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Feb 2016
the angels cried but we heard them sing
the heavens cried but we rejoiced in the rain
the child cried but we silenced the its pain
the old lady cried but we called her insane
tonight, i cried but it was all in vain

the tears are not water but spiked with emotion
one tear is enough to flood the greatest ocean
behind closed doors or out in the open
we all are one, we all are broken

no harm is there in sharing your sorrow
hope still remains for a better tomorrow

a moment of pain does not make you weak
tears tell stories, let them speak
together our humanity will be at its peak
the day we hear each other's cries and within one another it is comfort we seek

the angels cried, instead we taught them to sing
the heavens cried so we showed them the good in the rain
the child cried and we soothed its pain
the old lady cried so we reminded her that to feel deeply does not make one insane
**tonight, i cried & it did not go in vain
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