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Nov 2019 · 212
If I were a child again...
Raghu Menon Nov 2019
If I were a child again
I would have played more
Made friends lot more
Read and drew more

If I were a child again
I would have got wet in the rain
I would have played in the muddy puddles
Without the fear of getting my dress *****

If I were a child again
I would have played with my siblings more
Would have loved my elders and parents more
Would have cherished every second I spend with them.

If I were a child again
I would love to climb up the trees
Jumped into the ponds and stayed there
Till I got bored with playing in the water.

If I were a child again,
I would have loved to learn music
Learned all the beautiful languages
Paint all the beautiful times of my childhood.

If I were a child again
I would have roamed free
Hiking the mountains
Walking the forest trails

If I were a child again
I will never want to grow up
And away from the childhood memories
Thanks to my parents, brothers, sister, and relatives
Who made it so beautiful
I would love to relive it again and again.
Inspired by Dr.Kiran Bedi IPS
Nov 2019 · 229
Songs of the breeze
Raghu Menon Nov 2019
Swaying in the wind,

Floating with the current

Songs of the breeze

So light and so fragile

Swaying in the wind,

Floating with the current

Songs of the breeze

Taking you to the past

Of your childhood memories

A time of no worries

A land of complete freedom

Swaying in the wind,

Floating with the current

Songs of the breeze

Having no worries

Simple things of happiness

Pure ecstasy and liberation

Swaing in the wind

Floating with the current

Songs of the breeze.
Oct 2019 · 771
Dry and Wet
Raghu Menon Oct 2019
It was dry
Hot and humid
Dusty and nasty

It rained
Cool and wet
Soothing and cozy.
Oct 2019 · 444
Day, Night & Death
Raghu Menon Oct 2019
The day burns you out
As you wore out, the
Night crawls in
But you're already dead!
Oct 2019 · 171
Light@the end of the tunnel
Raghu Menon Oct 2019
When everything seems to cease
When all doors seem to be shut
When the last ray of hope subsides

When the lights seem to fade
When the air becomes thick and foggy
When the sky above is gloomy

When we seem to fall down forever
When our energies reach rock-bottom
When even our kith and kin become strangers

When all movements come to a grinding halt
When the world around you start whirling fast
When your last breath becomes tough and heavy
When you start sinking down
Almost lifeless...

A lightning inside your head
A sudden deep breath
Jump up
and draw all your power
And swim against the current
in the dark waters

Far, far away
I can see a fade dash of light
You kick away the water
You ignore the unfriendly air
You forget the strangers dragging you

The faraway blade of light
Is now brighter
Pump up your hopes and courage
And charge forward

For ....

There is always a light
At the end of the tunnel
Jun 2018 · 446
The Magnificent Brahmaputra
Raghu Menon Jun 2018
Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But violent and angry at times
At the ruthless manner in which
The man destroys the nature...

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But angry and turbid below
At the greed and arrogant manner in which
They carry out "development"

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But sad and lost
at the poor lives and livelihoods lost
At the hands of the rich who creates the catastrophes

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But helpless and depressed
At the ignorance and stubborn attitude
Of the people who aren't willing to learn from their mistakes.

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
Sometimes overflowing and destructive
Time and again, to teach the humanity a lesson
In not learning from the past, learning from their mistakes
Because, history repeats itself..
And we are suffering today at the hands of the
People who are not creating a welfare state
But extracting, extorting, exploiting the commons
And the common people
To the benefit of a few, arrogant, "smart" rich...

There is something wrong somewhere..
Unless we learn ...
Unless we change...
We get what we deserve...

So if we need a change..
Let's change first ourselves..
Our action, Our decisions, Our choices...
There is nobody to blame..but ourselves...

It is not enough we give our choices
Once in five years ...
And then blame everybody else
For what we get out of our choice...

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
He is a teacher, a friend, a father (and a mother)..
A brother, and a God (if there is one)...
Let us learn from him, the nature...

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
So magnificent and great..
Angry at times..Destructive at times...

Still the lifeline of the people
Quiet flows the Brahmaputra.
Brahmaputra is a river in Assam, and having a male name unlike most rivers having female names. The river is known for its flooding and destruction year after year, due to the unplanned "developments" that is done.  Inspiration: My friend's poem "There is something wrong ..."
May 2018 · 368
The Sun Rise
Raghu Menon May 2018
The sun's rise reminds us
That we too can rise
From the falls and slips
That we go through.

