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May 2015
I usually write about pain because of the absence of happiness
now im going to write about pain because of the absence of you

suffering through negligible tasks like floating through a school day
both feet in the air gliding past my peers without a care
I'm numb you know, from the excruciating agony of knowing your not here with me,
I'm crippled with the guilt of knowing that youΒ Β feel the same because of me
you should let me love you more, you have no idea what affects you have on me,
glee rolled in ecstasy
fun double dipped in happiness
joy twice friedΒ Β in cute and once in trust
you have changed me, I never thought I could love anyone like you
and now look,
I'm loving you,
hearts thumping
like a good remix two songs merge into one
Mad love'

Most of the time I write about pain,
but right now
I want to write about you
mad love...
what a thing to behold
Written by
Death-throws  hamilton, new zealand
(hamilton, new zealand)   
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