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Discordia Huevo Mar 2019
Under the starlight I lie in bed,
Remembering the smile you had today,
Looking for the words in my head,
To describe that beauty which never fades.

Above the moonlight I gaze in bed,
Listening to your laughter again today,
As the voice thread closer to my end,
I wish upon the night for you to stay.

Flying across the raven sky,
The memories that were once painful,
The angel that gave me a heavy sigh,
His radiance soft and warm like sheep's wool.

I'm lonely on nights the star fall,
Familiar feelings in me again brew,
And on these nights I tell the wall,
"Good night Danial, I love you".
Discordia Huevo Sep 2018
Rays of light as the sun shines,
Kronos, long since awake for a glass of wine,
Knocks on the door echoes through the wood,
And there Bowen the bear stood.

"Good morning", Kronos cheered,
"To the forest!", Bowen endeared,
"What are we gonna do if I may ask?"
"To look for treasure will be our task!"

'This is my chance to seek Earth's treasure', Kronos thought,
Together they enter the forest without fraught,
The forest glow in vibrant green,
But not until they met an odd machine.
Discordia Huevo Nov 2016
"Good evening lad", jeered the bear,
"What brought you to my chair?",
"To unwind from my fatigues", Kronos replied,
"Care to sacrifice some of your time?"

"You may call me Kronos, wandering spare",
"Names Bowen, Bowen the bear",
"Stories of my travels would you hear?",
"Sure, whatever, I'm all ears."

Kronos and Bowen chattered through the night,
Tales of Kronos' flights and Bowen's fights,
Both shook, brass and paw,
Agreed to meet on the next dawn.
Discordia Huevo Oct 2016
A tiny civilization hidden in the trees,
The critters gave Kronos a little tease,
In our land he found a place to stay,
" I'll stay here a while ", he says.

Feral the fox governs this home,
He invites Kronos to his cave in friendly tone,
Around the little town Kronos toured,
As dusk calls, the critters gathered at The Great Tree's floor.

A little festival to celebrate the day,
The critters danced around and play,
After singing songs, Kronos took a break,
There at his seat is where love is in his wake.
Discordia Huevo Sep 2016
Into a vibrant green jungle it lands,
Right towards Mother Nature's hand,
Though he lost the ability to move as he please,
He wondered, what a beautiful place this is!

Chirping birds sing across the woods,
The river flows along The Great Tree's roots,
Rustling brushes became the first epoch,
Here he met a new friend, Feral the fox.

Feral, fur like golden sunset,
He who hides not into his own silhouette,
He asked the hourglass for his name,
And invited him into his domain.
Discordia Huevo Sep 2016
Once upon a time,
A single star shone with pride,
Its light let our moments flow,
He is Kronos, our time's soul.

One day destruction fell,
He bid his fellow stars farewell,
Towards our land he ventured,
To seek for Earth's treasure.

The stratosphere's power he does not know,
Losing his body but not his soul,
Flames blazed his remains forming brass,
Into what we call an hourglass.
A short story working in progress. This is the tale of the God of Time reformed into  an hourglass and traverse our land. Hope you'll enjoy ^_^

Title "La Kronos Huevo" means The Egg of Chronos.
Discordia Huevo Sep 2016
You are my ocean,
Full of life and patience,
From all the fishes in the sea,
You are the one that feeds me.

You are my mountain,
Sturdier than any craven,
From above you watched over me,
Keeping me safe from my killing spree.

You are my sky,
Your vast kindness covers the azure high,
Soaring through the air with your white wings,
Healing and nurturing every of my being.

You are my inferno,
Your voice gives me courage for the morrow,
Burning passion fills your eyes,
Chasing after your dreams for miles.

You are my friend,
Always by my side till the end,
I won't like to see you alone,
So lets bump fists our friendship do regrow.
A poem dedicated to whom I admire.
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