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zebra 3d
I feel violated
by your ******
maudlin poems

you have no language in you
just a sobbing pathos
in the inferno of morals

ooooh and
you're the stars in my sky
the down in my pillow
the cup in my cake
the sprinkles in my *****

you dont love enough
to say yes to her ******
her spit
her ****
her tears
and the pit of her deep dark ****

to hold her in your arms
to push the blade of feral lust
through her belly
while you *** in her face

and she is not grateful
to be strangled
with her own filth stained *******
adoring the sensual brutality of it
lost in the madness of subjugation
by your lecherous carnality

that would take wisdom
neither of you have

well   you're to good too be loved
May 16 · 31
Masochists Sililoque
zebra May 16
a vaginal self examination
yields neon membranes
like door bell fingers
in a blood shot
labyrinth of sprouts and shadows

dream girl
spreads for a caress
and floats one eye swollen
like a moon blasted out of orbit
smearing lipstick
while stroking
through soaked *******
waiting for a blow to the head
that she may fall away
from the thousand voices
that traffic
in asylum mutterings

she pivots
hermetically gripped
spine flexed
and tossed like
a spectral nightgown
of tumbling flames
a happy bride  
at night alone

shaking in a clutch
of lechers   
she pantomimes doom
oiled and ardent
in a hippodrome
of waving walls
moaning against
tremulous mirrors

in a field of staring ghosts
she swings her hips
for a devil mill-wheel
of imagined men
to enslave her
in a shrunken bed
of mottled burlap and thorns

pendulous tongues
bulged eyed eclipse
her insides
like mosaic temple walls
in a garden harvest
of strangled flowers

she swallows
bulldozer *****
like nights devour suns
lost in a phantasmagoria
of roaring mirth
and foot kissing Caligulas

lust witch adorns
pom pom slippers
bandage wrapped toes
and hard strapped ankles
posturing submission
with widening haunches
spread and eager
for crucifixion

she whispers
sacrifice the ****
and unwind
midnight belly
my love
with slippery lipped beasts
so the gullet
and bowel burst
like drenched Niles

her writhing breaks heavy
in dark crotch vapors
impaled through
mouths hungry layers
to feed graveyard lions
of stone

she cries
radiating rings
in a dazzling leg show
of grace and pain
that seize a tempest
downward dance

from the depths of hell
she calls stuff my mouth
with black mud
until my eyes scream
like boiling fish  
plug the nostrils
and get the broad axe
for a dream come true
headless photo finish
of candy box tears
and stained linen

abuse me
amuse me
love me like you hate me
ill never run

bent low on blood pooled tiles
freaky maiden waits
feral and stretched
for her ritual of death

the garden spreads wide
swing hard
May 7 · 27
The Cadaver Stares
zebra May 7
my name written
in her uninhabited stare
beckoning for cockamamie
red summers dark kiss
like concussed
dropped video loops

slippery mouth
flute song
transiting star to star
and bugle horns
of gravity bend light
through her
white knuckle bones

velvet kiss
in asylum of sparks
splays queen fatale
with raptur'd eyes
posing in the shape
of a switch blade ******

every slit a shiver
her foot just so
she minds her dance
in a dooms day skirt
flouting a royal
procession of red
while a black rat cupid
rapes my psyche

de thing a fy me
she said
make death risque
like a dead end with a martini
and a ghastly
vermillion mouth

go a head she sneered
take a stab at it

maniac Venus
shakes off her blood
dead cat bounce
with shimmie shoulders
a honey comb tongue
and a lyrical cadaverous stare
married to a hole
May 7 · 40
Dracula Moon
zebra May 7
my love
im Dracula moon
a trembling hunger
come to fill the empty
space in my throat
with a small bite
that nips and shudders
putto rose
like a fly buzzing in the blood
a thirsty shadow
of eager tongues
for succulent
brooding areolas

im crepuscular music
each note a puncture
of the miraculous
to hollow you out
with obsessions
of tossing vampiric
blade blossoms
that spin like prayer wheels
of honey and blood
in the ancient temples
of Katmandu
May 1 · 81
Please Help
zebra May 1
my arms
are getting
to short
to reach
between my legs

please help
Apr 29 · 30
Sadomasochism Therapy
zebra Apr 29
a counter culture
redemption through sin
undermining structures of power
love to hurt you so good

bash mashley
**** me like you hate me
your foot in my face
please and thankyou

a gloved hand
a black whip pharmacology
that kills the patients soul

behave you sick ****
a tyranny over docile bodies

a Judas to the enlightenment
are facts
controlled through mechanisms of power

a ***** math flea circus
a war between high minded ignorance
and low minded superstition

technology is idol
lost in *** holes of space
and than the mojo goes missing

id rather pray to *****
shes on her knees head down *** up
i pray  *****
entering the temple

