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Feb 2015
Part I:
I, on the shore, so longing to dive in
Felt your race car fast waves
As they licked at my skin.
I must admit, I was afraid
Of what the murkiness hid
But what intrigued me more
Was how should I run in

Part II
Immersed in the water
Both frigid and wild
I felt a calm sense of self
A peace, an everlasting smile
Basking in your glow
We fed off each other's auras
What is the tide without the Moon?
The ocean without it's shores?

Part III
Shivering, teeth clenched
I was unprepared for this swim
I only wanted my feet wet
Now I'm left alone to fend
It's not the ocean I despise
For leaving me questioning and cold
It's the reminder of the choice I made
To race into the unknown.
The only way to describe our love
Is by a meticulously mixed metaphor.
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