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Sep 2016
You are my ocean,
Full of life and patience,
From all the fishes in the sea,
You are the one that feeds me.

You are my mountain,
Sturdier than any craven,
From above you watched over me,
Keeping me safe from my killing spree.

You are my sky,
Your vast kindness covers the azure high,
Soaring through the air with your white wings,
Healing and nurturing every of my being.

You are my inferno,
Your voice gives me courage for the morrow,
Burning passion fills your eyes,
Chasing after your dreams for miles.

You are my friend,
Always by my side till the end,
I won't like to see you alone,
So lets bump fists our friendship do regrow.
A poem dedicated to whom I admire.
Discordia Huevo
Written by
Discordia Huevo  Malaysia
         claudia, ashley m, Mako, AidaDonn, WoodsWanderer and 12 others
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