
chewable dandelion
interstate of honeybunches and grinning stars
over night lily light
and forever thighs
spit shine your moon beam
Jun 15 · 172
The Hotel Panspermia
zebra Jun 15
Angel's can shout through demons if they have to
here in the valley of time slips and air borne rock
land of meteor splash and ufos

sprit friends; a gift you give yourself
but if you see some of them
its the worst day of your life
those streaking trajectories
as straight as a pencil path
sending a migration of aliens
***** ovoid's with ****** binocular vision
like Helix pomatia
****** crawler
escargots fetching their own *****
eight legged locomoting moss piglets
that look like a thousand blinking eyes
hurtling in decent
perhaps landing in the Yucatan
hard headed asteroids, critter ridden
mixed of spirits and denizens of deep space
from the parametric edges of Bals  
glittering kingdom
gods shooting suns down from the sky
far flung to predatory gardens
elixir's of war and death
waves of screaming fruit
through red cities
of nightingale floors

agents of slow drowning
a bulls eye in a break neck rodeo
Jun 15 · 95
Ritual of Hedon
zebra Jun 15
hot and close
i **** the moon
in her dusted bell of caves
and notched noir crotch

she got red like a thirsty knife
in flames oval then thin
till the blood candied
into sugar fruit
and I drew strength from her dreams
those teaming gutters of the sun

***** boys with **** and thick with makeup
watched startled
through a winking diorama
of jumbling ***** and kicking feet
in shades of lunar water

oh this compulsive dream
me touching myself
kissing her golden apple ****
tabernacle of liquid jewels
curled split
jam slammed

this haunting mirage of desire
desire; born from having nothing

holding her face
tongue to tears
a lighted loon of sadness
cascades through fingers like bone dust
and i fall into myself

molasse's seep and gather
in a stone sea of wet music

vapor of darkness
mad nag hunger growls
meet me now!
Jun 14 · 878
zebra Jun 14
could it be a *******
like cotton buds
from the ***** flower

a witched river
under dark clouds
of brooms that don't fly anymore
maybe in need of an upgrade

perhaps a spell of weaponized winds
with insinuated floating ghouls
shaking their lopsided claws
under blood orchards
and diagrams of grief
as they follow their noses
looking for *****

*******; the scent of vivacious
loving oozing laughter
thirsty skin
needles too
**** heroine stuck on toe picket fences
mimicry of ducks blood butter
like a crime scene of kisses that went to far
eggs and runny yokes left puddled on a thigh
the ****** burps Pans milkshake
*** legacy legs
lookin for love

auto asphyxiated in a closet fringy and hanging with a hardon
lost eyes and drool
somewhere in Thailand
after spicy noodle soup
and a Tsingtao

hurt me
hurt you
i'm an evil boweval
a Zyzzyva come to love you
Jun 11 · 538
Horrorscope Birth Chart
zebra Jun 11
i fall and ascend in a sea    vantablack
spiral light
fire ghosts and ice
that cut the soul to pieces
like scissors
that split rabbits

industry of a hissing creation
polluted altar of sleeping lakes
and scythe
bludgeon and howitzer
prods of push and pull
in a grindhouse
necropolis of craters
scattering snake eggs and tumors

i am here born to you thin of bone
mother of catastrophes
on a colossal ball of scab and callous
that moves sonorous dazzling shapes
careening through
ephemera workhorse torches
of doom

you fill me with knots of terror
and desperate dreams of stairway wings
veils and glimmers
resolutions dissolving
petaled apertures of desire
and night whispers
in a spider web of sonic bulls

before undertows gravity
i was vibrant
but then i died into the rock ash of earth
they called it my birthday
my parents with party hats and balloons
blinked fetters
against nights of concrete and stone

i got deader still
until i was nothing
but an imagineless gob of mud and breath
an eye looking out
behind red nerve forest fires
and tears shook tambourines
down heavy lashes
cascaded fluttering  tassels  

i am born to you mother of senile seas
citadel of shattered glass
in a slate cube of cyclones
mute and screaming
my fate deep shock
encased in mausoleums led nautilus

blatting hells jaundiced shriek

Pluto conjunct Saturn
Jun 11 · 372
zebra Jun 11
"Poetry leads to the same place as all forms of eroticism
to the blending and fusion of separate objects.
It leads us to death, and through death to continuity.
Poetry is eternity; the sun matched with the sea."

