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 Jul 2015 Oco
Would you Bleed for Me?
Lick it off my lips like you needed me?
Sit me on the couch with your fingers in my mouth,
you look so cool while you're reading me.

Let's cause a little trouble.
Oh, you make me feel so weak.
I bet you kiss your knuckles.
Right before they touch my cheek.

But I've got my mind, made up this time.
Cause there's a menace in my bed.
Can you see his silhouette?

And I've got my mind, made up this time.
Go on and light a cigarette, set a fire in my head.
Set a fire in my head, tonight.

Would you lie for me?
Cross your sorry heart and hope to die for me?
Would you pin me to a wall?
Would you beg or would you crawl?
Stick a needle in your hungry eyes for me?

Don't forget me, don't forget me.
I wouldn't leave you if you'd let me.
Hmm, when you met me when you met me.
You told me you were gonna get me.

 May 2015 Oco
Step Right Up
 May 2015 Oco
Step right up
Step right up
Step right up
We have a fabulous show awaiting you!
Full of secrets only women can show
Full of marvelous creatures hidden
inside the human psyche.
What are these you may ask.
Step inside and for the low
low price of your first born daughter
all secrets will be open to you.
dietary tips of the highest quality
how to keep a girlfriend for longer than
3 weeks
and even
whether a female ****** is actually
a myth!
because lets face it,
thats all women are good for.
****** object to meet the desires of
any man who asks
jokes about belonging in the kitchen?
here is the place to tell them
for the low
low price of your first born daughter
we will frolic in the land of
misogyny with you
and gallivant in your
precious simplistic
brain stem
that begs the question
“with all these women,
will *** be included in this package deal”
of course the answer is yes!
here thats all women are good for anyways!
why not pry precious
gifts from our fingers
and violate the precious
sanctity that you, yourself
yes you too!
hold so dear.
why not allow the basic ******* of
the privacy bubble to those
weaker than you.
its okay.
we don’t even feel offended
when you cat call us anymore.
we take it as compliments and
and say to ourselves in confidence
that our bodies are worth looking
at for the day.
We boast about it to friends and think
that someone finally sees us
as being good enough.
so step right up
step right up
step right up.
for the low
low price
of your first born daughter
we are yours to take advantage of.
We were expecting you anyways.
 Sep 2014 Oco
I'm not
the substitute
for the smoke
you've been inhaling.

 May 2014 Oco
Sarah Spang
 May 2014 Oco
Sarah Spang
If I was a mountain

That soared towards the sky,

With craggy snow caps

And stormy grey eyes-

Then you'd be the clouds

That swaddled my peak,

That silenced my thunder

When I tried to speak.

If I was the earth

The desert, in fact:

With arid dry soil

And mud, baked and cracked-

You'd be the rain

The downpour that soothed;

The balm to my bruises,

Relief to my wounds.

If I was the Moon

In the indigo night,

With stars as my blanket

And silver; my light-

Well you'd be the Sun

Just always behind

That lent me your glow

And caused me to shine.
 May 2014 Oco
 May 2014 Oco
You told me I wanted it,
But still to this day,
I don't think I've ever wanted anything less.
The feel of your hot breath
Against my *******,
Is a feeling I will never forget,
Though if wishes come true it'd be one of the few I'd chose
To lose.

You tore off my trousers
And in that instant,
You snatched away my innocence,
Like a thief in the night
And it was night,
Only thieves steel objects, not
Metaphorical representations of childhood.

This wasn't love making
This was sin,
And the devil danced in victory, between the sheets.

Tears laces my cheeks,
And dropped down my neck
And you lapped them up
In a split sec
You trespassed all over me
With those poisoned lips
Those soiled hands
My hips didn't respond to the demands
You imposed and
I tried so desperately to close you out.

You came in anyway,
Like a supermarket,
Despite the sign clearly lined to remind you
That it was out of hours.
Despite the plaque that said keep of the grass
You trampled on it anyway
And the hundred showers
I drowned myself in after
The fake smiles, the laughter
Still haven't succeeded in
Washing you out.
Of everything.
You seep through the cracks
Every night, as I hold myself tight
I have to remind myself
You're not there
You're elsewhere.
And people wonder why I struggle to sleep
My answer
I forgot how to count sheep
After the night you sliced up my dreams and threw me into relentless nightmares.
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