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God owes us a  FAVOUR
I never understood
why bad things happen to good people.
I still find it hard to hide behind
scriptures as I tip toe around grim rippers.

God owes us a Favour!
Flavour flames your kindness could not be tamed
your smile is a flame on its own
You set hearts alight
and spark you own kind fire.

God owes us a Favour !
I wish god could have given her a death waiver
because I thought he was our saviour. I hope angels above
welcome you with open arms.
#RIP #FAVOUR #GoneTooSoon
  Mar 2016 One Pamela Pusumane
I am tired, really tired...
I am tired of my talents not being recognized
I am tired of constantly proving myself
I am tired of being disabled

I am so tired...
Tired of not belonging
Tired of being invisible
Tired of being worthless

I am very, very tired...
I am tired of exchanging fake smiles
I am tired of meaningless conversations
I am tired of appearing dumb so as to get help

I am just tired...
Tired of being useless
Tired of failing
Tired of not dreaming

I am extremely tired...
I am tired of being apologetic
I am tired of being left out
I am tired of being ugly

What I am I saying?
What am I really tired of?
Why am I tired?

I am tired...
Tired of being speechless
Tired of being powerless
Tired of being afraid

In fact, I am broken down...
Broken down by being black
Broken down by being African
Broken down by being primitive
God never told me that monsters are born in heaven until I saw a guardian angel by my side. That's when I realized monsters needed to be guarded . I think for too long I have been forgetting that the day of my conception was the  exact moment when god signed my death sentence .
What I felt for you is gone
Naked an bare
I no longer care
I loved you
But no
Your love is polluting my air
It's hard to breath
With these thoughts of you
So much within me
It grows from the roots of my hair
But I no longer care
I'm done chasing
Now I'm just casing what I felt in a bottle  
Hosting it out to sea
And stare as the lapping waves
Gravitate it away from me
And if some how some way it ever makes its way back
I won't be here
Because I don't care
I never understand the beauty they see when they look at me. I mean whats beautiful about the aftermath of war........
I can understand manufactured beauty that comes at the cost of a paintbrush..... some expensive lipstick .... that type of illusion that will make them look twice.

What I don't understand is when you tell me that I am beautiful at random times or when you text me to ask how my day is going.... I dont understand how you can think of me when I cant think of me.... I dont understand when you tell me you love me..Who could love such a mess??

I dont understand how you take 10 steps forward when I am always backing away 10 times more.... I dont understand what you see that my mirror hasnt showed me.. Last time I checked demons dont love and I am sure there is no shade better than black.. I just dont understand.
The Feels... :/
I am out  of options.
come to
an end.
No where to run.
There is nothing more scarier than stripping your soul naked for someone who might not accept you.There is nothing more poetic than a man who is not afraid to feel nor fear walking through the burning fields of love. The kind of man that touches the depths of your soul in a way you never imagined. In places you never knew existed.

There is nothing more romantic than a man who destroys your walls and helps you build bridges...the kind of bridges that supports you and your burdens day in and out. There is nothing more romantic than a man who melts your heart by just starring at you.... there is nothing more rewarding than be loved.....
Trying to write love poems.... :) <3
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