But for the sun to rise
The Earth has to rotate
On its own axis.

And for us to rise,
We need to
Keep moving.

Keep moving
Keep smiling
Keep trying hard


Keep living and ..
Let others live too..
May 2018 · 381
The dry wicked summer
Raghu Menon May 2018
It's dry
It's pale yellow
It's devastating
It's hot and
It's a wicked summer

With drawing all energy
With it's dry, dusty winds
With all vegetation turning pale and wilted

The birds are silent
They are somewhere not visible
Hiding in the little shadows and shades

The trees are still
The plants are withering
The road-side bush wilted and dry

The lips are dry
The skin is rough
The throat is burning...

How long is this going to last
Looking at the sky,
For some clouds which are scanty

Let that summer rain come
And change this wicked summer
Into a soothing experience ..

Till then...

It's dry
It's pale yellow
It's devastating
It's hot and
It's a wicked summer
Oct 2017 · 826
I want to be ...
Raghu Menon Oct 2017
I want to be
the honey bee
that sings and hovers..

I want to be
the little bird
Flying freely in the sky..

I want to be
the little lamb
Tasting the new shoots..

I want to be
the magnificent lion
That is calm and at peace.

I want to be
the stream in a brook
That giggles down the *****.

I want to be
the weight less clouds
That drifts way in the winds..

I want to be
the little ant
which is focused and mature..

I want to be
the splitting lightning
which cuts the air with a thunder..

I want to be
the loud thunder
that brings the hope to farmers..

I want to be
the lashing rain
That washes away my tears.

I want to be
the merciless slayer
of the mean, the corrupt and the bad.

I want to be
the laughing Buddha
To come to peace with me.
Various contradicting phases of me, the things I like and cherish at some points of time.  May be a nonsense poem, but with lot of sense to myself.
Sep 2017 · 1.7k
We are just visitors
Raghu Menon Sep 2017
We are just visitors
For a brief time
Travelling through a few milestones
Our time is finite
Our interactions are finite
So, why have an ego
Which is also finite?
Let us be friends with the world
With the people, plants
Trees and climbers
With the butterflies
And the beasts as well
Since our journey is finite
Make Life as easy as possible
And make it merry as well..
Leave a few sweet memories
For those who come after us.
Apr 2017 · 818
Dream (haiku)
Raghu Menon Apr 2017
Its a  beautiful day
Wet and cool and moist day
it was just a dream!
It is too hot, but I wished it is a rainy day!!
Apr 2017 · 606
Raghu Menon Apr 2017
The heat
Is it outside
Or inside of me
Either way
It is becoming
Apr 2017 · 588
Raghu Menon Apr 2017
Some times
Some thoughts
Are like as if
It had occurred to us
Before... Forcing us
To think
Haven't I had this before?
Aren't they familiar?

Is life a repeating
Cycle of thoughts
Some forgotten
Some so fresh
Some having
A bit of taste as we
Have tasted before
Some times
Some where
in the past

in any other lives??
Raghu Menon Apr 2017
Belated Birthday
Dear Internet
April 7th?

It is also
the World Health Awareness Day,
with a focus on depression
So is there a connection ?

No, cant say...

You bring
anything and everything
even though sometimes it is stupid

You also
sometimes unintentionally
make people addicted and lazy
But that is no excuse
to find fault with you..

You create virtual worlds
many worlds to say
virtual friends - or are they friends?
vitual entertainment ???

You are going to stay
to evolve
to grow
and to spoil many more lives
or help many to achieve what they want..

as is said,
You are just a tool
it is up to the world
how to use it..

Happy birthday to you...
Apr 2017 · 780
It is too dry and hot!
Raghu Menon Apr 2017
The early days of April
Have started resembling
Those of May and June
For a coastal city like Pondy

It is too dry and hot
It is driving humid
It is too nasty

this pattern is going to stay..
Pondy is the short name for Pondicherry, India. The  weather pattern is changing fast and what are we going to do about this?
Sep 2016 · 773
Raghu Menon Sep 2016
Hope is the only thing that drives the world
Hope for peace
Hope for love
Hope for seeds of peace..

Let's hope for people to have hope..
Sep 2016 · 1.4k
Raghu Menon Sep 2016
The tree
tall and wide
with thick canopies
with so much of life and music

The tree
with thick branches
with thick green leaves ..
with nests and birds of various flocks
with so much life and music

The tree
with thick shadows
with cool underneath
with the travellors and children
playing and resting underneath
with so much life and music

The tree
swaying and singing
safe haven for little birds and insects
a whole eco system of innumerable species
with so much life and music.

