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Jun 2017
The mind of an insomniac Is
It's restless,always searching for more
It's mouth is always filled with a dark and bitter liquid
Igniting every nerve ending
Bringing them to life

It's bitter taste soothes
Flowing warmth into bodies
Bringing corpses to life
Our very own frankenstien

The life of an insomniac
Is only thinking of previous smiles
As sleepless nights take a tole on the body

The eyes of an insomniac
are always cloudy
Filled with memories and lost thoughts

This is insomnia
It's bittersweet

It whispers sultry words into your ear
Making you believe sinful lies
All the while it's slowly killing you
It wears away ones body and soul

You can't close your eyes for a second
For you are the sailor
And insomnia is the siren
Dragging you deeper to your death
All the while you have a happy little smile of your face .
Just something I thought of .
Written by
Shadowhollow  16/F/England
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