Aug 2017
Building up tension
Knocking it down.
Pins are quiet
We’re making sound.

Smile or frown.
Swaying and focused
Upside down.

Lip gloss stains
On the wall.
Aches and pain
Break your fall.

Laughter outside
Playing games.
Going inside
When it rains.

Do or die
Next to you.
I’d rather be
Till we’re through.

Lip gloss stains
On the wall.
Aches and pains
Break your fall.

Lip gloss stains
On my shirt.
Bruises bloom
Barely hurt.

You’re fine
You’re prime
You’re mine

You’re fine
You’re prime
I’m yours
For shores.

Long hair
Short hair
Don’t care
Don’t spare

Long hair
Short hair

Lip gloss stains
Post-night pains.

29th July 2017
I wrote this while imaging hooking up with the type of woman who excites me (masculine, as my sexuality is androphilic and means I only experience sexual attraction to those who dress and/or behave in a masculine way) :)
I hope you enjoy reading this, sorry that there isn't a short version :(
Adrian Newman
Written by
Adrian Newman  19/Non-binary/Australia
     Cné, Seema, Graff1980, alan, Melissa S and 4 others
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