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Feb 2016
when i met you
i judged you
and for that
i'm sorry
it was wrong of me
because God made you special
you bring me joy
you share jokes
you give me moments
of freedom
when we talk
i feel free
free from the pain i've felt
free from the twisted sadness
i want to be close friends
i know this is just the beginning
but i really care about you
i enjoy my time with you
and how much we have in common
i'm so thankful that i met you
you're such a sweet person
i hope you think the same about me
because right now
you're the only good thing in my life
you're the only person that makes me smile
i find myself wanting to talk to you more and more
thank you for waking up my soul
thank you for giving me something to look forward to
thank you for being my new friend
Written by
Emily  Austin
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