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Sep 2015

" Soothe your burning soul...
Maybe talk to it, and hear it groan...
Are you listening with your second mind ON ??
It's whispering...

Are you in sync with your soul,
or is it tearing itself apart from you??
Do you see it getting anxious?
Trying to escape every moment?

Can you dare to ask it what's the problem
and be ready to face disappointment,
if silence is all you get in return??
Don't you understand it talks only in silence?
and now it has broken even that...
Are you listening hard enough?
It's whispering...

What do you see when you look into the mirror?
Do you see at times that your soul has taken place of your reflection?
What do you see.. in the mirror???
Do you see the puny devils, sitting on both sides of your shoulders?
Do you notice your poor angel's body hanging itself by braided ropes...
Ropes that are tied to your neck?

Do you see a morbid satisfaction on the dead angel's face...
and your soul looking at you with mocking gaze?
Do you hear your soul now?
It's whispering...!

Hush, Now!!!
My soul is asleep,
I have fed it with few lies...
Shown it a new possibility and adorned a new mask...

Hush, Now!!!
My soul is asleep,
With content etched over it's face,
And now I looking at it,
with mocking gaze!!

I am not a freak!!
I am not creepy at all...
I have just heard my soul,
but alas a bit too late,
I heard it when it was crying!!

Do you feel your soul, yet?
It's trying to contact you!
In the darkness, through the mirrors...
In the silence, through the nightmares...

Do you feel it?
It's getting anxious...
It's trying to contact you,
Are you listening hard enough??

It's Screaming... "

  © OutcastDreamer

Something so dark and mysterious... that you would be tempted to find out it's secret... but would your dare??
Outcast Dreamer
Written by
Outcast Dreamer  Mars
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