The cyclone
with brutal force and might
destroying everything in their sight
devastating homes and trees and transformers

The tree
with its limbs/branches broken off
the cracking of branches and
with nests flown away and birds as refugees
the life and music transforming to an eerie silence.

Months pass by
Small shoots from the half broken branches
Rising and twisting up..
with the birds once again flocking to the tree
with life and music again..
The Thane cyclone in South India was a major destroyer of age old trees. But month later most of the trees had a rebirth bringing back the life and music which once surrounded them.
Sep 2016 · 1.3k
Raghu Menon Sep 2016
Are we change makers?
Do we really influence others in a positive way?
Do we really matter to others?
Do we really care for others?

Doesn't matter what others think of us
Doesn't matter whether others care what we say
Or what we do,
We keep doing the things
Which we feel is good for the world
Good for the next generation

If they listen, good
If not, we don't stop
what we have been doing
but continue with our spirit
and commitment of
bringing some change,
however minuscule it might be

Because we are not concerned
about the publicity we get or not
we just want to bring in change
the way things are transacted
and carried out...

Because the world can not continue
doing business as usual
things are going out of hand
things are going to disintegrate..

Let us be the change-makers
even if others don't care
don't listen
time will come when what we do
is seen and appreciated..

we are the
you can also be ..
let us unite and work
for a common bright future...
Aug 2016 · 1.1k
Being blank and void
Raghu Menon Aug 2016
It is just blank
just noise
just nothing, but
idiotic and
the promises
the poor get
the News channels...
and the news readers
the life
of the ordinary
the politicians
and their doings
the schools
and the "education" they provide
the food
the tastes of the poor
the health
and health factories (hospitals)
the relations
and the value systems

It is just blank
just noise
just nothing, but
idiotic and
Nov 2015 · 1.8k
Close your eyes!
Raghu Menon Nov 2015
Just close your eyes
From the hatred
From the rejections
From the sufferings
From the pain
From the anger
From the corrupt
From the cruel
From the bullies

Just close your eyes
But not your mind

Open your mind
And fight all the injustice
And make others' eyes open

For a better world
For a better tomorrow
For a better planet !

Just close your eyes
But don't be blind

Just close your eyes,
To recollect the energy in you
To be the sight for the real blind!

Nov 2015 · 827
Water is life
Raghu Menon Nov 2015
Water is life

What's life
with out water?
Too much of it is a problem
Lack of it is also a problem

Water is definitely
A bone of contention

A war in the making !
Water is so integral to our life, but we see it only during floods, or droughts ... wars for water is becoming a reality
Nov 2015 · 1.1k
The November Rains
Raghu Menon Nov 2015
It is raining
Slow and steady
Not very light
Not very heavy

When you ride your bike
The small drops pierce through your dress
It hits mildly on your eyes,
Makes your eyelashes heavy
With dripping water drops
Down to your nose and to your lips
It tastes cool and good
Compared to the demineralised water
of your household RO filter

It is raining mildly
Enough to wet you
Makes you cool and shiver lightly
Makes you fresh and cool
Gives you the energy
Better than any other means

It also brings back
A strange nostalgia
Which  you can not connect

Is it the childhood memories ?
Is it the rainy school days ?
Is it the sweet memories of
Your dead beloved ones
Who shared many such rains in the past?

It rains mildly
Slow and steady
Not very light
Not very heavy
But enough to
Make you happy
Make you fresh
Make you calm
Make you a new person

It is raining mildly
Slow and steady*
It is November 14, Children's day in India. A rainy day ... while the schools today shy away from the rains, we in our younger days, cherished and longed for rainy school days..
Nov 2015 · 999
what if...
Raghu Menon Nov 2015
What if
all the species
on earth except humans
Got united and attacked us:-

For being so stupid and inhuman
For being so idiotic to destroy
our own common place of living ..

For mining our own resources
to the bottom so that nothing is left for future..
even for our future generations..

For being so cannibalistic,
for being in war, for being parasitic,
for killing our own species..
In the name of religion, caste, colour and creed

That big nations manufacture weapons
To be sold to terrorists
To **** its own people?
And then hunt the so called terrorists
Which are their own making?