is psychology political

the reality is
the reality is
the reality is

the reality is
broken girls getting off
being broken by men
who love to break them
thera *** ***

we feel better now
Apr 29 · 110
No Karma Here
zebra Apr 29
In the end, each life is no more than the sum of contingent facts, a chronicle of chance intersections, of flukes, of random events that divulge nothing but their own lack of purpose
says the enlightenment.
But that doesnt make sense either
and I dont know why.
zebra Apr 21
i like ***
like i like air

i hold her luminous face
eating her wilderness soul
elastic suitcase *****

she waits eagerly for the gun
to go off in her mouth
blatting up
***** **** bullets
that turn to puddle
white drops
on her lash fluttering
eyes and glamorous lips

feral lust
a lobotomy
i never wish to forget
in a wordless sermon ******
for a smooth commerce
of entering and leaving

she helps herself
fingerin  pull apart cheeks
opening a back door boulevard
head down
with that irresistible side gaze
that ******* prudes
and make men fall in love

aromatic notes sing
shape a beating heart
paradise of touching allegories
dark meadows
pounced on by
flying **** bombs
and moving red parts
through silk purse corridors
that spin over
prim rose hills

harvest moon
lady garden eating party
summer balloons
and cotton candy hoo hoo
tasting every cooch insight

The Pink Grand Prix Awards
Blatino **** Cheeks Cinema
co co curried
plumb tarts
in pearlescent bikini's
that fit  
a curvy wave ***
for tongue and teeth

may i ******* where you live
deep in your pit
where hell incinerates pride

to be taken
to be used and used up
and burst your crater
where you bleed to be loved
like the jeweled tinder
of a proud ****
with a built in laugh track

i learned early
obscenities are an aphrodisiac
ankles are good handle bars
and lunacy liberates

back door entrance
oil spitty tongue spats
crimps bulges
and weeping squeals
for thunder drum **** beatings
you filthy little *****

oh yes daddy
tear skin from bones
and shove your meat stick  
through my the skull

in the center well
black box of ***
a spectacular organic cream
whipped with a raw yolk
twitch her insides
hot as a desert sun
splitting the afternoon sky
like a searing meteor
boiling blood and ***

enchanted and horrified delight
unveiled in chatterbations, baby talk
and onomatopoeias
without the politics of morality
and pigeonholed ***

we drag out freaky rituals
and tender wounds
across the vestibules of heaven
with scorched hours
of billowed tongues
and open mouth kisses

Aphrodite soufflé
the cracked egg made the mess
ointments veins
and vaginal destinations'
ooz Madonna's indelible swell

and so easy to cleanup
Mars and Venus
slaughtering each other
like retching gladiators

atrocity of lust
at the pimps coliseum
blood **** spit
and fudgy pink tootsies
Apr 17 · 38
Equal Opportunity:
zebra Apr 17
There are no current job openings.

The Foundation
is an equal opportunity employer
and employs personnel without regards to race
spics ****** chinks white trash, jews, ginnies,
whateva the ****
red, black, white, yellow, brown
children or old *****,
uneducated mongrels
bad credit
god pimping religious fanatic's
bad breath bloviators
**** gob nymphos
cross dressing ***** bag *****
death addicts
**** suckers,
***** lickers
annul *****
big ****** *******
gore ******
shallow ******
gender bending
militant lesbians
drug addicts
stuck up snobs
grave yard enthusiasts
toilet slaves
bad rhythm racist
serial killers
broken hearted ***** willows
twinks , girl boy, boy girl

its so complicated
you ******* potatoes

national origin,
veteran status,
Absent Without Leave
proud *****
polyamorist *** criminals
***** fetish stoners
educated past your intelligence
tax evaders
dumb *****
***** toys
necro **** sniffers
bible belting ******* quacks
lazy mother *******
horror ******
satanic trans upside down banana splits
and those who pray
in the temples of normalcy

or any other bases
protected by law.
inspired by the poetry dweeb
zebra Apr 17
Half the ***** in Brooklyn
cant afford to live there anymore.
Its one of the shoplifting capitols
of the world.

the way I grew up
was to see if me and my friends
could stuff
our mouths with egg foo yung
and shrimp rolls  
in a little chinese restaurant
near the exit door

and than run for our lives
without paying the bill

and thats me
and my dumb ****
glue sniffing friends
letting our Brooklyn out

Apr 17 · 61
zebra Apr 17
Making death great again
Apr 16 · 40
**Bizarre Venus
zebra Apr 16
Snow White
blood red
my liminal
tabloid Venus

anatomy of a nightmare
made her wet   
like a flaming June
of glitter crowns
spanning lighted pageants
and black perfumed candles

she pressed lubricated insertions
teasing open thighs
with ticklish pleated feathers  
and dressed up
to gild a galaxy of red parts
and trembling guts
that moisten *****
like slippery eel conbobulations  