Jun 6 · 68
zebra Jun 6
could it be a *******
like cotton buds
from the ***** flower

a witched river
under dark clouds
of brooms that don't fly anymore
maybe in need of an upgrade

perhaps a spell of weaponized winds
with insinuated floating ghouls
shaking their lopsided claws
under blood orchards
and diagrams of grief

while they follow their noses
looking for *****

*******; the scent of zyzzyva
loving oozing laughter
like thirsty skin
needles; **** heroine stuck on toe picket fences
mimicry of ducks blood butter
like a crime scene of kisses that went to far
eggs and runny yokes left on a thigh
the ****** burps
*** legacy legs
lookin for love
auto asphyxiated in a closet fringy and hanging with a hardon
lost eyes and drool
somewhere in Thailand
after spicy noodle soup

hurt me
hurt you
i'm an evil boweval
a Zyzzyva come to love you
zebra Jun 4
I hate people who repeat themselves

I hate people who repeat themselves
Jun 3 · 214
Black Dust Orbit
zebra Jun 3
do you know
how much light you have to have in you
to play in the darkness

ask the lady of the moon
my trilling lover of comatose dreams
**** queen dressed in fallen roses
on her knees

her head a cocked jaw
throat; a giraffes
for shirts of skin and magic wands

she prays to be broken
split saliva jewel
kink clutch
little crying angel
hugging her ball and chain
shawled ***; a trussed cathedral
bound in silk
a vomiting flower of *******

her feet bound
puddled black crimson
crumbling at every teasing cuddle
and darkened bite like ghost fire
flame on flame

her ******; buttered Kasbah dark fruit casaba
i take a bite
red teeth and stretched tongue
adorn the hood of lust
and sink flying
into blood scape's womb
she screams hooked on satin's *** nail
wailing; hideous mirth
and folds sweet and sour
siracha tang

her mouth a gagging river
of ***** and oleo tubes
eyes gazing globe video games
****, brewing perfume's of delirium
**** star ships at apogee
riding the glitter rim

my ****
a rabid swoon of towering babble
is full tonight
brimming with white blood
red and trembling milk
to fill your mouth my love
and the bitter honey of my soul
May 31 · 169
zebra May 31
slash, ***, romance, grind house, love, boyxboy, ****, fanfiction, angst, horror, death, ******, fantasy, race play ****** sadist ladies friendship, lesbian, school, fanfic, hate, lgbt, music, sad, adventure, alex, boys, cut, emo, harry, humor, hurt, lgbtq, magic, mental, anorexia, aris, axl, blood, blue, boy, boy love, boyfriend, ******* ******* boy on **** spank me daddy burn, cute, dark, drama, edward, fan fiction, pom pom **** dance, femslash, fiction, fluff, *** ***** fun love, toilet slave, hula hooping hula
Because you're worth it
May 24 · 172
zebra May 24
my souls a ploughed ground
in a folding chandler of bones
staring into a night of burnt steal
black star
third eye
a wing with sight
sitting on the knee of lotus
the knee of listening
the knee of your voice
i move from some inner locomotion
distant from the minds arson
that old inner argument,
self; plucked thorn
a  burning city dire

i vacillate like a blurring shadow
a feathered ghost
skull of the arcane
and in a split second
find you like a space ship in the woods
May 20 · 155
S & M
zebra May 20
There is a part of us
that isn't quite alive
until hollow-starved lunacy is sated

while showing the bright side
her hidden darkness emerged
when i tricked her into hurting herself

she would say come on trick me, trick me, trick me
and i would tell her
Count Dragool with ****** tube fingers
would take her slow
if she hit her self hard across the mouth
and she would scream to Eden
bash mashley thrash me
i want the men with red tridents
and ding **** tails too
while she watched my eyes
like surveillance drones
as if a great confederation of *****
marched towards her

certainly not painless
but the pain of an addict
who knows all to well the pleasure of the needle
first the little sting and then the great oooow
of becoming  eaten kingo flinks
and potato chips

she is butter on the stove
im the rare drug
a Do Do bird beaking flesh
a cold hard *******
she a yielding intricacy of complications
a bald Rapunzel
feeling under abused till now
with black crow lips and jumbo bangled earings
like a long jangling math problem that ends
with a big O

O popping blood berries
like pink flower hysterical *******
shooting bullets from tattooed
hip belted pistols
on a singing red bed

her limbs a yawing stretch
of insanity sane
her body a torn zipper
being yanked up and down
a frenzy of crying blasphemies and raw kisses
dancing the bend over
on knotted knees
incised a writhing dance cha cha

creel of blood
cha cha cha
May 11 · 176
zebra May 11
the night disappears
without a touch
and your eyes stare like boiling heavens

you are monster kisses I can crawl up to
lips blood clot cake
that never heal
it rains howling phantasms, concrete
and dead eye bombs
nightingales of tragedy  

this is my dream of the world
her form a moving mouth

she fills it
with a billion slums like black flowers
vast and strange  

our sin
we are born clueless
broken chromes
and die that way too
May 9 · 80
Like God
zebra May 9
I weep
and god never could

