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  Sep 23 Jim Musics
I earned your contempt just
because I did not march to your music.
You sentenced me to hell
because I did not sing with you.
You even questioned my social philosophy
and even my religious conviction.
I will not ever return the hate and the contempt.
But however many holy words you speak, read, write and believe; it is useless unless you value human service and kindness.

To teach, to help a stray animal, to smile and assist a stranger, to work for your family, to plant trees, to give to the needy—these activities do not need explanation about theology.
Every one of these just needs anyone of us,
as humans—to reach out, to give a lending hand,
to care and to believe in the existence of faith and humanity.

I had mistakes, wrong choices, troubles, failures, losses and fears in the past that taught me lessons and flared my passion
to seek spiritual guidance.
I went astray but I listened to my inner voice that helped me back on track.
I’d still probably be in the darkness had I not known how to cultivate my emotional side.
The guides, the path, the doors
will be different for all of us.
But a lot of our spiritual encounters happen in the ordinariness of our daily life.

My spiritual moments have not just happened when I closed my eyes.
They happened when I cuddled my kindergarten students in school and when I watched the water flows in the river
and the birds sing.
They continue to happen when I do long distance parenting and do  
my duty as a mother,
when I smile and greet my neighbors
and even when I admire colors everywhere.

The world has many colors my dear,
beautiful colors and I have the profoundest respect to even the bleakest and the lightless.
Let us be inspired by the plants who come together and thrive peacefully in a garden.
Let’s see beyond our beliefs and differences and embrace each other’s colors and uniqueness to add beauty to our existence.
My friend, the way we give the gifts of faith, humanity, kindness, friendship and love to the people around us is how we save the world.
This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.
Dalai Lama

It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui.
Helen Keller
  Sep 11 Jim Musics
Her eyes sparkled with delight
as she rambled in her yellow dress
woven by the sun.
She giggled as she began to ascend the narrow path to her fairyland.
She stopped to admire the wildflowers
starting to pop along her favorite trail.
She reached her destination
proudly with a smile.
The woods opened its arms wide
while the river embraced her tight.
She gazed at the red spider lilies scattered
on the ground.
She remembered what she read
about the equinox flowers in front of her.
The red blanket of color means death,
sadness and loss.
That thought suddenly turned the red color
to a tinge of nostalgia, separation and pain.
Then she looked closely at the gorgeous landscape.
With a fine day and a cool weather,
the thick grasses gladly held
the dancing fireballs.
She then realized that the bright red flowers beautifully blossomed after the rains.
They were proud warriors
who appeared from the underworld.
Tough and virtuous, they marched
and tried to reach the bluest sky.
The radiating blooms brought her peace, passion, tranquility and strength.
With the red spider lilies as nature’s enchanting signal that summer is coming to an end.
She let go of the grief and resentment.
The red flares set her free,
that life is just what it is meant to be.
She let go of the pain and sadness.
With love and faith, the red spider lilies marked the coming of her favorite season.
A promise of a new horizon and a testimony of joy after a raging storm.
~Autumn is my most favorite season!
Jim Musics Sep 10
The two Black-eyed Susans had endured a brutal, pelting rain
With winds that left them with no pollen
The bigger one tried to cover, with an embrace, the smaller, more abused one
I have a picture of them, together, after the storm
They are battered, but whole, stronger together

The grass is greener after the torrent
Deep, shiny green
Saturated with color
If feels as if it will never dry, never turn brown
The skies forever blue

The letter of recommendation; “Evergreen”
But of what value from a thief?
The age old pines that fall, invasive insect ravaged.
The hope that is easily evident in Spring
That struggles to endure in our Winter hearts

The brown patch where the flowers stood
Looks dead, barren, hopeless
Yet we know better, shall never forget
The little fliers will be waiting
To feast on those tiny dark florets
Inspired by Eloisa outlook
Jim Musics Jul 30
How many times will I be able to say it?

I'm not sure if I gain callouses
or if I loss heart

Each time

The horizon gets further and further away


Far away
not fair the well, but travel well, I love you
Jim Musics Jul 17
Long ago
I was a Freshman in College

A small collection of kind women and men
Gathered informally, when we could
We were looking, clear-eyed
For our world

To one, I talked of a Society
No leader nor agenda
Just the idea of getting together on the lawn
We, with our little jars, collecting droplets of dew
From the tips of the curved grass blades
Combined, the precious liquid would be sipped by one of us
We'd take turns

We'd say beautiful things to the sipper as they sipped
We all loved that person, each of us were loved that way
In succession
Hopes and dreams were thought of
Some shared, some too close to be shared
Even though we loved each other so dearly
So desperately and longingly
Our world was being usurped by hate and greed
We worked hard for Love
Some died for lack of Love
I miss you so my dear friends
I can't stand to think of it
(I'll finish it for you though)

For peace and equality
For compassion and passion
We hoped for, longed for, cried for
These ideas

For each other
We were helpless
We would not admit it
I don't admit now
But we were not hopeless
Perhaps pitiful at times
Maybe most times, some of us.

This happened only in our talk
All those years ago,
(I cried when George Harrison died in the later years)
It remains a dream
My life: dreams and words
And work for a few dollars
Just enough to keep me busy working
While greedy guts gorged on my product

But now, although not with you
Not close enough so that I could look at your eyes
So that I could take your hand and help you up from the sweet ground
Although you don't need my help with that
We could share Morning Dew sips
One day, gathered from the red Bee Balm leaves
A most delicate, cool Oswego tea
Another, tiny clearest droplets from tips of Lilies
Grape leaves, Red Raspberry leaves, Blueberries
Will you gather with me
In my lifelong daydream?
I will hope
I will share
Jim Musics Jun 21
Sunshine of Your Love – Cream
(did they really mean sunshine?)
'Ain't no Sunshine When She's gone
(ain't no clouds either)
You are my Sunshine, “...please don't you take my sunshine away...”
(don't tell me what to do!)
Wasn't there a jingle about some yucky artificial Sunshine Orange drink?
One about dappled shadow patterns on your nearly unbearably beautiful face as you sat on the cool moss on sunshiny day
One about how it how bounces off the sea and you think that's what made you fall in love
Some songs about unrestrained dancing and love making,
Some have no words and you put whatever ones you want in them
put some nice ones in OK? Maybe a verse about how you might love me if I were__, whatever it is that I'm not
Songs about Orange Sunshine LSD
before and after I met Allen Ginsberg, who never advised me to take drugs and he told my girlfriend that he didn't want to have *** with her even though she was wearing a snake bracelet on her bicep
Around the time of that great cultural enlightening, these things were realized more clearly:
Women are treated badly
Music is important and lifesaving
Black and Brown and *** and Progressive and Freedom Loving people are treated badly
At 16, I knew these things already
But then, at 18, I really knew them
I still know them
I know more too
but it's hard to tell you more right now
ask me later, be kind about it. Thanks

There will be Sunshine on me tomorrow
'Wish you were here
To see you with early morning dew on your toes

I'll be more upbeat, I promise.
Like a beat poet at the joyous wedding of his best friend
Like a good bass player
Like a passionate singer
Like when I ask my guitar to try to tell you all this
In the morning
Like I was that morning when I was 18
I promise
  Jun 20 Jim Musics
A portrait of love
In the realm of fantasy
Our hearts beat in sync
Rainbow paints on a canvas
Only us, in bed, naked
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