***** blossom
thrilled for derrière calisthenics
yield dark fairytale Upanishads,
of tenderness
and splashing  horror

she fell to her knees
seduced  by the ******* villainess
*** **** demon queen
who kissed her pearl toes
and shapely contoured feet
hot as fire night pyres
face down *** up
at her own imagined funeral
I'm glad to say
I know women like that
zebra Apr 14
The less you know about me,
the better off we'll both be.
I do have a thing for
***** British women,
hot Afro *******
shapely Latinas,
leggy Russians,
***** little Jew girls
Asian **** *****
  Middle Eastern temptresses,
glory-hole *****,
classy escorts,
****** hookers,
loose ******* queens,
giant ***** riders,
******* ******,
******* tramps, cheating
shameless girlfriends,
promiscuous teen harlots,
easy party girls
and tattooed metal/goth/Satanic/witchy chicks.
Written by Lucifer
Apr 14 · 61
Dimentia News
Apr 13 · 50
A Word About Poetry
zebra Apr 13
To many young writers think a poem is just a story obsessed with making points
In this writers opinion anyway, this remains an immense failing of perception.
To me a poem is also about music i.e. the sounds of words as they interact with one another. In other words the sonic resonance of language as vowels interact. This becomes so obvious when one reads the most lauded poetry
"Mule-bray, pig-grunt and ***** cackles"

"The suffocating aeons of spinning stone pillars"

"butter yellow blink mouth
like a strutting pigeon
squanders the language
of pebbles and seed"

Just sayin...…...
Apr 10 · 45
Blood In The Yolk
zebra Apr 10
morphine chapter and psalm
a goat herders guide to the universe
like a quantum haze
the blood drunk good book
a causal necessity
blabbering mouth piece
of ****** up fairytales
intruding cryptograms
and metric talk

an algorithm
of child ****** priests
a ***** house pope
of whispering voices
the Jesus of Satan
the eye for an eye
turn the other cheek
while money is the greatest
story ever told

holy mother
opens her legs
i am birthed in sin
watered in the baptism of heretics
like a panicked oyster
******* pearls
licking her **** shaped moon
in a ritual chamber
of enlightenment

bed of Lucifer
stroking his solar phallus
raising conciousness
like a ******* rocket ship
in the milky way vaginal fluid
of self deification

i am the blood in the yolk
embezzled passed the sanctum of lore
a genocidal ******
and ****** amputee
cross bearing sheep
with nuclear bombs

a Mardi Gras exterior
a death addict
having free will
without a choice
worshipper of bald faced lies
and i believe in Jesus
Old Brethren's Prayer

we are the pure and chosen few
and all the rest are ******
there's room enough
in hell for you

"With regards to the immaculate conception
which is more likely
that the form of nature
had been suspended
or that a Jewish girl lied?"

Christopher Hitchens
In Memory of Christopher Hitchens whom I loved

There is no greater sin than self deceit
Anton Le Vey
Church of Satan
Mar 12 · 106
zebra Mar 12
Truth is too simple for words
before thought gets tangled up in nouns and verbs
there is a wordless sound
a deep breathless sigh
of overwhelming relief
to find the end of fiction
in this ordinary
yet extraordinary moment
when words are recognized
as words
and truth is recognized
as everything else
zebra Mar 11
and i lean into her darkness
weaving a secret web
i am black cherry and roses
to capture you

we talk during a horrible silence
leaving sliced words
like snipped kitty tongues
dripping hex red

then like a renaissance
pandemonium  curls
fire hot desire
like bon bon handcuffs
and my beer bottle ****
Feb 13 · 106
zebra Feb 13
looking down
its a zoo of keys

my computer spits out
another ****** poem

quizzical brain
racing fingers
on a key board
with the letters rubbed off

im sick in the mouth
from lukewarm
bittier black coffee
thick as stew
like turgid monkey ****

nitrous fumes sift upwards
through cracked floors

from the TV screen shrapnel
the news is leaking blood again
down the dresser drawers
red puddles float slippers
and the cat licks

my poems
always writing me
im their ***** typist slave
with time off
to be *****
by a savage delta of
misbehaving women
their *****
tonguing my face
for an occasional *******
and *** drifting rainbows
in a crumpled sock

mice died from blue pellets today
their little corpses strewn
on a knotty wooden floor
and the dogs are quiet tonight
Jan 31 · 115
zebra Jan 31
very cute and pretty
you're so hot
oh yeaha
I feel silly;
am I making a fool of my self
eek i just swallowed my bubblegum,
will it work out?
let me call the psychic hotline ,
let me mop up the blood
and hide the yellow crime scene tape
oh gosh
come on in
Jan 17 · 11
In a Blue Movie Red
zebra Jan 17
In a Blue Movie Red
tenderness creaks
in a sea of cracked mirrors

