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  Feb 2020 myrka
ok okay
So many people focus on finding love
I'm too busy finding myself
myrka Feb 2020
You do not feel like home anymore
You do not see the beauty in me

You do not see me at all

And I will not stay where I am not appreciated

So I must go
Where it feels like home

I love you but I love me more.
myrka Jan 2020
Is it true?
Once you fall in love,
You cannot unlove them?
Even if your story is over?
myrka Jan 2020
I hope you had a good birthday, I hope it was filled with nothing but love and happiness, surrounded by the people you love. I wish I could celebrate today with you. It’s one of my favorite days. You’re still my favorite person even though you’re far away from me. I know it’s pathetic to feel this kind of love for you. I love you still and I don’t ever wish the worst upon you. I wish you happiness. I love you. I really do. With all my heart. I hope you are doing okay. I hope you are living your best life. I love you. God I do. Happy Birthday T.
myrka Jan 2020
It’s 2020
And I’m still in love with you
I suppose you can say I’ve loved you for a decade.
Will this year be it? Will I finally get over you?
Please let this year be the one.
  Dec 2019 myrka
maybe it's not that i want you in my life
maybe i just don't wanna let go of that part of my life
the part of my life where i let you come and go as you please
the part of my life where i let us pick up where we left off
where i let us ignore the fact that things are different and time has passed
but we don't really talk about those parts
we don't address the girls you tried it with between our stops and starts
we don't mention the bad things i've done with boys i shouldn't have
and even when i finally bring myself to say out loud that it did hurt and does hurt everytime you do this to me
i still let you hold me in your arms while i cry about you
i still try to make you laugh while crying about you
i still kiss you goodbye after crying about you
i'm trying so hard to hold on to 17
myrka Dec 2019
How is it so easy to fall in love
But it’s so hard to
Fall out of it?
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