I love every inch
like god never should

I breathe air
god doesnt breathe
I eat and taste
grow cold and hot
worry and fear

will die
like god
never will

and will never live in this house thatched
with bones like I do

so this is an old unspoken prayer
to be
and fixed in fullness
of eternal expanding ecstasy
like god
to never be
zebra May 6
Artists easily feel,
the great flickering light,
the heat,
the breathing of living beings
the arrival and
the disappearance of things.
Apr 16 · 463
Long Season
zebra Apr 16
darkness falls from night
i am still here waiting
after you are gone
azure veined seraphim

i think of you through this long season of my life
like swallowed ivories

you always said you did death best
and haven't made a gasp since
laid out in the field face down
my grey goddess of the wan sinless moon
smiling vacant
mud mandible
while a tempest beats the grass

are you here
shrouded wave
is the wind your voice?

a perfumed music plays

are you a smatter of molecules
a floating eye
a voluptuous ghost shaken din
in a sea of burning nights
sleep and wake
the living dead
and the dead living?

i could swear you hover
arches over arches
a continent of form
like heaving clouds
red legs and wafer thin shoulders
dancing ballet in a prismatic wilderness

flaming tongued angelic heads
burn lanterns of lust and gloom
Apr 7 · 1.2k
Love Letter
zebra Apr 7
Writhe my darling
and spread wide
hot **** ***** death *****

I want to *******
blood thunder spit
and gag ****

your eyes
rolling marbles
till you are black as midnight


"Part of the public horror of ****** irregularity so-called is due to the fact that everyone knows them self essentially guilty."

Alister Crowley
Apr 5 · 299
Snake Wedding
zebra Apr 5
soul mates
in mud pomade
each one half of the other

a headless body
and a bodiless head

two monsters
severed halves of a snake

the head with no heart
ravaged with criminal ambition

and she; the heart; a pulsing ache, headless
made him nauseous with her ceaseless churning
ocean of darkened milk

disjuncture of passed and future
a gnashed twig
time shattering time

slamming doors in each other's faces
through a disaster of eternities

on a black ash stair case
they ate the light of the world

a death fascination
yet could not die

and all was night
blind oblong
a brailled egg

in a curse of dreams
shadows desperate for love
they never find

snake wedding
a poem of rahu and ketu
Apr 4 · 265
Unknown Address
zebra Apr 4
I am an unknown address
a cut and paste from me to you
solitude to solitude
an immense intimacy
of intimate immensity
a primitive pleasure

this language of the gesture
sometimes defying convention
dissolving the literal

moving from eye to ear
to inner ear
to inner eye

the reader and writer
albeit short;
a marriage of sorts
a work of Intertextuality
Mar 29 · 294
The Marrying Kind
zebra Mar 29
you need each other like a vampire needs blood
you've always loved her ***
those long legs
unexpected arguments
the word no
fantasies of make up ***
make up ***

late night sneaking farts
off spring
debt and drudgery
till half dead
weight gain from a sagging liver
and retching love

labyrinth's of desire and anger
divorce; the sword of Damocles
a mad hatter chandelier

seeing stupid through her eyes
my face like a vitrine of broken masks
the way she looks in floppy slippers
or dressed up in black and pearls

snoring with a gaping mouth
of floating spirits in intricate patterns
of  darkness made of nothing

making believe your with someone else
*** fantasies I've never spoken of
in sultry dioramas of glistening leg shows
mosaic starred
baiting Shanghai nights

on my knees again
eating thorns
and she is more adorable than the rumba
a hot arsonist setting me on fire
canopy of flowers
golden apples and blood
pouring down shade sun and rain

decades of the same sentences
and the same dead sea silences
in claustrophobic tangles
of devotion

seeing who dies first
and left desolate;
with a legacy of remembrance
that chews like a moth to cloth
lantern of vapors; weeping
flicker heart

it beats the hell out of being alone
at the end I go back to the beginning

the marrying kind
Mar 25 · 242
Spirit Flies
zebra Mar 25
her body the bones of the earth
with a heart like an oozing slit

a goblin infusoria blur
smatter cautioning lips
on a golden head
and radiate a tumbling ludicrous halo
for a saintly gutted fish still making caviar
to feed blind kittens

a curdled soul warps the mind
the moon hiccups
a sky-rocket
and her kisses seal a destiny
with a trickle wetted mouth
and bulgy ******; exultation of love
like bellowing lungs

flesh falls
spirit flies
Mar 22 · 687
Raw Lagoon
zebra Mar 22
raw lagoon
desires shadow
of tribal waves
mango river spills
a cupped dark bleed of wandering skin
burning lucifer's silver tongue
in a *** slave slow dance
of torrential foot adorations
and road side moans
fapping moist hyperaesthesia

scrummed forehead
and eye bright glued
an immaculate conception
her back a twisting cat
tongue like a curved Sahara
in whirling toothless loops

a feeding pilgrimage
of erudite kisses
drool of her womb
the word made flesh in combustion

a **** swollen lullaby
saints of libido feeding
upon each other
like tangled everglade snakes
boiling in a chain of volcanos

