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Nichole Dec 2015
You broke my heart
You told me you wouldn't
I asked you
Will you break my heart?
You said no never

I guess you lied
I guess that's my fault
I believed you
I said OK

I told you everything
And you told me
I trusted you
I loved you
But you hurt me

Now I feel like I can't breath
My chest is caving in
I'm gasping for breath
The tears yes the tears
I feel them staining my cheeks

You broke me
You cheated
You lied

Now I trust no one
Because that day when I asked
Will you break heart?
And you said no never
that was your first lie.
Nichole Dec 2015
The waiting is killing me
The waiting for the words that will make me cry
The waiting for the words that will make my heart go in two

I can see in your eyes that your hurt
I can see that your mad with me
I can see that in some ways you hate me

But I also see that you still love me
So I dont really know why are doing this
Why your making me wait
Why your hurting both of us

You keep saying I love you
So I say I love you too

But every time you say I love you
You never look at me
You look to the side

So stop making me wait
Stop hurting us both
If your gonna say the words then say them

Just say "Im breaking up with you"
Stop making me wait
Because it will hurt more If you do
They said,  "you're not a poet"
"You don't write about love"
"About beauty and harmony"
"You should write with a quality of light"

I replied, "what about the pain"
"The torment within the soul"
"The expression to feel rejected"
"For l see light through darkness"

They said, "You have no meter"
"Your words lack any rhyme"
"You should write with rhythm"
"That is what poetry is about"

I replied, "I am a reflection"
"I can not be anything else"
"My words come from my mind"
"For my poetry is"
Copyright © Chris Smith 2015
Nichole Dec 2015
I wanna **** him
I want to make him pay
He hurt me
he made me wish I was dead

I hate him!

But I wanna cry in his arms
I want to be with him
He did love me
He made me wish I would always be his

But I love him!

Sure he hurt me
Sure he cheated
Sure he lied

But I hurt him
I pushed him away
And I also lied
Nichole Dec 2015
I feel nothing
I see nothing
I smell nothing
It's like all feeling is gone

My heart is beating I think?
But it's all blury and cold

I try to stand up
But My body wont work

It's like im frozen to the earth
On my bed
With no where to go

I hear yelling
My mother voice is what im hearing
She saying my name over and over

I shut my eyes
I feel warm inside

So I open them
To see a fiery hell like place

I shut my eyes again
Hopping it's a bad dream

When I open my eyes
I find myself on my bed
With a pill bottle in my hand

I go downstires to see my mother on the phone
She was talking to him
The one that pushed me to this
Ok this really does **** Please tell me what you think
Nichole Dec 2015
I loved him
I truly loved him
But you shouldn't fear the one you love
At lest I think you shouldn't

He loved
He truly loved me
But you shouldn't yell at the one you love
At lest I think you shouldn't

I would always say I love you
But you would never say I love you too just love you too
You would yell and throw things
I would say it's ok. Please. Stop.

I loved him
I truly loved him
But you shouldn't fear the one you love.

He loved me
Or so I thought
I guess I knew he didnt from the start
Ok this is really really bad ugh!! im most likely gonna delete it
Nichole Dec 2015
Everywhere I look all I see is blood
Blood in my hair
Blood on my hands
Blood on my clothes
Everywhere I look I see blood

The blood I see is mine
It's the blood that came out when I cried
This blood came from me
Because I made myself bleed
Thats why all I see is blood

— The End —