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 Feb 2019 Anina Chanele
Megan H
I remember the feeling.
Like I was getting rid
Of every foul thing inside me.
I would feel so-
But at the time
It was better than feeling everything.
And sometimes I would just lay there
And I would cry.
I was so ashamed
Of my bathroom coping mechanisms.
Brush my teeth
So the acid wouldn't make them yellow.
Appearances seemed to be important.
Had to be thin,
Had to be empty.

I didn't realize then
That I was wasting away
That there was another way
To purge my feelings.
But I know now.
I know now.

You saved me.
I have gone 2 years without my eating disorder! I'm a little fluffy now, but I'm proud.
 Feb 2019 Anina Chanele
Jon York
And then my
  soul saw you
  and it kind of
went "Oh, there
  you are, I've
   been looking
       for you."
                                                                                              Jon York   2019

— The End —