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Dec 2015
We're here.. At 06:55 once again..
I like the way that my heart wakes up my mind, just to send you such a.. sappy good morning text
And life.. You say its a beautiful thing
And I think I'd almost believe you if
I didn't have this fear of being so,

But you, how are you so **** lovely?
Sometimes the world can be ugly
With all the unnecessary hurt and all the wars
But you... You make me feel way less lonely...
You turn my love into poetry
And thats why i just write so much..
You make me feel so much for someone who.. can't even be yours

Well look dear, i hope our friendship will last then..
And if it all hurts me too much i'll just play my guitar and then..
Write a song to say,
"hey, you're still so ******* cool"..

And we'll both be on different paths ready to travel the world
Well i'd hope i still cross paths with yours maybe someday when i'm more stable to, love and hug you..
Oh, you beautiful girl.

Oh and I, I like making you cry on the tube,
Won't you tell what you like to do,
And list what you like about yourself too cause..
I'd probably like all of those reasons too

And if you say that your hearts keeping you awake at night then know that mine would be too..
I just wanna talk to you..
Cause i like the way the universe sighs when it sees me being hopelessly romantic again
Oh i can't help it, i like it; what my cracked phone screen looks like, when your name lights up and... colours it in.

Good morning i love you and i hope today you have the best of everything
My new favourite.. Ever.
I love someone so much i do.
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