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Jun 2016 · 484
'thoughtOutLoud Jun 2016
When I saw you,
My stomach was rumbling ,
I dont know what it is ...
It feels like someone punch me in it.

Every lunch , when you're around
I can feel the pain ,
deep down in my ribs,
I can hear the screams
the scream of my silent stomach

but then I knew it was just a Hunger
'thoughtOutLoud Jun 2016
Once failed gaining someone's trust,
just because of once mistakes
now trust is taken.

Breaking someone's promise,
because of a reason(s) broke a promise
now promises are called "Lies"

Failing grades,
when best is not enough that caused by failing grades,
now losing hope in doin' best but results to fail.

Struggles slaps you in lessons
but leaves a scars that will remind you of being usefulness

I was lost,
and now still lost.
Jun 2016 · 266
'thoughtOutLoud Jun 2016
Excuses when you want to hide your tears but your tears dont want to be hidden.

1. There's dust went inside my eyes.
2. I was yawning.
3. A fail sneeze
4. I washed my face and some soap went in my eyes.
5. I was watching a drama.
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Jun 2016 · 2.3k
**Mysterious World**
'thoughtOutLoud Jun 2016
We are living in a mysterious world

Some people would say ...
"You can reach the stars, nothing is impossible."
Some would say ...
"Don't waste your time in reaching the stars, It is impossible."

Some people would say ..
"Dream High, you deserve better"
Some would say ...
"Stop being ambitious, donT dream too much"

Some people would say ...
"It's just a test, don't give up."
Some would say ...
"It is not for you, let it go."

Some people would say ...
"Follow your heart, not your brain. Your brain is rude, it can feel nothing.
Some would say ...
"Follow your brain, not your heart. Your heart is a fool, it knows nothing."

People can give you advice.
But in the end , it's your decision that matters.

*If you will listen to this world,
you'll have no direction because ... *

*We are living in a mysterious world.
For all the person who have been played by LIFE .
May 2016 · 1.7k
Sadda Haq
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
O eco-friendly,
o saver of nature,
I am nature too.

From customs,
from societies,
do you cut me off..
why do you divide me like that?

Why do you teach the lesson of truth
when you cannot even listen to the truth,
when someone speaks the truth
you start telling rules and regulations.
Song from the movie Rockstar (2011)
May 2016 · 156
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
"Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person you thought would never hurt you."

May 2016 · 184
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
Hearing your name hurts me alot.
gives me a fresh wounds.
May 2016 · 176
Just words.
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
Before: "Amor Vincit Omnia"
After: "et ego odi"
May 2016 · 995
thug Life
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
Why do these things  happened to me?
Where did I go wrong?

Questions in my life,
where You can only answer .

My family.
My Friends.
The person I love.
My Studies.
My dreams.
My goals.

I did all my best

Where should I put myself?
Do this world have a place for a person like me?


I'm losing hope.
I'm losing everything.
I'm losing my soul.
I'm losing reasons to live.
I'm tried of wearing mask.
I'm tired . I'm tired.

ooooooh !
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
I love you too much ...
to let you go, for your happiness.

I love you too much ...
to be fool, to believe that you'll remember those promises we've made.

I love you too much ...
for me to wait for years , until you'll love me again.

I love you too much .
even it gives me too much PAIN
For the person I love and the person I will always love
May 2016 · 102
holding on and on ...
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
Still Holding ...
still holding on those promises we've made.
May 2016 · 290
I'm Not Giving Up On You.
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
Seeing you with her
my heart breaks into pieces to pieces
pieces to pieces ...
when I see in your eyes
how happy you are with her
those pieces heart, BEATS.
For the only person I love and I will Always Love.
May 2016 · 2.6k
One More Chance
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
Let's start it over again
one more talk,
one more long conversation,
one more friendship.
Please, One More Chance.

One more hug,
one more kiss,
one more romance.
Please, One More Chance.

No more crying,
no more pain,
no more heartbreaks.
Please, Give Me One More Chance.

Give me one more chance
to show how much I regret
days without you...