What if there were no religions?
What if there were no castes?
What if there were no Gods?

What if there were no fights?
What if if there were no wars?
What if there was only peace?
Oct 2015 · 4.8k
The city waking up..!
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
The Flower Sellers
Rushing with their bundles

The Milk Vendors
Cycling with their milk cans

The Newspaper boys
Sorting out their packets

The Morning walkers
Warming up and stretching

The Chai-walas
Pouring out their teas

The scarfed mill workers
Speeding for their shifts

The vegetable vendors
Carrying their head loads

The Suprabhatham
Flowing from a distant house

The night shift workers
Returning home.

The Municipality workers
Cleaning the streets..

*The city is waking up
Or did it ever sleep?
Chai- Tea, Suprabhatham - Hindu religious hymn sung in morning
Oct 2015 · 956
Obituary to a Lost friend
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
Oh my dear friend
where are you?

Till yesterday
we fought
we argued
we discussed
we debated
we agreed
we disagreed
we agreed to disagree
we learnt from each other
or at least
I learnt a lot from you..

Oh my dear friend
where are you?

We said goodbye
in the late evening
at the side of the road
Leading to your abode
On a Tuesday night
Only to hear that
You had gone away
With out a word the next day!

I still
remember your smiling face
your sparkling eyes through your glasses
your sharp and crisp words
your simplicity
your sense of humour
your no-nonsense approach to things
your straightforwardness
your firm but friendly voice

You left me on the highway
Not to return
only your memories
will linger in my mind
till I find another friend just like you
which is impossible
for you are so much inside me..

Oh my dear friend
where are you..?
Even after all these days
I feel you as my pillion rider
at the back of my bike.

Oh my dear friend,
where are you..?
In memory of Dr.T.Parasuraman, my friend, brother...(;=ts&fre;;=ts)
Oct 2015 · 1.2k
Keep Smiling
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
Keep Smiling,
Even when blood flows all around you,
even if you see your own blood
drenching your dead body.
Even when the hawks descend on you
Get up and Awake from the ashes
Be the Change..

Keep smiling
India will save itself

But it may take time
for people to realise
that this is too bad

Even ****** did not last
History will repeat itself
And a new India will be borne

But it will take its own time
The question is ..
What is this time?
How long?
How fast?
How many more to die?
What will be the new form?
Keep writing..
Keep talking.
Keep working.
Inspire others..
Be active..
Be the change...
and ...

Keep smiling...
Even when blood flows all around you...
Keep smiling...
this will not last for ever..
In Response to Jimmy Hegan's ( poem "Violence in Gujarat" (
Oct 2015 · 951
Random scribblings..
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
Random scribblings
Makes much more sense
Well thought out,
Planned & refined writings.
Randomness is
What our nature is,
What occurs to us  ...
What we normally are,
What we do by instinct,
How we react
Oct 2015 · 1.5k
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
As much as you can

Oct 2015 · 1.3k
It's Time
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
It's time
To move
To run
To walk
To talk
To act
To live now...

It's time
For time does not wait for us..
Live now, Live today
Because it's time
To change
To be the change

It's time..
Oct 2015 · 24.0k
Be Positive
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
Be Positive
Being negative
Does not take you anywhere
Being negative does not make you positive.
just be positive..
though it's a bit cliched
a bit old fashioned to repeat..

It still makes lot more difference
in a word which is
Oct 2015 · 2.0k
Hot Afternoon!
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
The air has a burnt smell
It is hot and dry
The streets are  empty
Even the dogs are missing
It is a hot and bright afternoon

People have taken refuge
under the roofs of their homes or work places
Even the trees seem to be mute
So are the birds and the cattle

My throat is dry
My mind is blank
My brain is asleep
Am struggling to keep awake

The weather is strange
The climate is changing
The ponds are dry
The brooks are dusty
with no water to flow

The earth is moving lazy and slow
Time seem to crawling because of the heat
The noon seems to un-ending
The schools are noiseless and sleepy.

