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Jan 2017
As the fate of the world grows, darker by the hour.
I must ask myself.

Are the men, whom stood by me in times of peace
Allies in a time of War.

Is Ignorance their New Master, which robs a free thought.

Will they oppose me, during each battle, as Freedom gasp for air.

How much longer can I pretend, that these are good people, with evil thoughts.

I'm over this delusion that they truly care, as I'm one in millions.

A sea of suffering for which they don't cast me with the lot.

But all the while I see, people like me, caught in the raging tide of injustice.

I must cut the line, join chorus of dismay, and rebel and rebel and rebel.

No man can claim to care for me, while brothers and sisters painted just the same are afterthoughts.

For I am, as I always will be, an extension of all people lashed with Death's whip of inequality.
Devin Ortiz
Written by
Devin Ortiz  USA
   Little Bird and Glass
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