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myrka Dec 2019
How is it so easy to fall in love
But it’s so hard to
Fall out of it?
myrka Dec 2019
A little bit of me wanted you to stop me from leaving
you walked me out
and slammed the door at my face.
myrka Dec 2019
If I could meet you all over again
I would
& perhaps the timing would be right
myrka Nov 2019
we must repent our sins
But I simply cannot repent on one
I do not regret being in love with her.
God please do not hate me for being who I am...
myrka Nov 2019
You place your hand slightly on my arm
In that moment my body goes to shock
We catch each other’s gaze
In that moment I forget how to breath

Just the thought of you...
  Nov 2019 myrka
Let me go, like letting the ribbon slip through your fingers, your eyes watching the balloon dance in the breeze before disappearing into the clouds.
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