i don't want beauty
but skin and blood
raw meat curtains
her spitting froth
her will to suffer
for a sadist
In bloodshot nights
gagging the root of me
a party mouth surprise

winking meat strawberries
my carnivorous tongue
crawls down on mossy cleft

mommy long legs
heaves wet *******
exposing  a starved vertical smile
drooling runny yolks
for jumping Mexican bean *****

i linger over swathed feet
and slave anklets
while Ave Satanas
play rites of black mass
at death fest
beating earthquake ears
cutting through meridians
of moral code
as the whole world
runs for its life

derelict ***** in a blizzard
has a suicide ******
and jumps out a window in flames
staring agog
her toothpick eyes pimple up
swallowing my face

the snow still shaking
her tongue like kitty bits
hiss a scarlet thread

crimson asphalt and coke white
cascades a shadow
in a blue movie red
Jan 3 · 91
Black Virgin
zebra Jan 3
genetic archive
tantric goddess
**** bomb
black ***** blond thing

Atlantean garden
like the path of smoke
yielding a dark momentum

licking orifice
lamp of faith
between my legs
Witch Bird
my **** the gum she pops

immersion lust of hell
flicker amulets of Arabian knights
evoke venom of the black sun
****** of blood sacrifice
in astral's before creation
B movie cyclops eats girl

a subjective synthesis
walks through
the cloud of unknowing
in a twisted history
gypsy witch
wears the epithet like a mantle
drinking Coca-Cola

Romani belly dancers
twerk the Jambalaya
like acrobats
panting love spells
pumped up on diet pills and candy
like bullets in a ditch

black magick
rose cross and spooks

action at a distance
eating the colors on her fingers
her **** smells like insanity
drooling a lust riot

demons pogo stick
in hopscotch hell
and we all fall up
Dec 2019 · 145
zebra Dec 2019
hungry mouth
where thighs conjoin
like bells and finger cymbals

coiled spit snake shatters
and i swallow her ***, whole
up though accordion throat
kneeling slave in a smash face footopia

my spine bends
****** rings
*****'s gate
sublime fem Christ of ***
giving birth to ecstasy
a wreathe of tongues
like a thousand needles of heroine

her god a glistening cyclops
**** of immortality
ball ******* licking burglar
and mine this ****** wet oyster
drool tongue  
stained viper
a slithering felicity

animals devouring animals devouring animals
in a puddle of scarlet wounds
sublime *****
hungry for another ensanguining stab
gut punch puke ****
her ****** a crying torrent
***** trap
of wild hollow eyes
moon struck bomb
a blurred curve of desire
convulse sput patters
lunatic of lust
on the giddy brink
all tears and sweat

i erase myself  
for pom pom derrière
throat clutch gag
my tongue unwinds her
and the world drops dead
Dec 2019 · 111
Unknown Poet
zebra Dec 2019
Others, I am not the first,
Have willed more mischief than they durst:
If in the breathless night I too
Shiver now, 'tis nothing new.

More than I, if truth be told,
Have stood and sweated hot and cold
While in their veins, like ice and fire,
Fear contended with desire.
Dec 2019 · 205
zebra Dec 2019
perverse anarchies
within the well ordered hierarchies
nightmare cycle of contempt
America trembles
Dec 2019 · 126
Sorry Pies
zebra Dec 2019
I'm throwing sorry pies
Dec 2019 · 99
zebra Dec 2019
effulgent sun
in the cave golgatha
indifferent to the satanic beast religion
like all things here
the temple shreiks
prayers helpless,
wounded and anguished
with idol Christ figurines
​and pie high heavens
for loathing low minded sinners

parishioners expensive burden  
Eucharist and crucifix
a fictional lump of flesh
in a bloodless wafer
abacus of nothing
gut sad
in the deranged city
for gods sake
there is no God here.
A poem in the memory of the wonderful and great Christopher Hitchens
zebra Dec 2019
Under the advice of legal counsel I declare that the entire content of my filthy disgusting poems about *******, *******, smelly feet, tremulous flesh perspiration, bleeding, crying, screaming **** me to shreds; are for the purposes of bending minds and hearts towards becoming *** addicts, **** fiends, perverts or masturbatory worm gob entertainment ***** and that I do not vouch for the veracity of the content since I'm not in my right mind due to large amounts of amyloid plaque build up in my gerontological decrepitudinous brain that strangely pulsates the mind box sexuality of a disturbed twelve year old boy who likes to watch his teenage sister and her cheer leader pom pom pony tail crew in the shower while playing with himself. I in no way waive any and all of my rights as a free citizen of the world to any individual, group, agency, government or any other entity, and that the use of any content posted by me for any purpose other than personal entertainment, population paste, or creepy oyster droppings, is NOT granted, and furthermore that I reserve the right to hit on all your friends, write poems like scuzzy snake spray, and tell your mother if you're caught reading it or sitting at the computer for hours with a jumbo tube of KY spaffing throat yogurt, protein shakes, bath tub bubbles with bloodshot bulging eyes and saliva drool squiggles down Sally sloppy lips

