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Jim Musics Feb 13
Just an old has been who never was

When I was young I had some dreams

Years flowed by they burned it seems

Still remembering how I was turned down

I strove away at the mill, always looking back

The unspoken verdict, “You're just a hack”

Shifted focus, make the buck

'Head down, repress the truth

Care for my children, do it right

Anger inside don't dare fight

Now on the other side, it's not too late

The nights are clear,  the days are bright

My song is real, step into the light
although it's a cold light
Jim Musics Feb 12
We walk along the frozen path

That winds on through the swamp

It was and is a deer trail too

Layered with leaves and ice

There's not much green to see here now

'Won't be here 'til the Spring

But looking down we can recall

Where plants grew lush and high

There's not a bug to bite or sting

Or eat holes in the leaves

It's quiet, cold and pensive here

A place to free your thoughts

Will we still think of these short days

May Flowers turn pink and white

and miss the simple lovely feeling

Of walking frozen ground?
tell me
Jim Musics Dec 2018
Sometimes it's just to say hello
and to extend a hand and a smile
and the feeling that just being read feels pretty good
and we know how that feels even if it's not that often
and it's good that we have facile imaginations
and my dreams are sometimes good if I drink a good beer or two
and even if I didn't
so Hello! :)
Jim Musics Dec 2018
It was 62 F today
There were moths flying all around in the pouring rain
It rained all day
It's night, it's still raining and it's too warm
I wrote about this before

It will be the longest night of the year
I'm scared
I'm not scared of the dark though, I like it
In fact I wish you were with me here
Some of you
A few of you
If it's not you, please don't be mad
I need and want your friendship
You “get” me
I'm not always great company anyway

The ground is squishy, not frozen as it usually has been on a December 21st
If you walk carelessly you'll peel off the ground cover
I know you'll be careful
You care
I do too

The phone rang over and over with spam calls today, more than usual
The one call that was not spam was miraculously answered
That was a wonder, a wonder that makes you think that there are are no coincidences, as you have said
Robots don't care if they wake up the feverish household member who is in desperate need of sleep over and over
Your robot job, that some people make you do, makes my life worse
I don't want revenge, I just want you to stop
I want the dogs in the kennel down the street, that bark on and off all day and night, to stop
Dear neighbor with all those dozens of beautiful dogs, why do you make my life worse?

By now you may be saying, “So, where's the wish?”
Here it is
I know the sun will come back a little longer everyday
Let it shine on you and warm you and perhaps make you think of me once in awhile
I know that it will rain too much and be too warm here for at least hundreds of years
I know that you,
You make my life better
I am glad to have you in my silly little life, even if just on these screen pages
I love you in the best way that I can think of
If you leave, it will feel similarly to the way that I felt when so many others left, by their own will and otherwise
I love you so much that I really want you to have a happy life and be warm and comfortable
And eat and drink what you like best
To be able to do and do, all the things that make you feel special, even ecstatic
Because you are special
You deserve ecstasy once in awhile
That's my Solstice Wish for you
Because I love you
I   H
Jim Musics Nov 2018
Oh Summer and Autumn
You've made such a mess!
And Brandy and Berry
Please feel no duress
With joy and due diligence
I'll clean up I guess
The previous poem was about 2 people
An attentive and happily aware reader gave me the idea to make it 5.
Jim Musics Nov 2018
Every season brings its joy
Of ever wished for spills
Luscious Summer watermelon
Sweet Autumn's Maple flow
Winter nog and brandy, oops!
And Spring's ripe berry juice
But it's OK, to clean up I will go
No need to be careful here
Jim Musics Nov 2018
Out of sight
Hear only condensed, falling drops
From the limbs
Onto brown leaves

No human voice
No owl
I'm not afraid of being alone

Other ears to hear these things
Would enliven me
It's chilly damp & foggy here
I dress for it as I walk the swamp
Perhaps I'll hear the owl
When I go out now
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