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Nov 2015
I’m afraid to close my eyes…
not because I’m afraid to die,
but because I’m afraid of what will happen..

I keep asking myself what would be the people’s reaction if I die.
Some may be happy ,
some may ignore,
some might be sad because too many expenses for my coffin.

Almost Everyone I’ve known/met,
they just love being with me
because they need something from me.

I’ve never experienced love
in this world without price.

Everyday, my thoughts are killing me.
But today I feel like I’m really going to die tonight,
my Mom said “I’m thankful to have a daughter like you”
my brother said “This house would be boring without you”
hearing those words from them is the best feeling I’ve ever felt.

    They say, you only know who truly loves you when you die.
    In that case, I wanna die.
    I want feel to be love,
    that they didn’t expect anything from me.

* *And I’m ready to die.
Is there someone that would Miss Me if I’ll die?
Am I worthy to be Love ?

Written by
'thoughtOutLoud  Philippines
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