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Apr 2015
Its been 5 years since we saw a drone crash land here on Earth. It then seem to come to life and examine our Plant to see if it was suitable to live on..  Today we are receiving the same type of signal from an object on course to the same exact spot the Star drone crash landed.. We wait!  

This drone seems smaller in size than the one that crash landed here 5 years ago..  The entire world watched and listened..  It then sent out a radio signal in all languages.. It said this!

:::::People of the Planet Earth which is known as ( Soren 12 ) to us.. I would like to thank you for the use of your planet in composing a above average score for my intergalactic project..  I received a score of 495 out of 500!  I got points taken off because of a small program mistake where my drone picked up an enormous amount of your ocean water and dumped it in the return dock..  Your planet is very beautiful! Even more beautiful than ours..  I am in the works of becoming a Star driver.. In order to do so I must be able to find life among the stars in case I ever have to transfer myself or others in the worst case scenarios..  I may visit one day..  Thank you!!!
Lase Llr Laasa:  Intergalactic school of arts
It was all just a science project!
Written by
Solaces  South Texas
(South Texas)   
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