Shove it where you love it
Dec 2019 · 219
Lady Killer Marquis de Sade
zebra Dec 2019
Truth titillates the imagination far less than fiction.
Marquis de Sade
I'm a lady killer
sending her through
the mirror of life
like a kissing syringe
in a ******* blood ritual
with a long waiting list

eagerly she presents
instruments of dispatch
as she wanders into my mind
like a drugged eye ball
excited to be comforted by death

im making her wait
not meaning to be rude
stranded momentarily
with so much
filing, faxing, emailing, and calling
in this cathedral of the taboo
as i play with myself
fascinated by a soap opera suicide

ready to lose her self
in dizzying emancipation
from a wrapped throat 
in sparkling battery cables
and a tormented red mouth

tear glazed
for the apocalypse of her depraved lust
she caresses boa constrictor extremities
that turn her brain to froth
and lips numb

stroking her hair
she dampens at the sight
of rust tarnished daggers
and a black fanged skull
enticing swinging hips
and open legs

in the mood to bleed
a tantalizing appetite wetter
****** hors d'oeuvre served up
like a crimson scar through snow

she whispers
how wet you make me
a sponge drenched moon
while we have another coffee
and tippy toe leg show
flaunting her nails
painted a different color
like xylophone chromes

she *****-ishly fingers
the inside of her mouth
and between moistened thighs
while i finish the therapy reports
of blow by blow depravities

after watching
Dark Corners Crazy ***** Films
she says
"Stupid girl.
The moment the ziptie would tighten around my neck
i would take my shirt and ******* off
and go *******
in front of a mirror
so i can enjoy the final moments"

i dress her
in a fashionista silver skeleton bra
stained *******
silk stockings
and the body bag
she so lovingly sewed together
between finger *****
as if having already climbed inside

let me know your favorite room
"bathrooms are hot" 

head first please
and leave my *** out to be admired
for a state funeral *******

she was enveloped
a blood stained **** dummy
in reverie
with a vacant grace,
and red oozy kisses
for a mob of *****
at the Gates of *****

begging for savage death rites
knowing how pretty her pose
with outstretched toes
on a black palanquin
she floats on tropical hemic Vaseline
do you like me
like this
like that
**** up banana split
with a blood cherry yoni
and a spoon of gruyere
lick butter

look into my peepers
kiss me tenderly
lose control of your
wet viscous
whiping saliva tongue

then i perforate
the ******
pierce the ****
open the intestine
she quivers
and spreads
like Peking duck

ransacking the brain
editing the history
from grave to spirt box
she thundered like the burning bush
and cummed glowing roses

your sick disgusting *******
are a sacrifice
*** is a  nexus of all things and not just the public version of it but those aspects of it that are beyond the language of the concrete
*** plays out in all aspects of life to include history, epistemology, cultural norms and taboos, racism, politics, religion, social engineering,  art, issues of gender, and all human relations
We are all watching ****.
Why should poetry be exempt, why shouldn't it shock and usurp the charade? Why shouldn't poetry bomb and smash the temples of  normalcy, when so few of us are in actuality normal and finally catch up to the irreducible paraphiliac  myriad of ecstatic distortions and erotomania
What has shaped human history more than the power of lust and death?
zebra Dec 2019
a not so secret organization
of blowers and blowees
that attend on an annual basis

a church of lust
for those who have
passed the first blush
of wafting perfumed hair
and perfection of form
in the breach

for those among us who have
seen the gain of 40 lbs.
and seduced
into hard marriages
that ended in cold shoulder
Christian crotches
like frozen tundra's of dead fish

scholars of life cycles
like blotch Rorschach art prints
and written **** novellas
we who want to live it up
like a bucket list
a **** it list
and **** **** ****
it good fist
passed the myth of the ridiculous
school mom morality

gird your *****
and dont talk to boys

who feel life running out
like sand between their fingers

oh god
one last sweet wet mouth
wrapped around
a throbbing goodbye squirt
and those oral angels
who live and love to swallow
with a cherry cheek smile

thank god
for the international ******* society
Nov 2019 · 198
zebra Nov 2019
the church

