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Jan 2016
Poetic Advice

Don't stab yourself
If you don't want to bleed
Don't focus on what you want
If what you want isn't what you need

If you take care of the seeds you planted
Your plants won't be taken for granted

So never plague yourself,
If you don't know how to heal yourself
Don't hate yourself,
If you don't understand
                       what you feel in yourself

When you can't take a stand
And your foundation feels like sand
Reach for the outstretched hand
that is waiting for you to make a plan
It's like inspiration on demand

Your time is your life
To clean the ***** knife
That stabs you and leaves you rusted
And Infects all things once trusted

Treat your wounds
Don't allow them to grow
Don't regret the scars
You reap what you sow

If you are unable to find your place
And unable to recognize your face..
Give a gaze into a mirror
And bring forth all that you fear
Write it on the glass
Then give it a smear
Nothing is too far
if you work to keep it near

Your inner fight
Creates the light
Light that cuts ties
Opening closed eyes

That'll give you a new view
And show you what to do

See the world in the light
Give yourself an open line of sight

Sometimes when you travel you just gotta calm down and smile  
Because you have the ability to give an effort to every mile...

Andrew Leparski
Written by
Andrew Leparski  28/M/Arizona
   S S, Got Guanxi and Scott T
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