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My love Aug 2014
I hated fake friend 
I don't want fake friend anymore pleas leave me alone 
I wish if could not met u before my BFF you make me hated a friend forever 
Sometime I talking to myself say why do I have these fake friend into my life 
I been nice to u my friend but thank u  
My love Aug 2014
Why is love so stupid
I feel like don't want to love anymore
I wish if  can not saw ur face before and met u and love u
But know u **** me back and I most die I feel that I don't want to talking anyone
Pleas  leave me forget about you 
My love Aug 2014
I ask my self why I'm in this world
And I ask god to why I'm in this world but there's no one  can answer my question
I even try **** myself today

— The End —