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 Aug 2014 My love
 Aug 2014 My love
Today I climbed a mountain so high.
So high that I started feeling pain in my thigh.
So high hoping to touch the sky.
But still! I could hear, the women and children cry!
So high looking in the view of a birds’ eye.
But still! I could see the babies die!
And a man buying a million dollar tie!
So high feeling that I could fly.
Above the rich man, that told that lie.
As I reached the top I prayed to god to show me why.
I really climbed a mountain today before I wrote this poem.
 Aug 2014 My love
Can you see that soldier wearing white.
Marching peacefully in the night.

He made a promise not to fight.
Until he realizes what is right.

Can you see the killers monstrous size.
Too bad he's lead by two blinded eyes.

He is fed by a spoon of countless lies.
Full of arrogance, unable to realize.

And the young child hanging on an endless pole.
Afraid of falling into a black hole.

And the woman searching through her soul.
Desperately trying to find her role.

Open your eyes to see the light
It's a shame to think, whats wrong is right.
Put in mind that every night ends with light.
 Aug 2014 My love
Sinful Love
 Aug 2014 My love
Tell me something darling,
Can you please tell me this?
Why does God hate some of his children,
And love others?
According to you,
Does God hate his gay children?
He made them,
Just like he made his straight one's,
Did he not?
What ever happened to what the good book says?
It says that we who believe,
Are God's children,
And that God loves all his children.
You scream that we are sinners,
You say that we're going to Hell.
Aren't all people sinners?
It's in our nature.
And will you please,
Oh please,
Tell me one more thing.
Why is a person who sees past gender barriers,
And doesn't judge,
And is happy,
Who loves another person,
Why does that condemn their soul?
And make them a sinner,
When hating someone doesn't?
Tell me this,
Why is love a sin?
 Aug 2014 My love
 Aug 2014 My love
such a simple word
yet, held so much
for us to remember

has turned
to be cruel
and worked against humanity

has become racist,
not just for
the sake of society

no longer held
from time to time

there's no such thing
called love
since the time has passed

— The End —