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Jun 2017
My mind is so twisted and wild
It leaps and bounds
Violence is everywhere
Its the music in the air
It sings softly and sweet
And keeps my hands folded ever so neat
It makes me laugh out loud
And makes me cry with my head in the cloud
It keeps me from going insane
Funny how it can bring so much pain
But to me its a comfort
As is this rhyme
Some day you will understand, love
All in good time
One day you will die
And then you will see
That it is not i
Who has lost my mind
But the rest of the world who kills the innocent to solve our problems
Im just the one brave enough to say
What their actions have already spoken so well.
I don't normally get into politics but all this killing iv been seeing on the news makes me really sad and i dont like how everyone seems to be defending the killing of innocent lives no matter what the reason and no matter who else is killed i dont see how killing people helps solve things, idk much about politics or anything really, i just know i hate seeing death constantly on the news and everyone seems to be so ok with it and even saying its good, and its bery depressing
Poetry of the unstable
Written by
Poetry of the unstable  20/F/Nashville
   rose and alex
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