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Oct 2016 · 2.9k
Ambitious Man
justchynaa Oct 2016
I see a man who still dreams
And a man who aspires to be better than the man he was the day before
So Ambitious Man, how are you?
A mentally strong being who is the voice for others
That only he can gather the ears of his sisters & brothers
The power is within him but that ambitious man can not see
Because those small failures that set him back
Have him to believe he's weak
But ambitious man, can't you see?
The drive that you possess is what defines you as a king
And a king is a unique male being that many men desire to be
But lack the ambition and productivity that you so effortlessly own
In result, you are a king that sits upon the throne
So Ambitious Man, how are you now?
Knowing that your ambition & your drive is what won you the crown.
Jan 2016 · 936
justchynaa Jan 2016
With time everything suppose to get better
So why is it that I keep writing to you my "last" love letter
Confessing my love and burying the hate
But constantly I hear that me loving you is too late
Wanting to hate the person that you've become
But I can't find hate in my heart for the one I love
It's crazy how you have changed
Into a person who doesn't even deserve to be called your name
So I'll call you stranger cause thats what you are to me
I don't recognize this person you're wanting to be
You were once my perfect 10 but now you're what I hate to see
Your golden heart and personality was what drew me near
But now this anger and disrespect is what I fear
I hope you come back one day cause this person I can't bare to see
I fell outta love with you
Cause you changed & fell outta love with me
Jan 2016 · 588
In Love
justchynaa Jan 2016
Fell in love once but never again
When that person left they took my heart from within
Falling in love with them was a feeling I can't explain
Falling in love them was the sweetest pain
Falling in love with them bought me joy and happiness
Falling in love with them bought me pain and tears
Falling in love with them was something I never expected
But ****, I'd do it all again and focus on the parts of their love I neglected
Cause falling in love happens rarely
But I'll voluntarily give my love to you to fall for again
Cause falling in love bought more good than bad
But one couldn't forget the other ones past so falling in love was outta the question
But somehow I still fell in love with you
The dumbest yet smartest thing I could ever do
And if I had the chance to fall in love again
Id still pick you because cause to me our
love was the perfect 10
Jan 2016 · 547
No Secret
justchynaa Jan 2016
Theres no secret to how i feel
The love that i hold in my heart for you is beyond real
But i get the sense that to you its all a game
You aim to be relevant with no relevance to the words you say
Not realizing that all you do & say is just a game
False hope is a ***** and frankly i dont wanna know her
Tell me whats real or say nothing at all and leave it to fate
I owe you the space to grow and change for the better
So later on in life if God brings us together
Everything will run smooth
Nomore searching for understanding or opportunities to be heard
Cause when its all said and done actions speak louder than words
Theres no secret to how I feel
The love that I have for you is unreal
But when the time is right and you've realized your growth
Maybe we can give this love another go.
Jan 2016 · 612
A Message To You
justchynaa Jan 2016
They say with time things get better
But in this case that isn't true
Because this time away from you
Showed me I couldn't live a life without you
I tried to erase you and like a fly you just came back
I tried to forget the love I had for you
But no amount of time could change that
See I love you and I still care for you
These are all things you should know
I talk about you and think about you as if you're still mines and not hers
It saddens me to know how our love story ended
But if that love is real, then really our love story is still pending
Its just hard to think that you're over me and I'm not over you
I just want my baby back thats all
At this point I have nothing else to lose
A message to you from me, the girl you use to love
Im still in love with you today as I was before
Cause not even my broken heart can forget how it feels to love.
Jan 2016 · 5.2k
justchynaa Jan 2016
You misunderstood me
While I tried to understand you
I understood the games you played on me
But you misunderstood when the game was played on you
See I tried to understand that with love comes pain
But you misunderstood my love and thought it was all a game
You couldn't understand me the way I understood you
You ain't understand the love I gave was genuinely true
So instead you left cause you were so misunderstood and too lazy to try
To understand my love for you so you drowned yourself in your lies
Saying I hated you and I never loved you
Tried to convince yourself I didn't care
You became so misunderstood of me and tried to believe I was the person you made up in your head
All along you yearned for understanding and understanding is what I gave
You convinced me that our love was understood so it didn't need to be explained
In this misunderstood state of mind with these misunderstood thoughts
I wonder if you understood my love for you
Or were you just so misunderstood that you never even gave love a thought...
Jan 2016 · 751
Happy Place
justchynaa Jan 2016
I close my eyes & go to my happy place
And in that place there was me & you
But when I open my eyes and come to reality
I no longer see you standing there smiling at me
In you is where I found my happiness
Felt like all my dreams had came true
But when you left you took my happiness
And all my hopes and dreams fell through
My happy place became vacant of you
Thus making life harder to follow through
But one day alone in my room I thought to myself I could be happy without you
From my mind you faded more and more
The thought of emotions fading hurt me to the core
But I knew this is what I had to do in order to be happy without you
My love for you will never fade
But being in love with you was something that changed
I could say your name now and not cry
This is the most I've ever felt alive
I close my eyes & go to my happy place
And in that place is me
Living life to the fullest and finding happiness within me
I smile more and laugh more and its not cause of you
But cause I learned to look for happiness in me
Instead of happiness within you.
Jan 2016 · 2.7k
Seasons Change
justchynaa Jan 2016
Love is like the seasons that come every year
We enjoy them dearly when they are here
But seasons change and love does too
But who would've thought your love would leave me
When those fall leaves fell from the trees
Who would've thought this would be my coldest winter because you aren't here with me
Who would've thought those spring rainfalls
would wash away those feelings you use to have
Who would've thought that summer wind would blow you past
Me I was the one you were in love with
But like a heat wave in the month of June
The Sun dried your love up for me too soon
3 1/2 years and what I assumed forever left
Changed so quickly like the seasons in the year
Now those spring raindrops are my tears
Now those cold winters are the coolness of my heart
And the leaves that fall from the trees are
the pieces of my heart
The seasons change and your feelings did too
Why can't you be in love with just as I am with you
I hope when the seasons change again that your feelings do too
Because I can't go through another change of seasons
Without enjoying the weather with you.

— The End —