stone palace of rigidity and grief
do Satan's work

wheel house
lecherous priests
for crowds of power
algorithm of spiritual disaster
in an industry of lies

wet willie lick strokes
mangina ******
rituals of obedience
by **** angels
for old aeons corpse

the black robe
signifier of deceit and confusion
fits like a gothic tent
on a married daughter
"nice dress honey"

humiliators of genitals
stammer a commerce of servitude
and self doubt
for a vacant god

with out the life force of eroticism
guilt ****
creativity abandoned
and flowers bench press the cross
to failure
in hierarchies of shame

the bejeweled divine
huddle in darkness
pimping hallows
with the pride of the devil
for gold lame fashion and cute décor
paid for by mortified parishioner's
while **** wagging wives of God
preach celibacy
Nov 2019 · 359
Shambles: A History Of Art
zebra Nov 2019
Broke Artists break
looking at the art
of the rich and famous

you know
the worthy
the up town crowd

and thats the art history
you never hear about.
Nov 2019 · 162
zebra Nov 2019
Ive been straight all my life
but then you
you shot me
with your eye ball
blue river bullets
like a double barrel pistol
my heart and groin the target
all flutter eyelids
a catastrophic wound
crumbling a male mystique

girl boy smells of lavender
needs her daddy

and big adolescent eyes say
desperate gurl
hold me
danger danger
**** me

im drowning
in your pretty *** eyes
doing gender

imagine that
swallowing me
swallowing you
with wrap around kisses
being born
zebra Nov 2019
Feet (Pisces) and death (Pluto) remain central to in born necro romantic impulses at the point of birth for certain souls.
Pisces rules the feet and it is classically speaking placed in the 12th house of loss isolation, slavery and spirit.

prepare for death
arms wide like a big hug
bend down low

a spreading wide ritual of slow submission
to better beg with kisses grotesque
as her jaw juts upwards

glassy eyed pupils posses me

i kiss the curving bottoms
of her tender feet
and lovely beaten skin
wrapped in cotton gauze
to sop the blood
shed like rip tides

puncturing  just to
watch the trembling

​scream my love
like charred dolls
in ribbon red molasses
how tender and desperate
as hemic tears
fall like prayers down
pink tremulous arches

i break you my darling
gashed pierced and scummed
with a vice of knives and strangling wire
till you give way
marrow and brick

my brave girl
in swaddled jack knife stockings
to the shapless groves
in a garland of lust
insane for the  destination
of glistening cocked Pharos

her lust
a moon struck gush
in a wind of spinning
fog and blood
Nov 2019 · 149
Find Someone
zebra Nov 2019
"Find someone who is proud to have you, scared to lose you, fights for you, appreciates you, respects you, cares for you, and loves you unconditionally"....
But what if they dont turn you on?

"Maybe if I start telling people their brain is an app they'll start using it."
Nov 2019 · 267
The Loneness Machine
zebra Nov 2019
just a naked light bulb
with the swimming shadow i cast

slushy brained
with a ****** iota of a heart
driven by the loneness machine
that keeps me company

modernity grows black metal teeth
nothing quite works anymore
except the inflexibility of algorithm's

they are my slave
and I do what they say

my upload is down loading
to a disappearing file
marked nervous breakdown
on a blinking screen of high velocity electrons
apocalypse of endless virtual hysteria
in a spectrum of LiteBrite

my wife screams vomitus epithets
at the computer
every ****** day
***** **** stupid ***

on the other hand
i dont need to navigate
the complexity of human relationship's
any more

i like my new virtual girlfriends
shes pregnant ***** and *******
with her lesbian friends
playing in a barrel of lubed ******
and **** thingamajigs
preggo, and *****,
having *******
licking edable *** beads
with her best friends
Hypno girl
Kink Ya
LiL Red
Toxic Candy
Slutty Bunny
**** Bait Bon Bon

a cabal of delicate feminine monsters
sub's and dom's
like a garnish of pimentos
red fire kimchee ****
and sweet butter pickles

i'm just a man getting on with life
driven by the loneness machine that keeps me company
Oct 2019 · 161
Human Beauty
zebra Oct 2019
when i am huddled
in glooms dark corner
there is a human beauty
in being devastated by ****** impulses

Other's, those objects of desire
are like fiends of an uncertain music
that turn the heart into a stammering blush

I sniff the scent of flesh labyrinths and causeways
glitter toes and derrières
pom pom pie and brazen limbs

