Scott T May 2017

Life is like the M25
Circular and eternal
Covered in tarmac
With little skid marks
And Little Chefs
Life isn't really like the M25
Nothing is really like anything

Scott T Feb 2017

A mess of thighs and hair and love
We fucked
For the same reason
That kids throw rocks at the sea

Scott T Apr 2016

It's a shame my head exploded
The day I met you
In front of those dinner guests
On that tinder date
My mind was blown
It's a shame that you were disfigured
By the shrapnel from my skull
It was going well for once
It's just a shame that my head exploded

Scott T Apr 2016

And the radio did play
As you sank deep into your chair
With eyes that said
Let the robots take over
Then the grass
Then the fire
Over and over

Scott T Mar 2016

If you want to cross a sea

Scott T Jan 2016

Glassy eyed and
Lost in utilitarian cities
With a low-yielding love
And a useless imagination
With the bad art
And the public transport seat pattern blues

Scott T Jan 2016

I remember through the haze of Hong Thong and Thai Stick
Our sterile love
In that shabby hotel
In Chiang Mai
Our stubble
Like Velcro
And I don't remember much else
Wasting away
It's funny how you forget things
It's also crushingly sad

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