It is dusty and hazy
The only wind being because of the
fast moving buses and trucks
and some occasional cars

The windows are closed
so do the doors of the buildings
across the streets
The rich enjoying their siesta
in the air conditioned rooms

The poor, sweating it out
in their places of work
for their daily wages
so that they can have
some food to eat in the night.

so also that
the rich can continue to have
their peaceful siestas
Oct 2015 · 5.6k
Death and Rebirth
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
We die momentarily
When dear ones depart us
But we are reborn
with their energies
transferred to us
and may be
they live in us,
through us
we are worthy
of being the carrier of
"their" lives..
for what
they stood
in their lives,
the values they fought for
the virtues which they cultivated ...
Oct 2015 · 748
Small small deaths
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
Some times
We freeze
We stop living
We stop thinking
We become blank

We forget our surroundings
We become blind
We forget to remember
We fail to react

We die momentarily
In dark space
We come across
Such small deaths many times
In our lives
Especially when whom we consider
So dear and near
Depart us …

Seems like we are lost for ever,
even when we are in the midst of a crowd
When we lose the energies of those who are nearby
When we fail to connect

We feel the emptiness of the complexities that surround us
The work that has been done, remaining to be done
Does it really matter what we do?
Or what we live for?

Does it really matter that we live?
In the vast timeline of the universe
Where do we stand?
The infinitely  negligible
Portion of the man in the entire universe?
Oct 2015 · 443
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
Death ?

Is it just the process where your body stops functioning?
Your heart stops beating,
Your lungs stop contracting and expanding
Your brain stops the processing of signals
Your blood stops gushing through the highways and narrow roads within our body?
Your memory wades away and is erased forever?
Your senses make no sense?
Your body starts losing its heat and starts cooling down?
You yourselves sliding into a sleep from which you never comes back?

What happens to  “us”, “our” knowledge?
The feeling of “me” and “mine” ?
Our feeling  of this universe, the science, the philosophy?
The values that we have given to things, people, cultures?
Our view points, our process of putting things to its perspective?
Our interactions with people close and far?
Our love and affection to people  and theirs to us?
What happens to these rather complicated web of interconnectedness?
Is it that only our link gets cut when we die?
What happens to the energy between  me and the rest?

May be we have lived our lives.
We have done what we could have done
Or may be we have left some gaps which others may fill or leave
May be things would be better with out us being there
When others try to fill our space, they do it better
And if we can be an inspiration to them,
If we can be a cause for others to do things
May be we live through them
Our thoughts will live in them
And we live again

It is immaterial whether we live or not
For, things will get done the way it should be done
Either for good or bad
If we can be part of a vibe, part of a collective
Part of a movement
Which strives for a common good,
And if we can contribute in whichever small means and ways
The common vibe that is generated from the good energies  of a group
Then we live, even after our death
The values that we lived for
Will continue to grow and lead the world
For a better cause, for a better world
For a good today
For a brighter tomorrow
Aug 2015 · 3.9k
Raghu Menon Aug 2015
It isn't difficult to befriend
Especially in this virtual/real world
A warm smile
A simple "hi"
A "like" in the social network
A "share" of a posting..

Just a spoon of warmth
A pinch of freshness
A drop of love
A bit of seasoning
Is all that  needed for a
Perfect recipe of friendship..

A show of solidarity
A mark of respect
A word of compassion
That is more than enough

If we cant even do that much
Then what is life for??
Aug 2015 · 5.3k
Raghu Menon Aug 2015
I like the dark
The dark skies
The dark ocean
The dark forests
The dark soils
The dark nights
If there were no dark
We will never understand
The meaning and value
of Light..
Jul 2015 · 1.5k
Faces of the River
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
Oh Dear River
How many faces do you have?

The pleasant calm face
With the undulating waves

The happy face
with the life thriving inside you?

The playful face with the Kids
Swimming in the river?

The vibrant face
During the downpour?

The kind face
Blessing the dark thin fishermen?


The sad face
With the dark effluents let in to you
By the greedy industries?

Or the pale face
With your inflows being reduced
due to the catchments
being encroached
by the real estate mafia?

Or the angry face
With the ***** politicians and thieves
Who plunder your sand
And destroy not only you
But the livelihoods
of the poor farmers and
the water resources of the people?

Oh Dear River
How many faces do you have?

Don't be angry with us humans
because we don't care for anybody

We live only today
and we don't care for tomorrow
nor do we care about
our children of tomorrow.

We are the only inhuman species
On this earth and we wrongly
Call ourselves
As Humane beings..
Jul 2015 · 3.1k
The Green Killing Fields
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
Maturing to become
Grains that will feed us

WIth the sweat of the farmer
WIth the tears of the widows and daughters
WIth the sorrow of the indebted ..
WIth the curse of the deprived and downtrodden..