Give me one more chance
to show how much ...
how much I LOVE YOU.
For the only person I love ,
and the person who I will ALWAYS love.
May 2016 · 119
with you
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
It's time to face the truth,
I will never ...
never be with you
May 2016 · 116
He's fine...
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
He's fine.
He's fine without me.
Apr 2016 · 152
People Change
'thoughtOutLoud Apr 2016
For some reasons.
Sometimes they get worse ,
but sometimes they get better.
People change.
Mar 2016 · 153
'thoughtOutLoud Mar 2016
*still thinking of you .. </3
Mar 2016 · 528
being Love by Darkness
'thoughtOutLoud Mar 2016
DARKNESS loves me a lot.
Should I love it back , as it loves me?
Mar 2016 · 738
'thoughtOutLoud Mar 2016
I feel hopeless each night as I close my eyes.
I see things I don't want to see,
I hear sounds I don't wanna hear.

As I open them,
LIES in their action,
LIES in their conversation.

**I wonder if people sees what I can see.
'thoughtOutLoud Feb 2016
No one knows what the future holds
Let your lips roll
and whistle away the toll
All is well

When life spins out of control
Just let your lips roll
And Whistle away the toll
All is Well

Hey Bro
**All is Well !
Feb 2016 · 703
'thoughtOutLoud Feb 2016
"The more I know people , the more I LOVE MY DOGS"

Waking up early in the morning by a big shout of "you should do these house chores"
BETTER is my dog who
KISSES* me when I wake up :')
Feb 2016 · 556
'thoughtOutLoud Feb 2016
My mood change when someone **force me on things I don't like
Nov 2015 · 345
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
How many tears should I waste?
How many wounds should I get?
How many nights do I have to cry?
How many years should I hide myself?
How many years does this pain takes?

How many lies should I hear from them?
How many years should I put this mask Smile on ?

Nov 2015 · 432
MOms Rule
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
It is really hard to be a Real Mother. Because as A Mother you should be the key / should be the one to lead her children to the right path.
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
There is really a person who can only see those people who he/she loves and didn't love him back. But  never appreciate those people who really loves them . Because he/she is blinded by his pride. Blinded by those things he/she wants.
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
In a silent place,
where a silent man
met a silent woman,
whom fell in love silently.

Silently the years passed,
they speak to each others feelings
with their silent tears.
For the Char :3
Nov 2015 · 234
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
FACT: Promises aren'T meant to be broken.
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
I’m afraid to close my eyes…
not because I’m afraid to die,
but because I’m afraid of what will happen..

I keep asking myself what would be the people’s reaction if I die.
Some may be happy ,
some may ignore,
some might be sad because too many expenses for my coffin.

Almost Everyone I’ve known/met,
they just love being with me
because they need something from me.

I’ve never experienced love
in this world without price.

Everyday, my thoughts are killing me.
But today I feel like I’m really going to die tonight,
my Mom said “I’m thankful to have a daughter like you”
my brother said “This house would be boring without you”
hearing those words from them is the best feeling I’ve ever felt.

    They say, you only know who truly loves you when you die.
    In that case, I wanna die.
    I want feel to be love,
    that they didn’t expect anything from me.

* *And I’m ready to die.
Is there someone that would Miss Me if I’ll die?
Am I worthy to be Love ?

Nov 2015 · 1.2k
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
Some people are blinded by lies, but most people refused to see the truth.
Nov 2015 · 1.6k
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
Spending time alone, gives an opportunity to discover who you are. *To be Alone *doesn't mean you're Lonely.
Nov 2015 · 229
Sun shines
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
The sun only shines in one direction, and once it shines there's a lot of people can see it. Except to those people who hide their self
Nov 2015 · 2.6k
Mr. Sun
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
...searching for the light.
Every morning it's raining,
every night It's dark.
My plant is dying ,
O please Mr. Sun shine now ~!
Nov 2015 · 507
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
It's not about how you looks in the mirror, but it's about how you see yourself in the mirror.
Nov 2015 · 688
Light or Dark ?
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
You can put filter in your life , but it depends on you . Whether you like it to be dark or light.
Nov 2015 · 405
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
Why should I start again?! If I know in the end, I would* fail*!
Nov 2015 · 4.3k
Forever Doesn't Exist
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
I thought I can hide myself forever. But I forgot **"Forever doesn't exist"
Aug 2015 · 744
'thoughtOutLoud Aug 2015
Some people are too busy on getting on what they don't have and never realized that they are losing what they have.
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
'thoughtOutLoud Aug 2015
doesn't based on age, on experience,
but it is based on how you think about the situation .

— The End —