Vulcans lair
heads between knees
a gargoyle of peeled oysters, serpents
and torn mouths
blown from bed to bed
Mar 20 · 927
zebra Mar 20
I'm writing this poem to be ignored

like many of you
I enjoy being a poet
of keen irrelevance

a literary luminaire
of solitude
a lost writing ghost
a megalomaniac haunting himself
a waiting oracle
for the occult muse door mouse to tap dance
whispering night  babble
or having a cooked chicken fly into my mouth
while i take searing snapshots
of erratic images
puzzling them into words
from boundless burdens
of heaping intestinal bluesy aftermaths exodus of conscience  
bruising my self like a ******* in heat
on out of control run-on rants
and blood razor drenched mysticism

while real men drive earth movers
drink bruskies
and kick ***
hustling time share Chinese handcuff contracts
and up sell social justice platitudes
fit for pie in the sky levitating hysteria
lives shatter like red ice
in endless cacophonies of skull clobbering effacement

I'm writing this poem to be ignored
Mar 17 · 881
zebra Mar 17
in a kink clutch
breaking a twisted angel
on the rack of
onward Christian solders
in ecstatic flagellations
for ***** saliva  cliterature
with a mouth black window widows bite
in a white lie light  
of cruel dark night
while jazz ****
layonaise spatters
where its soft and hurts good  
and fossil **** *******
drive down the armageddon highway
in a bright burn
with ***** feet on clean sheets
and drooling tongues
Mar 9 · 1.1k
Museum of The Moon
zebra Mar 9
vampiric ***** house
a fearful symmetry
of cleavers for something to love

***** addicted
pearly satin's copulate
a continent of curves
ovoid rectums and raw mouths
in a ritual of sadistic etiquette
drenching phallus tongued spit
like gales of flames
at a masochists invitation
for foot blooded kisses
and heated lopped breast

eager haunches thunder
in a malignant lust
******* utopias **** cyclops
spreading winkling's dribbling
night operas
in a red cathedral of flicker hives
squealing euphoria's hemic arcade
with greased ******* that break backs

fluting throats ***** chromatic fizz
and shrilling wombs flutter like bat wings pandemonium
in the museum of the moon
Inspired by Minna Loy
Mar 8 · 903
Zodiac Carousel
zebra Mar 8
the stars quiver
brain a husk of puddled amyloid plaque
like grey powder edge
blossoming a slow disaster
from dizzied star chandlers

voice winged souls harmonize
in a citadel of nothing

the revelation of no - thing
at all
Mar 5 · 140
zebra Mar 5
mother kiss me like candles burn wax
while i drink your flower petal milk

baby boy
wants to **** your lovely *******
little fingers grasping ample flesh
rose of love

i have never known

in truth i never really knew you at all
not your loving heart
not your milk giving
not your abandoned soul
your sadness

nor understood
the betrayal of father

you're just a floating face now
except of course for your inner trembling
and white knuckle desolation

your bleeding heart is in me

mother your  élan pulses through my marrow
and i see you in so many women
through their soft eyes that breathe me in

those women dreaming of love
for a man they never knew
and hopes of a better life they never had

feeling you mother
and vapors coil from light
in the theater of your ghost
Mar 1 · 661
Lunch Box
zebra Mar 1
the red light of sin illuminated her ankles
she, a thousand frisky demons
comfort me
as i yield blood eyes
for switch blade kisses
that push through retinas glass aperture

dark girl with a penchant for hideous pleasures
*** crimes like blatting pistons
her mothers womb twisted with regret
as i live in her hell ****** stare
******* talons that pierce ******
like diaphanous ribbons

her **** floating angels
and feet sweeten my face
in subduing rituals
of hard knocks
getting her mood up
for blowing **** loops

my nose; her **** soaked door ****
her ******; a squeeze hustle
innocent fig strained
mix meistering patterns
of extruded clay;
a pomade of raised bumpy torpedo's
fingers to *****
***** to fingers

i run to her
like bones of air
and she teaches me
in the blood of pandemonium
to make ice in hell
I will not renounce my subjectivity in favor of a sealed objectivity
Mar 1 · 113
zebra Mar 1
in the end helpless
nothing, nothing could I do or not do
willed or thought
could have led me to a different fate

deeper than any feeling
deeper than fear
this imbues etches. poisons me:
the indifference of the celestials
to us of earth,

