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Sep 2015
Pitter patter shoes on the pavement

A young bird watching falls in love with the sound of

Soles on the ground

Souls on the ground

Shoe laces knotted neatly

Scuff marks on the toe

The young girl sits below she

Cries she lifts her eyes she falls in love with the sound of

Music ringing

The bird, singing

Feathers float slowly down they rest on the tendrils of hair

The tendrils of hair float around her eyes they frame her face

She is alone she is

She is She is

Who is she?

She is giving up the bird is getting up

The bird fell in love with the way her sadness caused

Eyes to avert caused rain to fall pitter patter on the ground

The bird falls the bird falls

Gleaming black eyes peer at the girl

Peer past the scuffed toe the knotted laces the knobby knees

The downcast face the tear stains the braces

Broken wing broken wing

The bird is Broken but it’s little heart flutters

Never has anything looked so beautiful as

The sun forming a halo round the face of an angel

Never has anything been so beautiful as

The tears that are falling for He and He Alone
Emma Hill
Written by
Emma Hill  417
     Sierra Brown and PoetryJournal
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