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Dec 2016
My black hole theory is not profound
I just want what is lost to someday be found
I have a theory there are many series of black holes
somehow linked to the big one
They all have their own gravitational pull
They seem to have an innate hunger for whatever is shiny or new
They seem to **** it all in like of vacuum taking it away from me maybe even from you
There used to be some sort of portal through my couch , to try to stop it I removed the couch from my house
A strange thing happened it is all true, stuff started disappearing from my purse especially anything shiny or new
That can be very problematic if you are at the store and reach in your purse to pay the teller and all your change is gone, no more to be seen
It made me feel like crying, or maybe scream
The logical person that I try to be thought there must be an explanation, so I emptied out the contents of my purse in the store's bathroom,  I carefully checked the purse lining for any holes
I found no holes and none of my change too, I just had picked up a new roll of quarters from the bank and that was gone too.
Henceforth, I was quite perplexed when I pondered upon what happened next. I washed clothes and then dried them and took them out to fold them and put them away just like any day. I just can’t understand why I end up with so many mismatched pairs of socks. Then I had a possible revelation many there is a black hole, or perhaps even a vortex that one of each pair of socks gets ****** through. I still feel a bit blue about my socks missing their perfect mate. I confess I also did not like to lose one of the socks of my favorite pair with a picture of an M&M; along with the saying “Who’s Your Candy”, maybe it seemed too irresistible to resist. If it happened in a science fiction movie maybe some guy would exclaim “Beam me up the M&M; socks”.( I seem to lose one of them each time I dry them). The curious thing is the holes left in the mismatched socks that were left behind.
I  pondered the situation later that day and thought of my little black hole theory , the little black holes somehow linked to The ******* Hole and ******* my stuff in, I know I am no scientist, but if someday The Black Hole lost its gravitational pull, and my stuff and maybe other people's else's stuff to started raining down,  perhaps my theory would take hold in the scientific community and hold some ground, or maybe Inquiring Minds, will want to know of my theory.  That is not what matters most of all to me ,theory or no theory, I just want all my lost stuff to be found.
Ann M Johnson
Written by
Ann M Johnson  Minnesota ( A Small Pop?)
(Minnesota ( A Small Pop?))   
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