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Hira malik Oct 5
Tere yaad
Aur kuch nahin
Uskay baad....
Hira malik Sep 13
The impression of being normal in society is so overstated that sometimes I doubt “Am I a Normal being"....normality has been defined at different level in varied ways, but 99 percent have the same concept about its definition and that is what we see around us in the form of ethics, manners, social interaction, intelligence and communication level. The pattern is imprinted in our minds and ideas like day and night and like the biological clock works inside us, so a minor deviation from that brings a lot of stirring in our environment and we label it with different names like “ ******”, “abnormal”, and some kind of disorder.

There is a very thin line between varied behavior and abnormality that is threatening to self and surroundings. Thing is we should understand that and start intervening when that line seems to be crossed.

Intelligence is being measured globally and majorly on the basis of grades and than on the basis of accompalishments and achievements but we totally forget that each individual is unique and gifted in different ways, we can’t compare a flower with the sky and vice versa.

The instability in society comes from the afromentioned behaviour and it affects whole lot of generation. not to differentiate between the individual’s capability and look in depth of their behaviors has a lot of psychological impact and that should be addressed from the very start level of their childhood so each can grow and flourish for their and their surroundings sake——-
Hira malik Sep 11
It’s unexplainable
The deep rooted seed of love
Oh dear
How will I ever tell you
How I spent days and nights
Kneeded in the dough of love
That magnificent love
Revealed upon me
Bits by bits
And drowned me in its gigantic wave forever.....

Oh the Lover of all lovers
Oh the Lord of all lords
How u created this love
Out of the flesh, that a heart is
And mind a skull contains
How u flourished it so intensely
That whoever opts it
Or gets trapped in it
Looses himself , happily,willingly——-
Hira malik Sep 11
The treasures of these fields
Singing rhymes hand in hand
With the love flowing by their side
Is like,
Thinning of that silver line
Where all the dreams fly by——-
Hira malik Sep 11
The agony of love
Is so sweet of all the sweetest my dear
That the outrage of pain
Is a comfort in front of it———
Hira malik Sep 3
Muhabbat chaiay, lazim hai kay
Saans aay aur jay
Jahan muhabbat chalay, hawa ki manind
Kay buhat tapash hai
Aur dil ki zameen mun kholay haanp rahi hai
Aur nazar kaheen poshida hai
Dil aur bahar
Har taraf
Ikk hi hawa hai
Loo ki manind
Larazti, sansanati ***
Jaisay haddion ko murjha day
Aur thara day saans ki simt ko!!

Kaheen bhe nhn, kuch bhe nhn
Jahan jaon, jahan tharon
Wahan kuch bhe nhn, kabhi bhe nhn.
Ehsaas kahan hai? Yay dil tou ab ikk pinjra hai
Jahan ka makeen bolay tou maut, saans bhe maut, harkat bhe kafan, lafz bhe khatam!

Kuch hai, in dinon, kay shaam ka ilhaam
Meray dil kay darwazon pay
Khafeef ahat say bhe
Maut paida karta hai
Aur iska paida hona
Meray wajood main
Ikk Ah ban kar raqs karta hai.
Kuch hai
Kuch tou hai
Iss shaam main , aaj kal!

Rung-o- boo ki nami, uss ehsaas ka sarood
Kaheen ab samandar paar sakoot ki chadar orhay baitha hai
Aur idhar mera wajood
Bass akhri saans ikk umeed ki aas pay laita thahar sa gya hai...
Hira malik Jul 15
I want to know
How it went
When the sun was on fire
And the burning passion
Was all over
Where u go
Where u flew
In the snow capped mountains
I try so hard
To loose it all
And it doesn’t much matter
Seek through the giants
A bound of leap
Stringing around
All I know but
Pleasure is everywhere and all
Sooner or later
These northern lights
Will cover the whole universe
And milky ways appear in day time
Hallucination become reality
And reality no more exists
Loosen it all
For the end
Is not what It matters at all....
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