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myrka Sep 28
Once upon a time I wished for your love
Now I wish for my heart to forget about you
myrka Sep 19
So am I loyal

for still loving you
myrka May 23
I Still Love You
And trust me
If I could stop loving you, I would.


Of being in love with you.
no matter how much I’ve tried, my heart yearns for you
Please stop seeking me
You make it so hard to live in this world
when all I want to do
Is get away from you
myrka Mar 9
After all this time
I still get shy
You came to visit
And my heart goes ballistic
Beating faster and faster
Every time I walk past her

Oh God I still love you
You’re a heavenly view

To see your angelic face
I can still remember the taste
Of your lips,  
Sweet and honey
Richer than money
myrka Feb 26
I am trying to hold on
There’s only so much I can carry
If I could just let go
myrka Feb 6
you see right through me
So I don’t flee

You let me know the truth
brutal as it sounds, my hearts feels soothe

You and I are somehow alike
And that is how we unite

Thank you for being my friend
Just know I will always give you a hand

when you are feeling low
Or when you are about to glow

I am there
Rooting for you
myrka Feb 3
Can I show you how capable I am to love?
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