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Jun 2015
There was a kid on the neighbourhood
who was adored by many
and he got good grades
So his mom and dad were happy
They bought him a candy

When the kid grew to 12
he got himself a gold medal
he was the school’s favorite
so his mom and dad were happy
they bought him a guitar

When he turned 15
he wrote beautiful songs for his parents
he was a scholar in his school
so his mom and dad were happy
they brought him to college

when he was about to graduate
they asked him what do you want to do
he said he doesn’t want a career
his mom and dad grew angry

months after graduation
he found himself no job
his mom and dad were telling him
we didn’t raise you for nothing
might as well not have gone to school

when he got his first job
he took a lowly career
his mom was ashamed; his dad didn’t care
they stopped listening to his songs
nobody adored him

that was the month when
a big company offered him
the job wanted by many
he declined it because he just wanted to be happy
and his dad called him a fool

so this boy he struggled for long
and soon quit his job
he said nobody is happy
and he went to lock himself in a room
there he thought he would be happy
He wrote another song
and he was proud of it
when his mom has read it
it was pasted on the wall
beside his hanging body

and it reads it feels so bad
I’ve decided to write myself a song
in the sound of this empty house
I’ve decided to sleep
Mom, now I think I’ll be happy.
Leo Letters
Written by
Leo Letters
   Arlo Disarray
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