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Oct 2017
I wonder why
I lived from the moment I knew you.
When you become more of you,
I become more of me
Since we are a part of each other,
Even if we were born separated.
You may be there
And I may be here;
But if you weren't there
I wouldn't be able to define where I would be.
I will never stop longing for you;
How can I, with this string between us
Feeling so short
That you've pulled me closer
With just your little finger?
Yet it is never enough
As the void widens every time night falls alone;
Still, along with my heart.
We will touch,
No matter how far or long it takes:
When the moon completes;
When the clock hands meet;
When the rain freezes in heat.
Do you understand?
Maybe you don't,
But you do in a parallel world.
It is that I can only exist
When I know that you do.

To wjh: to be.

Inspired by and a reply to the lyrics of SVT's Jun & The8's MY I.
Written by
Lunar  24/seaside soul
(24/seaside soul)   
       vanessa ann, ryn, Dazed Dreaming, Born, Lunar and 1 other
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