Unveiling the venture to set
little warmth against the icy chill
Vain our attempt to evade their atrocities
Inspired by the writing of Christa Wolf
Feb 21 · 175
A Poem is Metaphor
zebra Feb 21
I can **** you in a poem
and walk away scot free
so bend over
I got a gun in your ***
ready aim bang
I love you
Feb 20 · 3.3k
The Scarlet Woman
zebra Feb 20
scarlet haught
queen of mirth
dog ****
drooling jewelry red splits
pulled by a chariot  
of six hundred million house cats
dissembling for freaky insertions
of scarlet bud flowers uterine tube

breath of spit
while ballet toes kiss fingers and tongues
glazing thickly tides sweat
bamming greased ****

Christ *****
"once upon a never more"
bi-sexed up
**** twitch glistening holes
drizzle fish
in red tents overturned
for fabulous *******
and angelic *****'s
flirty dance the come **** me  

her throat a never ending squealed gullet
sublime Madonna of Oor
bare thighed and pulpy spread
scissor strokes and stride
wagging tongue for rosy oleo sticks
and **** pastry rectums pulled tight
in lop sided temples of split flesh

another ambulance to the emergency **** ward
in a dreamland of leggy nurses

sacred fig of Freyja
Goddess to **** toys
and pretty pretty who go that way
hocus opus poke and stir
freckle face **** mouth
a lapping menagerie

i gird my ***** and follow her
into a cologned room; of dark rim box butter
***** yelping for
a slow grind in a belly of clams

red and velvet pageant
she nests in the heart
a midwife disturbia
to pregnant lust
being pushed down and worked up
till loosened in thick ****
and black whip afterbirth
like flowers of curves and blood

her banquet; a platter of wet orifice
trilling vibratos ******
and anxious kisses crawling through her mouth
like fallen angels flying
dire sister of knock out *******
pleading goth nuns for lesbian heated
Satan loving veiled Christian crotch
and a thousand delicious gaped
******* **** poundings
and mouth ***** **** plunge

crucifix of wrack and *****
****** and beaten senseless
instructions from the  book of night
of **** and spite
written by
Abrahams primitive nations
arms of the cross she is nailed to
sweet ***** waifs beaten dead
in a tillage of brokenness

mans club
shore of incinerated witches and tortured justice
shut up when your talkin to me
clan of honor
duo troupe
almanac of hell
Feb 18 · 547
zebra Feb 18
over the eyes
beautiful vacancies
and folded hands

our true home
land of inanimate flesh
gray skin
in sunken grave beds
and operas
theater of mice
while tumbled hair still grows

we are already dead
waiting for the flaming barge necropolis; to
shuttle seas raven
vanishing point

age; a slow erasure
the mind still wreathed into the torrents of life
morals transmute into desires lost
every inhalation
a going going gone

the only savage kisses;
crypt tongues slow unwinding

allusions of a destiny abandoned

from niggling chatter
and the price of a chicken

bathing in a tide pool abyss
of inked black teas
i hold fast
losing steps
a worn animal, waiting
till sanctuary comes
Feb 15 · 256
zebra Feb 15
I distance myself from me
away I move a million miles
beyond the homicidal floor of self
and its narrow dead sticky
fly paper walls

away from chatter castrati
and miraculous mirrors
away from vanity and horror
and the voices of shadow

I distance myself from me
I step from lunary worlds and big blue marble

and I have only
a river of breaths
like transparent shaped hands
dominion of air
in a cage of bones
all petty fetters
Feb 9 · 1.2k
She Turns Me On
zebra Feb 9
palace of lights caved
blooms through the body
like reality pitted against a comic book
not knowing where life came from
not knowing how it will end
food tubes or road ****

is creation substance-less?
24 carat nonsense,
or pure wisdom?
perhaps bad therapy
for lab animals
and store front dummies

monkeys shudder at needles
unless candied with a heroine syringe
chemistry a science of belligerence and euphoria
pleasure before despair
and than a sea of pain

and a ****;
impaling her

the lushly contoured female
a frictionless exchange of power
for ******* ecstatic death
as her eyes bob and flutter
like cascading echo's

my birth tarot card
**** of swords
her favorite when I push through her
like blood bubble gum
b l o o d b u b b a b u b b le g u m

a **** cathedral of lights flicker spit
guttural diphthong
like a vipers castanets
uterine fire bursts like an appendix bomb
her **** a zoo
******* z o o

i am peanuts worms and hay
her face a mask to hide behind
breath play
sibilant ****
specter or nightmares
shadows and villains aphrodiac

