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my love for you so far is like a journey..
a long drive down the country road without signs..
no place to name, no destination yet, to go for a rest.
i've been driving a thousand miles, for a hundred days..
and still can drive some more...
the road is endless, the weather's changing i know..
my wheels are old and torn, yet no sharp edge can blow them off.

i've been to the crossroads where your mind cannot choose me..
it's the scariest place on earth i've ever known..
to find you finding me, but looking somewhere else..
you gotta stop the U-turn and follow the No left turn..
because my headlights are calling you, i'm just straight ahead..
i ain't gonna pull over, i ain't gonna stop...
my love sees no red light....
it will keep running, i will keep driving...
i mean no chase...but in my heart , it's you i cannot erase..
  Apr 2015 Peter Watkins
Just Melz
Regretting Some Past Mistakes
Realizing what's actually At stake
Feeling so helpless and confused
So many memories of your abuse
Screaming, kicking, punching
Just too much fighting
You always knew the best ways to hurt me
Now you wanna take away what means everything
Like your final play to torture me
For eternity
What right do you have to judge me?
To look down upon me?
I am only all that you've made of me
This so called monster that you love to hate
Is just the manifestation of what you helped create
You WILL regret this
In the end, you will lose
I won't let you win, not again
They'll realize what you're trying to do
Remembering the years of abuse
And they'll HATE you
You can never destroy a mother's love
Although I know you're willing to try
When I win this battle for what I hold dear
Don't come crawling to me with tears in your eyes
Cause I won't be here

This link will explain the situation, I'd appreciate any help anyone could offer me, I may write like I'm strong but I'm honestly scared to death of losing my babies.

— The End —