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Feb 2017
No matter what, I won't let go of you.
You make my winters warm and my summers so memorable.
The second I hear you speak to me
I scurry for a pen and let you out through the ink on the sheets.
Already written on the walls inside my head,
I let you out so that I may not be so stressed.
You're therapy, the air I breathe; they'll always hear you when I speak.
You're like calm waters for a heart that's filled up with raging seas,
and that's how we connect, the magnetism so deep that I let you do the pulling as I let the pen bleed.
There's no difference between this blood and ink, within both life is carried.
So when the flow stops don't burry me, burn me along with my word's
and throw my ashes into a swift wind,
So I can be heard across the universe, and speak to those whose inner worlds are listening.
Apollo Hayden
Written by
Apollo Hayden
   ---, Louise, Glass, Shawn B and DivineDao
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