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
I want to **** them all
Sep 2019 · 507
zebra Sep 2019
a gaudy toxic tapestry
of filthy lies

dogma and tribalism
on parade as
Sep 2019 · 293
A Poem
zebra Sep 2019
A poem
a strategy of concealment
about epic development

a war between love and artifice
inflections and innuendo
imagining a fiction
or the absence of imagination
as in shed or replaced
a truth woven from reality and fiction
strangely mixed
like a wild flute song
and the distinct glitter
of floating perfume
zebra Aug 2019
i'm unwinding my head
honey moon belly
******* carnivorous lozenges
falling in love with glazed
eye ball devils
hypnotic stare

a tunnel of fiendish odysseys

blood drooling eel
vomits gush white
daddy long leg threads
in honeys wet cage
to wither
writhing spit hot
in fat muscle and bone
head first
like a mindless falcon
after scattered mice

i feel her teeth tearing
syringes of ecstasy
ransacking swollen motion spirals
and ***** like bronz buckaroos
at a fancy pool party
crimson *** macabre
****** roast bon bon fire

licking her lump of desire
a rousing boogyman sermon
speaks in incinerating tongues
swallowing a hideous parfait

**** growl
girl squat
**** ****
mint julip throat
choke symphony
abducting lascivious pollinated gulps

take me in like reckless bull sap
through your red
dada warp land
pit of the brain
undulant flesh landscape
of shapeless ovule spume
mouthing night blows

Incised flagellation's
devour buffet spread maiden derelict
arched and trembling
drunk and drugged
like a buttermilk sky
groaning hysterical
in feral muck stained beds 
of puce and slime ochre pigments 

stunned umbra
a famished
deep veined jutting peninsula
longing for princess ***** dynasties
with vast thighs radiating inferno hearths
and rolling hill **** hieroglyphics
decipher rug pugilist lap songs

my goddess i long for your
bruised fruit
crawling like the dead of night
on pitch vanta shadows
where love becomes a savage
**** manga anime
Aug 2019 · 361
Look Into My Eyes
zebra Aug 2019
dissolute neo transgressive
a fantasy lauded libertine
self mythologizer
writing ugly comments
on corrosive voids like black outs
broken verses sounded out
in mangled staccato
needing rearranged horizons
like olives without pimentos
and skies cobbled from
thatched metal bones
in moonless poems
with no dream life

words repeated
I, The, A, Dah

no naked glimpses
no clawing
not even a drop of blood to whiff
and already cauterized
anemic-scapes of thorn-less rosettes
emptied of black tongued gimps
and tattooed ******
no Lilliputians
swimming in marsh swamps
and no snarling brays

there are mouths to fill
with pounding gristle
and ears to bleed
like pull apart flake strudel
that squeal rapturously
shedding seas
of gagging exorcisms  

widen your thighs
look into my eyes
Aug 2019 · 533
zebra Aug 2019
diaphanous girl
a headless masquerade
her black lipstick and shivering pearls
giggle like earthquake chandeliers

festooned  buttocks
curves a lyrical hell of desire

pocket eyes
dead suns  
yield vacant split azure vault
a fetish horror  
zoomorphic and decapitated

a thrilled non compos mentis
her mouth widens
like a line turning into a circle
turning into a jagged city
of twining red wet mayhem

fish head stare
and toothy kisses
on red abdomen posy hook
jutting her spine for sadistic fires
she rolls her velvet thighs
a wrench
and twitch
a mad headless lunar sputnik
circumambulates spit tongue sputum

she is the eye in the sky of eternal night
her spirit impaled upon
torrential mountain libidos
impaled on a wild life park of *****

wet ******* a basket of skulls
she nestled
her depraved tilted crown
lilting onto the stained guillotine

saying come on
i can hardly wait to get started
make me the ghastly queen
goddess of the witching hour
bone blood
and black glitter dead of night
guillotine fetish
Aug 2019 · 925
zebra Aug 2019
she kneels in a fire place
******* off a midnight entity
of deformed shadows
and hinged erections

rickety tickety tin
sang clutching muffin
in Neolithic fires
tinker toy femurs *** deep

a dark heaven chants
**** ghosts and gorgons
while sea witches and dwindling waves
like goat steps
edge twilight princess

Zex depraved lord
and lick my lips
crucify her spread wide
coiling vacant maidens
yielding angel hemic tides
in rituals of *******
skinned on scarlet pavement

as she is dragged
on her knees
where moaning thighs perch
on nailed sticks
and invisible doors burn
she communes with oracles of lust
that incinerate rafts of solitude
windows slam shut
like shuddering robes of thunder

