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Mar 2019 · 114
natanaele Mar 2019
sometimes i forget
that there was a time before you
i forget that there is a world without you
i forget that i can live without you
i can breathe without you
i can see without you
i can be without you
i wish i could forget you
Mar 2019 · 149
natanaele Mar 2019
i feel like
this is

am i bad?

i think so
Mar 2019 · 239
natanaele Mar 2019
perchè sei così perfetta
perché, tra tutte le persone, dovevi essere tu?
ero ferito e vulnerabile
e tu eri bello
e ** pensato che ti importasse
lo so meglio ora
probabilmente lo sapevo anche io.
ma è troppo lontano adesso
mi sento pazzo
Mar 2019 · 162
natanaele Mar 2019
losing you
losing myself
losing my mind
im sorry baby
i feel lost without you
but i cant stand being with you
i want to love you
but i need to hate you
and somehow in this mess
i lost everyone else
to be with you
Mar 2019 · 441
are you ok?
natanaele Mar 2019
stop talking
just listen

calm down.
now breathe, and tell me how you feel.
i know its hard. just try
try to breathe
b r e a t h e
are you ok?
Mar 2019 · 148
the out boy
natanaele Mar 2019
knocked out
on the ground
kicked out
of my house
wasting away
deep in my mind
cast aside
every **** time
Mar 2019 · 291
lo affetto
natanaele Mar 2019
se ti amo
mi tieni vicino
se ti lascio
mi farai rimanere
se ti faccio male
mi metti al mio posto
se ti amo
mi amerai anche così

— The End —