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It’s unexplainable
The deep rooted seed of love
Oh dear
How will I ever tell you
How I spent days and nights
Kneeded in the dough of love
That magnificent love
Revealed upon me
Bits by bits
And drowned me in its gigantic wave forever.....

Oh the Lover of all lovers
Oh the Lord of all lords
How u created this love
Out of the flesh, that a heart is
And mind a skull contains
How u flourished it so intensely
That whoever opts it
Or gets trapped in it
Looses himself , happily,willingly——-
They say
" states dnt keep the form or shape
They steal u like water does to pebbles"
So here it goes
" i fear ill not stay anymore "

States are like the birds or daffodles or like a type writer or may be its just an un- seen feeling,
What i am supposed to write
Is just not
What i am writing......
" how state melts you into something so shapeless"

State is like a man standing under rain
But still counting the water drops
Falling out of no where in vain
And feeling warmth in coldest sane
" this what states do to you, numb in speaking what you should to, the only friend you keep, the heart in you"
My eyes to Slava my seamstress say,

"I'm begging you,
sew me a new skin
in your living room
to hold me together now
because I can't seem to anymore...

Dear Slava,
I know you know,
how the thoughts inside me
are crazed,
you've known my childhood days &
it's not me here.
Who's this dead thing in the living room?

I feel the bones inside me,
they're too loose.
You see me falling apart,
these eyes of mine the noose.
Catch me dear friend,
from myself!
I'm begging you,
change this stitch in time
for me?
 Jul 2015 Phosphorimental
ive fallen in love with your words.
i want to watch them run naked from your mouth.
i will pamper them with paper they can dress themselves in.
i want to feel the vibrating colors they give
to the shapeless light of the world
when they speak.

i want you to invite me
to watch them make love,
and watch their childrens bones grow.

i want to give them my kidney

and take a vow of silence for you
with everything but my eyes and ears.

i will not be able to die until i see your response....

which i will hold in my hand
until it rots.
read dreaming in cuban.
 Jul 2015 Phosphorimental
caterpillar crawled in to my ear
it pupated, waited
quiet in the dark.

my mind flies towards all light.
 Jul 2015 Phosphorimental
I am but willing prey to the wiles of the full grown moon.
She guards the night sky...
While I patrol these grounds...
Grieving over the seconds that have gone too soon.

I am a vessel... all emptied and barren.
what once was full,
now echoes faint
the glories of yesteryears.
Afloat still, adrift upon the currents... aimless and sullen.

I am a ghost... haunting no one but my own.
to a body of mist and haze...
Occupying this space where worthy wind had once blown...

I am a beggar offering nothing but my open palms.
Hope etched tight
into my knackered knuckles
and calloused digits.
Please... take them in yours...
soothe them...
grant me your touch, your coveted balm.
 Jul 2015 Phosphorimental
Sacrifice of desires, sacrifice of wealth, sacrifice of social status, sacrifice of relations, sacrifice of inanimate belongings, Would the sacrifice be sacrifice to become of God?
And your mind wanders and fetches bits of pain you felt when you made that one small sacrifice and answers "Yes" if sacrifice is pain, there would be pain to become of God.
Your soul replies, "To bear that pain you need to experience pain, to experience pain, you need to sacrifice. Pain births the strongest. Be of pain, be of God"
Choose the road of cobble stones, and you would walk alone.
Choose the road of thorns to reach God,
You would walk with God.
 Jul 2015 Phosphorimental
Some people are of God,
The thinning of their sole, torn shoes and worn clothes tell the tale only hearts of God hear. How blessed, for their treasure lies within, no fear of loss, no fear of pain because the glacier of faith they carry within is too magnificent to be beautified, yet too fearsome to let any fear linger around the edges.
Everyone of us is a keeper of that glacier. It's only, that the burns sometimes melt the forted edges of  iceberg of faith. But the keeper knows exactly when it happens, and when it can happen. And do we not sometimes melt and do we not always gather our blistering crystals, do we not bear the burns on our palms and yet we stand strongest after the burning waves of fate pass on? It melts, it smoothes, it shapes and after all the carvings in the keeper's castle, makes him even more majestic.
Leaves of elderly oaks
Sing tunes in a breeze
Thirsty gulps of the water
swallow fish leaping into the blue
Soft embrace of this sky
Is as warm as a mother's love
And clear as the dreams dreamt between me and you

While we're watching the leaves
Drifting into a place
Where the waves and the sky
Play the harp of a heart pinching color
We wish for a boat
With the strangest desire
Of drifting away to the opposite side of the earth

Come you, hither, and stay
Take my wing in your hand
I will follow my sight
Through the curves of your beautiful hair
And we'll peacefully dive
To the reef of existence
And forever remain as foam on top of a wave
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