and a headless god
pours her glistening tears
over his arterial bludgeon

resurrection of eros
in the Golgotha
of swarming incubi

she called to hell
i am prey
zebra Aug 2019
Under the advice of legal counsel I declare that the entire content of my filthy disgusting poems about *******, *******, smelly feet, tremulous flesh perspiration, bleeding, crying, screaming **** me to shreds; are for  the purposes of bending minds and hearts towards becoming a *** addict, **** fiend, pervert or masturbatory worm gob entertainment **** and that I do not vouch for the veracity of the content; since I'm not my right mind due to large amounts of amyloid plaque build up in my gerontological decrepitudinous brain that strangely pulsates the mind box sexuality of a disturbed twelve year old boy who likes to watch his teenage sister and her cheer leader pom pom pony tail crew in the shower while playing with himself. I in no way waive any and all of my rights as a free citizen of the world to any individual, group, agency, government or any other entity, and that the use of any content posted by me for any purpose other than personal entertainment, population paste, or creepy oyster droppings, is NOT granted, and furthermore that I reserve the right to hit on all your friends, write poems like scuzzy snake spray, and tell your mother if you're caught reading it or sitting at the computer for hours with a jumbo tube of KY spaffing throat yogurt, protein shakes, bath tub bubbles with bloodshot bulging eyes and saliva drool squiggles down Sally sloppy lips

Shove it where you love it
Jul 2019 · 422
**Asshole...The Poem
zebra Jul 2019
she moves her mouth
wet lip chatter and eating
it makes me think
of her pinkish ****** lips
and her tender warm cheeked ******
urethral delicate opening
the **** eye
her pipsqueak fig staring

a dark vulnerable miasma
it is the shape of gods 3rd eye

a material correspondence
to the heavens
not the sky that whistles through canyons
but the astral worlds of angelic's
a thanksgiving feast
of rebuked back door paradise
a glistening hemic muscle
vomiting stormy air
for my throbbing nightingale protuberance.

as it swells imperious *****
and raptures tight waving spasm's
from long smooth canoe strokes
squirting succotash and tadpoles
into her velvet
banana booth
chapel of ****

and greedy ache
smothers gloriously
this melodic snake
in her one eyed doll head

she smiles
i need it in the ***

and i asked
as it winked a drivel

dark floret  
do you love me?
Jul 2019 · 226
zebra Jul 2019
come towards the bed
winged loneliness

her thighs
arches to the garden
a purple mouth flower
with pink steps and tears
for a priestly *****

this crying queen
whispers flimsy secrets that gnaw
that gnaw like malignity's orphan hood

her hips
a wigwam sanctuary
coagulations of crossed paths
fantastwatia - child of Aphrodite
stiff with threads of milk
like vast groaning plumage

and a soft kiss cantata
aborts sorrows
with red **** hammers
and acetylene ejaculations

butter fingered ******
point to heavens
silver eyed wet mouthed harlots
taste pumpkin cake
teeth white marble
*** spit

biting her blood crowded shadows
bikini trim hangs
from timber thighs
***** and mouths
rushing ambulances
for a **** emergency
to orchid ***** aviaries  

split grape gape
and sugar red throat tongue dance
with a smiling swallow
drooling mourning flower
and the violence of desire
like leviathan intestines
that drown the sun
Jul 2019 · 140
Stich Mouth
zebra Jul 2019
thumb twiddlers
we write from hunger

chirping birds
stich mouth chirr
pay attention to me

every poem
a song of need
a murky spray
in zebra tights
hugging the contours of an ***
stand in's and cut outs
that call please look

poetic butts
like fish in *** holes
groaning props
in brawling whipped air
swampy arms
in a sea of desire
that move like dumb clouds
from one chaotic ocean
to another
cups of sea secrets
holograms of wet furniture
ready to evaporate
like the scent of old roses

no one hears us
while rapturing on
like broken ***** humming birds

we write poems
sleeves of mental illness
like voluptuous women
corpse blossoms naked
fire the night
for poems that rattle windows
in a palace of splintered glass
drunk on tangled limbs
and pools of fake blood
Jul 2019 · 135
Trailer Trash
zebra Jul 2019
***** rot
**** queen hot
pale face and freckles

loves wonder bread
mountain dew
sugar flake
and miracle whip

you'd see me baring gifts

there's always a line out her door
blow jobs $14.95
This is America
you gotta do what you gotta do
Jul 2019 · 533
zebra Jul 2019
Jul 2019 · 1.0k
Black Eyed Venus
zebra Jul 2019
black eyed Venus
your lascivious confessions
a voice of thorns
made the priest *******
and for seconds he felt close to his god

i burn for you on this
iron jawed fire escape
crying on your thighs
as if landing on a dream
like a canon
that could take out the moon

feel me fickled fingers
I am potters clay
prom queen
*** goddess
luminous dusty winds
of the miraculous

everything is about death
even being born
clouds like asphalt flowers
and ancient monks

her mouth
wet like peaches and syrup
her beauty
an arrow in my throat
and the moon claims the light

i consume you a thousand times
before i die by your hand
oh so willing
tired of living in this dead house
of harsh destiny
palanquin of lust and blood
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