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Alyanna Jun 2018
I had no idea what was happening

Tucked cozily beneath a blanket,
You had your arm around my waist
My legs were on your lap
And my head rested on your chest

I hadn't the faintest idea then
That deep within, my heart started to mend
Alyanna May 2018
You're the only part of me I've ever loved
and I hate you for it.
Alyanna May 2015
"One last shot,"
"One last shot?"
"It numbs the pain,"
"You'll go insane."

"One last drag,"
"One last drag?"
"It helps me breathe,"
"But I see you heave."
Alyanna Jun 2014
It's been quite a ride
And boy, I am tired.

My love never mattered to you
You never really were true.

So now I'm letting go
Of the boy that I loved so
Not even second
In your never-ending list

Here's my goodbye
Alyanna Jun 2014
Love was enough when I was enough
The moment I felt your hand slipping away
I just knew then
I was no longer enough
Alyanna Jun 2014
It had always been yours
You just never wanted it
Alyanna May 2014
They asked how I've been

I didn't really have to say anything--
There was not one person in the room
Who didn't hear my heart breaking
I may have drank a little
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