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Feb 2015
Oh keeper of my soul
Guardian of the sky
Seep within my depths
Deposit your tender heart
For I will defend it with all that I am
With the fight of a warrior,
I will protect thee
With the spirit of a mother,
I will nurture
And heal your scars beautiful
My love, all of my love,
I lay bare before you
Ingest me, consume me
Infuse me into your purest essence
The fire of dragons lays dormant within
Awakened with purpose alone
Protecting fiercely the most delicate of hearts
Mine is in your charge
As yours is in mine
Espoused and revered
To the death
Without fear
We will vanquish the shadows of doubts
Casting out with them
The lies that would beseech us stay
Timeless and eternal,
Coterminous, harmonious
One and the same are we
Born united
We are infinite, fated
Bounden and bound
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