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myrka Apr 2020
As I ran on this cloudy day
I felt the suns warmth, despite of the grey skies
A prime example showing that i will rise

It’s a cloudy day, but I can still see the light
That is awaiting me even at night

I ran and ran and I felt your presence in me
Each pace I took, i felt the the shackles set free

I will not give up
I will make it to the finish line

As I cross the line of victory
I praise you

Thank you God, for making me shine
Even in this cloudy day
myrka Apr 2020
You used my tears
to nourish your ego
now your selfishness grew
you were made into a flower
a flower that blooms
myrka Mar 2020
The grass is greener on the other side
The storm has passed
Frowns turn into smiles
Cloudy days turn into sunny days
Worthlessness turn into confidence
Loss turn into my biggest win.

Thank you for leaving.
To my ex.
myrka Mar 2020
myrka Mar 2020
I know this path is right from me
The path that draws me away from you.

Sometimes I wish you would have followed me so we can go to this place, where we can be extraordinary together

But perhaps you would have led me back to the dark place

As I continue my journey to self love
I wish that you find your path
The path that brings you happiness
The path that brings you light
myrka Feb 2020
I know you don’t need me
And I
Most certainly don’t
But I wish you needed me
The way I need you
I miss you
myrka Feb 2020
I love you even if we broke up years ago
I love you even after all the hurt you gave to me
I love you even if you are falling for someone else  
I love you even if you do not care about me anymore
I love you even after the destruction of our “forever & always”
Perhaps I will still love you,
Forever and Always
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