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Jun 2017
i cant help but think
that right now,
somewhere in the world,
someone is listening to the same
song i am listening to,
someone is also reading the same
book i am reading,
someone is feeling the same
sadness that i am feeling.
but i like to think that i am the only
person who feels this way right now.
it's strange,
how big this universe is
but you were the only person who made it
feel as small as a classroom
when you looked at me for the first time
and thought that i was pretty.
it's terrifying,
how salt looks like sugar
or how satellites look like shooting stars.
these lies are so natural
but i never really understood the art of hurting people
so i created a lie that seemed so natural
so that i can leave you
with dreams and wishes we made together
for someone who never really understood me.
it's heartbreaking,
how in love i am with you
even though you are no longer mine
and will never be mine again.
and i cant stop thinking and talking
about you
even though we are miles apart.
i dont even know where you are.
i cant help but think where you are
and if you're happy.
but the thought of you being happy
is enough for me to live another day,
less sad than yesterday.
my love,
i hope you are happy.
and he is.
Written by
jay  F/chicago
       w, Maggie, kaye, Taltoy and ---
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