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Leo Letters Jun 2015
There was a kid on the neighbourhood
who was adored by many
and he got good grades
So his mom and dad were happy
They bought him a candy

When the kid grew to 12
he got himself a gold medal
he was the school’s favorite
so his mom and dad were happy
they bought him a guitar

When he turned 15
he wrote beautiful songs for his parents
he was a scholar in his school
so his mom and dad were happy
they brought him to college

when he was about to graduate
they asked him what do you want to do
he said he doesn’t want a career
his mom and dad grew angry

months after graduation
he found himself no job
his mom and dad were telling him
we didn’t raise you for nothing
might as well not have gone to school

when he got his first job
he took a lowly career
his mom was ashamed; his dad didn’t care
they stopped listening to his songs
nobody adored him

that was the month when
a big company offered him
the job wanted by many
he declined it because he just wanted to be happy
and his dad called him a fool

so this boy he struggled for long
and soon quit his job
he said nobody is happy
and he went to lock himself in a room
there he thought he would be happy
He wrote another song
and he was proud of it
when his mom has read it
it was pasted on the wall
beside his hanging body

and it reads it feels so bad
I’ve decided to write myself a song
in the sound of this empty house
I’ve decided to sleep
Mom, now I think I’ll be happy.
Leo Letters Jun 2015
Sometimes when the shadow falls
and everyone else’s on their beds I turn
to look at this beer of bottle staring at me
And I say, **** it! When will you speak?
So then we’d stare at each other
and I’d swear still it wouldn’t speak
By the time the silence grew and
I couldn’t take it any longer
my temper takes on me
the beer starts to scare
So I grabbed and lift it
and poured it empty
on my throat. Might as well drink it
if it wouldn’t speak.
I start to laugh because it’s funny
when you think you’re alone. Then
I take another beer and put in the
table and I speak to it again.
Chug. The lights are on and dimmed.
I do the same rituals and after some time
You wouldn’t believe it, the beer speaks
loudly in my chest. It stirs and revolts
in my mouth. I knew it was pretending.
I knew it could speak.
Now it’s begging to be released.
The beast inside is finally pleased.
It’s funny
It’s funny how other people didn’t know.
Now all that couldn’t be spoken
Can now be said
**** it could speak through the air.
So now you know how to speak to the beer
You **** it. You grab it in the neck. Make a pet out of it
and let it give you the entertainment
Otherwise, you’ll do it wrong.
Leo Letters Jun 2015
Take me to a place of music and laughter
Like you, I keep my head above waters
There’s a place that’s waiting for me
Out where I could just be
No, I don’t know where the road’s heading
But I trust in my silver lining
Make me a free-spirit in the air
I grow wild- to live, I dare
Don’t let it get you
Pity, There’s a wonder
they will never see
This just kind of popped into my head and as a natural response, I just had to write it down.
Leo Letters Feb 2015
You're a book I can't read. I flip open through pages with letters made from ashes. The minute I start to comprehend your letters fade to dust. I turn to the cover to look for a clue but then I saw nothing - there was only you.

You're a droplet in the rain. I walk with the sun and I thought days with you are gone. But then the heavens must have planted you deep in my world; I hid myself yet you conquered my skin. I wiped you off in a second to only see that the clouds have cried thousands of you in a scene. Help me, I'm drowning.

You're the light in a dark room. And it's not because you enlighten my cloak or my fears. But it's because no matter what I do I am always drawn to you. I look at the quiet fire that is you, and there you glamor my body with heat. I want to touch your gleam, but I often fret, a second I flinch.

You're the kiss of the sea to the shore. And I lie helplessly as you come and leave me. Thoughts of you keep coming back over and over and over. I'm trapped in a place where we meet only at a time your fate would allow us to be. I turn numb from not moving but then you'd come and kiss me. Oh, I thought you really would but I opened my eyes and there you are leaving with the sea.

And I wish you were something magical. For then it would be easy for a dreamer to ignore a fantasy. But you're as alluring as a metaphor and I'm nothing but a sheer sentence ended in a question mark. I'm all uncertainties in the presence of your beauty.
Leo Letters Feb 2015
Fall in love with a dreamer and he'll make you a cup of coffee. He'll promise to read you books through the night and love, he will hold you tight. With the windows open, the two of you shall gaze at the stars. Listening to each other's future, he will hum you a song with a moonlight from afar.

Fall in love with a poet and he'll make you his poem. He'll weave your favorite letters as he soothes your soul. He will bury himself in your lines as he reads your fears. He'll share laughters with you and will add no grief. With a story marked, he'll make your love a history. And darling, his musings will be sang as you live through.

