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Mako May 2017
You want to disappear?
That's fine. I'll do it for you
The only difference between
you and me, though
Is that I won't come back
like you always do
If I disappear, it's for real
It's crazy, isn't it?
That the only real thing we can ever get
Is our end
  Mar 2017 Mako
Rachel Dyer
I fell in love today.
With a man I'd never met.
He had a power over me, what can I say?
Oh, he's a hero, don't you fret.
He is tall, and witty, and debonaire.
He saved me from the bandits with his flashing swordplay.
All the while the sun glinting on his hair.
Then he took me back to his castle on page 109.
When he crowned me there was so much applause the walls shook!
I cannot wait to see what happens on the next line,
because my lover and I are one on the pages of this book.
One of the many realities I have escaped to in my time.
Reading, a pleasant distraction that cultivates ones mind.
It is so deliciously good, pleasure at its prime.
The characters I've met have taught me how to love and hate, how to be cruel and to be kind.
I have won battles, and lost friends.
I have made love with Vikings, and danced with mermaids.
And it almost always makes me weep when a book ends.
Then it's back to the bookstore on one of my story raids.
I can't wait to slip between the pages.
The ink to my mind like silk to my skin.
There I will meet heroines, criminals, and sages.
Between each set of covers a new life will begin.
Flip the pages and inhale the drug.
the fine biblichor that sends my head spinning.
A fine way at the end of the day to unplug.
A new book, the best way to get me grinning.
  Mar 2017 Mako
Like a shining star in the black night sky
born to radiate happiness and smile
Like a drop of rain on a deserted mountain
created to spread hope and passion

Like the flowers in a verdant forest flow
Born to shine with all the grace and glow
Like the new morning brings new life
Created to beam with freedom and love

Like the beauty of nature at it's most serene
Born to spread peace and harmony
Like the rays of the sun brings warmth
Created to inspire and motivate

You too are created to inspire and live
With a soul of abundant beauty
  Mar 2017 Mako
Jack Savage
I want to breathe in
I want to speak
To your body
Like nobody else

I want to feel
I want to feed
Your Fire
Like nobody else

I saw the silhouette you left
Cast through my cigarette
As I said nothing
I felt all of it
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