We don't see the stories behind the scene
We relish the fancy recipes of the Master Chefs
Of fragrant rice, golden rice and the slim and slender grains
We forget the dark, thin, slender bodies who make it for us...
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
A cool morning
After a night's Rain
Sun still hesitating to wake up
from the blanket of the clouds...
Jul 2015 · 2.2k
The Mirror
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
What we see in the mirror
Is a virtual Image
Out there for us to explore.

But do we always get to
See the real world ?

Or are we always
After the reflections ..
And not the real?
Jul 2015 · 11.9k
The Village Home
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
Sweet is the village home
With the overhanging trees
With the open well on the east
With the kitchen adjacent to the well..

The coconut trees giving shade
The Jack fruit and the mango trees
Decorating the land beside
The peacocks roosting on the trees

The red Mangalore tiles
Giving protection from the sun and the rain
The green chillies and the bananas
The drumstick tree and the climbers

Ginger and Curry leaf tree
The Coccinia and the Turkey berry
Plants and climbers
Giving all the vegetables in-house

The long verandahs
The corridors
The wooden stairs
The large dining hall

It is not just a home
But a life itself
With nostalgic memories
Which will never die at all...

The house that has seen
Various happy moments
Various sad events
Which has seen birth and death

It is not just a home
But a life itself
With nostalgic memories
Which will never die at all.....
Photo: My sis-in-law's home at Pallippadam, Kerala, India.
Jul 2015 · 17.7k
The fisherman and his boat
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
Patiently he untangles the net
Standing calmly
Brazing the breeze
On the dancing boat
With an oar on its side
Which is cooled by the
Waters of the river..

The sun will set in an hour or so
And he has to finish his catch
Before the dusk
And back to his hut
Where his wife will
Waiting eagerly
To make the dinner
With the fresh catch

Another day
Another catch
The river but
Remains the same
Greeting the fishermen
Who roam the river
With their boats
Jul 2015 · 3.0k
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
I wish
I were as brave as the rain
It's not afraid
Of the waterfalls,
The rocks
The stones,
The gulleys
The thorns, or the dirt,  
The garbage
Which when falling
Is so pure
But after the fall
Gets through
All the *******..
And Poisoned*
with inspiration from IGMS.
Jul 2015 · 2.2k
**Music of the night!**
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
The distant howl of a fox
The high pitch sound of crickets
The croaking of the frogs
The light sound of the drizzle

This music of the Night
Makes me dreamy and happy
And I am slowly
slipping into the night's sleep
11.55 pm.
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
A harsh word
is more sharper
than a double edged

The wound
remains for ever
Hurting you
and your esteem
Bleeding for ever..
6th July 2015
Jul 2015 · 670
Taste (10w)
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
There's Nothing
More Tastier
Than A
Glass of
Cool Water
This is all the more true when you die for some water!!
Jul 2015 · 1.4k
Being happy (10w)
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
I'm Happy
   Compared to
       my dark shades
            of my past..
Jul 2015 · 6.0k
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
There are too many things
To follow up
To update
To study
To research upon
To refer to others
To show solidarity
To argue upon
To fight with
To put our stand on
To stand up against
To support
To facilitate
To enable
To just pass off

To ignore
Jul 2015 · 1.6k
Extreme Hot!!
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
The days are becoming hotter
The sweat does not appear
But form into crystals of salt.
The bitumen laid roads are boiling..
The concrete jungles are oven baked..

For those who are well off,
The air conditioners roar day and night..
Either at home or at office
Or during the transit in the car..

For those who are not so lucky,
They manage it ..
For they have no other choice
Rather than to sweat it out..

Is it the climate change?
Or is it my feeling?
Or both?
Jul 2015 · 3.3k
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
This is the day
when we get up late
we sleep even after the sun is up
when we dont have to run through the morning hours,
when we have a leisurely tea and
sometimes even skip our breakfast
to have a brunch

This is the day
when we read the newspapers line by line,
or glance through the classified column,
tune to the news channels to get a glimpse of news..

This is the day
when we clean our vehicles
when we clean our homes..
when we have an afternoon nap

This is the day
which goes so fast..
It is over before we realize
Where time runs so fast ..

This is the day
When the kitchen switches to a more active zone
When the kids sleep till they want..
when the plants in the house get some new life

This is also the day
Which precedes the weak to follow
Which crawls till the Saturday next..
The end of a week as well as the beginning...

This is Sunday...
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