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Feb 2015
When I'm upset,
the world turns gray.
It's this natural force
that I consume
and it's a curse.
This sort of power
ruins things.

But the only comfort
these type people ever need
is a simple acknowledgement of affection.

Put the paper down and
look at me.
Throw that god ****** bottle away and
look at me.
Put the money on the other side of the room, sit up, and
look at me.
Before it's too late.

they would say the wrong things.
Do the wrong things.
Try the wrong things.
It's sad really,
because what all that I need is written in my eyes
and I'm an open book if you just simply ask.

But no one does.

Do put it down, throw it away, sit up, and
Look at me
Before I walk out the back door.

See me for who I am;
all the greatness I've done.
For my accomplishments;
for the pain that I endure
and all I do to push through.

All I need is for you to look at me.

Do put it down, throw it away, sit up, and
Look at me

But it's too late.
Time ticked and went boom.
Night turned to day and I realized
I was wasting my time
trying to make you
Look at me.

But now you can't because...

*...I'm already gone.
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