Fall in love with an adventurer and he'll take you to your fantasies. He will take you on roadtrips, on places you wondered to see. While your song plays loud on the radio, the two of you shall be young in time. You are free to live, to shout 'till your breath is gone. Losing in wonders with him has never been this fun.

And when you fall in love with all of these, you shall fall in love with your world. You shall live in your mind. You will be trapped in your fantasy. Your wonderland.
Leo Letters Feb 2015
Above the tree lies a bird
With broken feathers and a story untold.
Flightless, it is caged in its wings
In hostility desolated grim
under the fraternity sky
A tree too small for its feet
wilting in bones naked in ashes
slowly its roots begin to bite on the skin
trapped too small die it begins
In daylight it sings
the song we all love to sing
In darkness through silence
you will hear it coming.
Leo Letters Feb 2015
When the clock strook twelfth
Her mind went high
Through darkness, she found her prince
Who wooed her through the night

While the people were asleep
A girl was awake with the moon
This, she loved
For in the darkness, did she only bloom

Although she believed it to be mad;
She soon found herself in love: “Is it silly?”
She asked. And the prince told her
“Darling, men are fools for the things they love”

“And how is it like to live on the moon?”
“I do not,” said the prince
“No. Oh no, you must be
For I have never seen you in reality.”

In time the sun was born
And It burnt the moon so bright
Slowly, the night collapsed
And with it, the prince was gone

Night turned into nights,
The girl looked far and far
But the moon shone no more
She went alone in the dark

Indeed, she turned mad
For she wished on the sun
“Please let the moon be free
only for love will I be greedy”

She begged the sun desperately
Alas, the glow does not feel
For her dreams were destined
Only for the moon to hear

And where has the moon gone?
Where did the prince go?
Why must the night surrender
To the sun’s blinding glow?

"Hear me, my dream, hear my plea"
Is this the fate of a fool?
I am so tired, my love and
The nights have been empty.”

The girl cried out for nights
And soon the people grew angry:
“Sleep by night, wake up by the day
And it’ll all be easy!”

But reality was not to be
For the girl was so unlikely
That while the people revelled in the sun
There she was in a world wondered by

The people were disturbed
By her pleas in the night
That when the sun has risen
They took her out in fright

"Take her!" Shouted the people
And offered her to the sun
“This silly girl has been in love
with a vain dream from afar!”

"Why miss the moon
When there is the sun?
It has brought light and warmth
While the moon showed none. “

"Don’t be a slave to the things that cannot!
In this world we shouldn’t dream—”
“Liars!”shouted the girl
“We are all dreamers by night!”

What the world did not know
She wasn’t in love with the moon
But it was the prince,
The prince who she made her home

For with the prince,
She heard the loud beating of her heart
Felt her soul in his lips
And knew of feelings that before did not exist

She believed that only in love,
did she feel true & alive
“Am I in love with a dream?”
If that is the way to live, so let it be.”

Hours and hours
She was exiled under the sun
Chapped lips & broken dreams
A girl and a victim of such cruel things

In her chaos
She found a dagger
an escape to the world
But a cheat to her life

She held it up with her hand
And looked at the sun
“You will no longer hear my cries
But let this be my dying wish:

My soul I devote, for the dreams that cannot be
Please bring me out there, up in the open nightsky
Where thoughts run wild and free
Where I could just be.

If my dream is indeed gone
Then let me be the new hope
Let me be the guiding light
For the souls lost out in your glow.”

She drew the dragger
Closed her eyes
She was breathing with no breath
Until It struck her heart

For a moment she felt her own agony
The pain, the fears, the broken dreams
The endured thorns of her soul, a tear
Eyes opened and she was no longer.

The people knew of her misfortune
And thought she died from distress
But little did they know
She has only been re birthed from the ashes

Come midnight,
Behold, there it was
The moon which was gone
Now an alluring glory from afar

The people were left in awe
And thought the girl became the moon
The night has become an enigma
A difficult beauty to swoon

But after a few seconds
Something stellar bloomed from above
One and then another
Everyone, came gasping in wonder

"What is that thing up there
A thousand diamonds in the sky?”
̴Such ecstasy it gives!”
“I want to touch it, I want to fly!”

The people who feared the night
Now lied below to tell its stories
Always and often in wonder
If it was because of she

And up in the midnight
In the peak of the clock
They let their thoughts wonder
Of the majestic light up above

Soon they forgot about the girl
And of her lost dreams from afar
Instead there were these fascinating wonders
A magic which they named, the stars.
I was trying to write a plot twist for Cinderella. Hence, the line "when the clock strook twelfth" but it turned out differently. Anyway, this is intended as a children's poem but considering some inclusion of light gory details... maybe not.
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