gagged and drugged
hot ***** bound
a big eyed ****
s l u t l o v e

*** cannibals turn me on
her ****** a goddess
a Russian roulette
for shtttty kisses
she shot me

cuckoo spit
k o cuck  k o  k o o
twizzles willie milk
in a drowning
moss draped moon orifice
under a shattered zodiac

wrapped in tentacles of night
she turns me on
Feb 3 · 300
zebra Feb 3
her body a sack of tubes
open wounds
like wet braided mouths
muttering thunder tunnels

she watching Friday night frights
of a cruel image,
a man; with sledge hammer *******
looking at her through a shivered mirror

desire holds her transfixed
like a blink less eye staring
at a pinned butterfly

her hunger panged tongue
locomotes side to side
in fidget spirals
brewing red lipped bubbles
like gagged
weeping cuneiform tears
an immortal portrait of lusts tribe
while downy mists of dancing worms
eat scattered apples

with love that moves destiny
disobediently grinning
like a jeering peninsula
she imagined a coil of swollen barbs
a sea of *****
rapturous arched tongues
licking ******* urethra tornados
and flooding night music
like witches whistle through cat bones
zebra Jan 21
I do believe all poets must not only read a lot of poetry but read a lot about poetry. Of my 50 favorite poets, there is not one who has not written about poetry, the philosophy of their work and of the craft. That in itself is fascinating- and difficult, like the depth you find in NY Review of Books. I do about 2/3 (poems) to 1/3 (being books about poetry) From the most philosophic works of archetypes by Northrop Frye to the most public and basic questions of Zupruders good seller "Why Poetry?" .
That last book opened up a new reality for me, to I ask myself all the time who am I writing for, in context to all this reading...I realized I was really trying to communicate the poetic truths of living, of my own small life in the world so full of beauty, horror, paradox and death. I realized to do this I had to make compromises, to not try to impress or amuse myself with poems that could only be understood by me. The craft and presentation became as important as the message. That is currently my direction, I'm writing "collections" of poems with themes so a reader could enjoy a concrete theme. (The last book I just read, a signed collection by Ferlinghetti ( nice and cheap in a used bookstore) was just that- the theme of light in "How to Paint Sunlight." Accessible and very full of several poems about light)
So you are stating two different issues:
I don't like being not understood, Having people throw up there hands perplexed, I'd rather be popular.... Its lonely
But I cant write for others because than it would be feeling like a commercial venture My motivation would be destroyed.
Id rather be desolated and write for those few who get the twinge...
Well, first of all, we poets are possibly lucky because we ain't making beans for our poems. Forgetaboutit. Even our most lauded poets end up teaching to get the health care and severance. I suppose there may be 3 poets in Amerika that make a living on just writing poetry....if that many. Who's buying? I didn't see much word "poetry" once in this weeks NY Times review of books. Only some letters crashing last weeks review of Leonard Cohen, who the critic called a wonderful lyricist and performer, but an awful poet. These dialogues are important to me, but really, quite a small audience. Either way, lyrics and song paid the rent, not Cohen's books of just poetry.
I'm sure there is no immediate cure for your paradox. If you want to be popular you have to make compromises. If you don't want to alter your vision, you can get the joy of a smaller readership and forget the rest. You have to manage expectations is a world that hardly notices our craft.
It's hard to be both, I suppose you should stay true to your motivation. And if readers like me don't get it, **** em. Let it suffice we acknowledge the craft, and that we will get closer to some poems more than others be enough. For me, accessibility, the ability to engage a reader into whatever poetic truth I am feeling, is more important than in any way hiding the meaning in the poem in which I alone can understand it.
I want people who never read poetry, which is most people, pick up a poem by me and feel the poetry power without feeling intimidation which is what most people feel when they read most poems published today. For me its that fine line between letting the imagination do the work, and the poem setting up the narrative to allow it by inviting a reader into it. I get great joy reading my poems to non poets who are scared by even the idea of it, and get them to feel something new, that wonderful way Aristotle put it- that poetry provides an ultimate truth that is found beyond the boundary of philosophy.

