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Feb 2015
All is silent among a desert
of silver-grey, pock-marked with craters;
the view of the stars from here is the same
as it should be from mountaintops. But over the horizon,
cradled in the breast of a star-freckled pitch-black sky,
an azure baby swaddled in a milk-white blanket:
our home.

And from out here, big-baby-blue isn’t so vast.
How humbling it must be for your home
to be the size of your fist.
How humbling it must be to be an ant,
a speck of dust, floating around aimlessly.

Don’t our troubles seem so small, now? But when
you come home, it will all come rushing back
just like your craft in freefall. You will be left
begging to be launched again.

Silence, darkness, and a beautiful view:
something everyone should experience.
The view of the Earthrise from La Luna.

It’s tranquil out here, in the Sea of Serenity;
Do you really want to go back home?
another poetry assignment. had to write a poem based on a famous photo. i chose the earthrise from the moon, 1968.
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