Admittedly I have gone off the rails focusing on the meta or man as dreamer. Are we not dreamers first before descending into the material, deadening the faculty of imagination or as the I Ching says "a darkening of the light"
I want to bring the reader up and when I read I want to have the sensation of ascending I try to give what I like to receive which is to be brought into greater fluency and light
Have we abandoned our inner life to such an extent that when confronted with it we find our selves strangers to it; reinforcing and amplifying a kind of cognitive dissidence?
Are we in a sense a stranger to our selves having lost the lucidity of our magical youth
Do we see the world as vacant utilitarian stuff and other humans predictable lusterless cogs in a wheel like cued robots?
Witches Seers, Voodoons , Hermeticists, Kabbalists and Occultists of very stripe know and use objects as essential to their operations and craft because they have hidden meaning and power.
Has the life of fantastical creative cognition been sacrificed to inveterate congenital pragmatism?
"Beloved imagination, what I most like in you is your unsparing quality".
Andre Breton
To transgress is to process ones madness as opposed to the customary botched behaviors of repressive modalities we hide behind . It seems to me that poetry is a great ground for that exploration.
Perhaps Its a good thing for a reader to think about what the writer means, albeit a difficult pleasure as opposed to the instantaneous and facile modes of naming and claiming Reading towards the abstract can be a mystical experience Most people who read are shallow readers Shall I than aspire to be a shallow writer?
What surrealism (Detailed descriptive language unmoored from linear rationality) affords the writer like pure abstraction to the visual artist is a great opportunity to explore the musicality of language ie the musicality of form ie the energetic configurations of architypes.
Part of our craft that makes things crackle as you know well remains sound play ie the strategy of syllables ... Long vowels / short vowels...the length of words and sound of words in relationship to one another
As you know Mark to analyze the subtle abstraction of sounds ie words to the ear is just like music and like music although not wholly translatable has an undertow of non verbal meaning especially if exploited out side the linguistic necessity of linear prose like poems ie a device that most never use consciously and strategically or certainly to its fullest potential
So when we say a poem is beautiful do we impart mean its those amazing tintinnabulating sounds that ****** with their musicality? Poems that do that well stand out to me.
Further I think we are in error when we confuse the realistic with the materialistic. It seems to me realism has magnitudinal underlying meta elements that need to be felt in poetry and to think other wise in my op[inion would be a dull conceit
A good example is thought itself
When we speak our ideas thoughts impulses we have no real sense of where they emerge from The processes are so meta their incomprehensible even to neuro science and scientists have little if any understanding of consciousness or its meaning as far as I know
So perhaps the surrealist has a place of worth too; and that is to remind people of their inner life out side the cage of end product think. After all what is a life and what is a poem?
Best Z
Jan 19 · 795
The Beast
zebra Jan 19
a carnival of hords in withering grass

the high priestess tongues the beast

wet mandible
on a dragging
death gowned doll
like a cyclone coils paradise

trans mutative
prismatic unfurling's
passed bones of confusion

passed scorched refuse
of radiating spiraled phantoms

the more gods, the more demons
battle angel symmetries
in Taoist jaws  

  galactic lurking's
into parametric infinities
escalating war like cloud light
rush glittering arms of affliction

exhalations like upleaping sail fish
drizzle sooty rain
shellacking tinsel rhinos
on hieroglyphs of the barbarous

a transfixed guttural prana;
between advances and retreats
in chimeras earth quake palace  

death: a new begining.
I bring my facilities to mix upon a dream, the concrete, and the thunders of spirit

An exploration of duality, fragmentary existence, creative destruction , and spiritual healing through the ascent of life force
Jan 17 · 1.3k
zebra Jan 17
the seduction of eternity

ice house Shekinah
sad hag with a revolver
a carnival of skinned rats and bullets
during the blood soil days

pets left on the dark side of the moon
a deluge of morality in a palace of tears
structures of consciousness under compression

the tongue of eternity
a veiled Eros licking
blood shot distant moons
flickers a selfish dream serenade
pollen of discontent
like a pregnant superhero
dressed in a candy wrapper
treading a visionless ezoic brain

bugs; war zones of memes and genes

all matter is metaphor
near death objects
meteors of grinning spiked crowns

we are memetic plucked limbs, clawed minds
sulfurous dust
short lived bloated yolks
mice in a supermarket with tape worms
and a trade mark

we are something boiling
we are memetic plucked limbs, clawed minds
sulfurous dust
short lived bloated yolks
a holocaust in a supermarket
with tapeworms
and a trademark
we are something boiling
In the bowels of eternity
graves of meat and mud
crucifixes in a screaming

rabid belly of shadows
Jan 14 · 1.9k
Cunt Spill
zebra Jan 14
a future promise
a ******* like bundled gym socks
in stuffed blue jeans

a future threat
a shriveled phallus wrinkled obsolete

she remembered fondly
being beaten drum chatter
and seized like slow roasted
fall off the bone pulled pork
****** raggedy Ann
catapulted beyond Euboean heavens
ravaging scrotums Gordian ******
with her wild fiendish mouth
drinking a river of
haloed golden showers
spit and ****
in a runaway hot house of glistening pink
buttery spires
engorging her macerated orifices

half eaten radish
chocking on hordes
of big do do *****
a ****** face; cross eyed
Babylon abalone
bashed Ashly mashed
begging for
a face full of swinging *****
like caped chandeliers
trotting faint giggles
in a constellation
of ruptured arteries
and thick sparked ****

on her knees
milk glitter faced
scared with happiness
she counted one smiling bruise at a time

her badge of calamities
black and blue silhouettes
grinning invitations like party favors
without a crease of shame

her skin rapturous
spackled patchworks
bled like torrential fountains summer tide
while every body had  fizzy red ice phlebotomies
and steamed through her drooling tumble pie

lust ***** totem
house of winding labyrinths
honey pumped transfusion
flush on blush
opera of tangled limbs
red pulse wedding flowers
slick ***** palace
blood tongued orchard
caressing knotted mooned
**** spill
zebra Jan 12
they danced in a dream
of bending shadows
face down
begging ***
all hungry back door paradise

ankles strapped on a foot worn floor
paint faced in Ubangi nights
with pin needle eyes
blood crimson neon's
cut curtains
like kissing claws
so their bodies wouldn't forget
dark pleasures lightening
and biting tantra tantrums
they swallowed mad ***** blossoms of hell candy
breathing the others inhalations
foot sniffing ballet arch
in fastened Japanese melting red slippers

gazing upwards rectums prayer
solar eyed insurrection

finger by finger
clutching wrists like the grave
for bloods salty cove
an injured landscape
a dire pink desert
like bogs hold bones
a rave for a slave
covered in yellow ocher rubber sheets
soft on the feet
x rated amputee costume
made of blood lanterns and spit

look mommy no arms
a bellied tattoo
of hennaed homunculi  
burning Candomblé Jejé, skull

black eyed beauty hissing
while accordion throated
rip tie tighten
another notch please
a dizzy *******
down silver fluted gullet
in a steamed up bath house
party of blotted sockets

*** kitten
kissed dead girls thighs
tremulous and stretched
a shimmering serum
like wide tubular channels
as pontoon edges slit
through midnight howls for velvet skinned girl
who thrills
her head a veiled Jehovah
saliva wagging tongue ****
a stuttering ****** dance
a hula hot momma in rubble
slapping hot lipped kisses
over starved darkness
along telegraphs avenue
melting eyes like butter
a globed pudding spill
******* drool drops of gold
and black river gladiators
slaughter lies
with every long stroke
between cascading squeals

paraphilias mausoleum
like tumbling eels
a scapegoat pulp fiction
chiseled in cement
******* rips
drip drip drip

babbling accordion gullet
**** spasms ooze like a hot glue gun
fire spats **** soiling cherry clover
Jan 9 · 486
I Like Korean Food
zebra Jan 9
I like seeing pretty Korean girl, Miss Mina, putting things in her mouth so I watch and watch and watch wondering if she like to put me in her mouth too.
I wonder am I a good texture
spicy, salty maybe a little sweet?

she said she likes cushy flexible
does not like it to thick on the outside
because it takes away the flavor of the inside

Hoping she eat me all up
like sea squirt and gogi mandu!
Ouchy Ouchy Ouchy
she's drooling on a slow riser
the top is dry and the bottom wet
but so soft
feels like a pillow
and a surprise inside
like edible paint

I love Korean food and Miss Mina look tasty too
I like to put her in my mouth like spicy noodle
taste like conditioned hair
or just maybe desert
but always moist on the inside
cookie yakgwa
very tasty treat!

I want to eat her mommyoh too,
ok maybe a little stringy but still good enough :)

I like chrysanthemum bread
and kimchee dumpling
on Jeju Island Market
make me happy
Jan 9 · 567
Annihilation Point
zebra Jan 9
blood blot
a hideous music
like fixed stars
a chaos of shattered glass
you can hang your hat on

bamboo shards make a ****** wound
gold spun hair
on floral linen
blemished soaking red
like a shaking rat in a cats mouth

Hazels glistening ******; a pretense
salutes celibacy and high end moisturizer toilet paper

to shock simplicities morals
of an excretory affair
a dark chandelier hangs in the balance
torpedo runnels through chambered knots
unleashing treacherous sanity
sins crib
theater of purgation

father forgive her
she took a ****

an idealist without ideals

the grand masturbator
a simulacrum of a lubed god
in nights dragging shade
oracle of a  ruddy opera  and legs over head
flexed crimson wattle rolls

theories invite anti theories
light invites darkness

silence yields
shadows throat
and cacophonous whispers
a grind house temple of gods and demons
in horrendous geometry
of inflicting malice

until the serpent ascends
from black pitch hells
like a bomb through the skull

lusts antidote
waterloo of the soul  
annihilation point
the cadaver smiles
surreal ….a poetry of fragments
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